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  1. http://obscurethoughts.net/temp/openbox3.png Odd people would say Gnome has video problem... its actually a fact Gnome has better hardware support than KDE, though im not sure as both just upgraded 2.10 and 3.4. I personally cant stand using KDE for more than 5 seconds. It is way to bloated. The people on LUGRadio made an interesting comment. Someone should make a KDE Accelerated, KDE without the extra crap, just a nice lean DE. For now, OpenBox3 with PyPanel is the bomb. I boot to X. I hate GDM and KDM. I hate fancy stuff. Haha.
  2. If by 137GB hard drive limits,, its a BIOS issue. Windows/Linux wont restrict HDD size.
  3. No. They can choose precompiled binaries, compiled on someone elses computer. The main attractions of gentoo is portage and the CFLAGS/USE allowing the greatest optimization. Vidalinux strips you, pretty much, of the cflag optimization, meaning the binaries you install, are a) compiled by someone else (not optimized) missing cflags (but then again vidalinux butchers that great feature gentoo has) Im sorry but I disagree. The butchering of CLFAGS/USE renders portage useless imo. Slackware assumes you know what you're doing, if you need a dependency, you get it. Its package manager is actually prefered by hard-core programmers for ease of use and flexibilty. Yes, it does say you can sell your software for any price, so long as the source is made available, but then its free as in beer, not as in speech. If I wanted to buy an OS, it would be SuSE or Mandrake so I could sell it to a friend and turn a profit [EDIT] the joke of selling free software was meant to invoke irony. Its a joke.
  4. Id rather take the 1000 and get myself a lobotomy.
  5. I strongly disagree with Vidalinux. It is a rather horrible Linux distribution. The only good thing about it in my opinion is portage, which is © Gentoo anyway. The main purpose of Gentoo and portage is ‘compiling’ from scratch; it being the major speed daemon of Linux distributions (the closet thing to a BSD system). Portage, being the package manager that compiles everything on demand for high speed optimizations. When you install Gentoo, the install process (depending on the stage chosen) is long and painful for a reason (to some users). It guarantees optimization of your system as you compile the most important part of your system (eg. Kernel). With VidaLinux, you basically throw all of that away. There are no major customization options (not nearly as many as gentoo; not compiling the whole operating system from scratch, no bootstrapping, etc). What you get, is a pre-compiled binary of the distribution (whether you choose to compile the kernel is up to you, but you wont get the speed of Gentoo). So basically, the only good part of VidaLinux is portage (which they did not code) which compiles everything on demand which wont give you any real speed increments. Why bother? If all you’re going to be doing is using it for compile on demand, than why not get Slackware? I have used VidaLinux more than once. One of my other gripes is ... what gives, VidaLinux for a price? According to Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman ‘free as in speech, not as in beer’. But that is another story. Slackware would be much better suited if you were to compile from scratch. I personally prefer ArchLinux. It is an i686 optimized distro with, in my opinion, the worlds greatest package manager (pacman). But everyones entitled to their own opinions.... some people just have the wrong one