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  1. masterwong

    Battery Overheating?

    Get a new one. Problem solved
  2. masterwong

    New Wheels/new Chair - May 26

    Congratz man, have fun with your wheelchair
  3. lol, people really need to get a life instead of making all these viruses
  4. masterwong

    Just Discovered Hulu

    lol, that's wat I do... now I'm watching every single South Park episode with it
  5. masterwong

    No Idea How I Got Infected

    Virus email maybe? Unless you are also watching porn with that comp
  6. masterwong

    Goodbye Cc, Hello University

    Congratz man. Good luck with your future
  7. masterwong

    Father's Day

  8. masterwong

    Self Intoduction

    I ain't a hater, I'm just a player~ Don't be a player hater
  9. masterwong

    Happy Birthday, Terrorist!

    Happy birthday!!!!
  10. masterwong

    Self Intoduction

    lawlllll is this necessary?