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  1. Well can you give us some back ground of the programs that can help to improve the computer.
  2. Well yes that is really true. Well who can blame them spamming is a form of a message to let people know what is new. Just like flier handing out.
  3. Well that is always the purpose of spammers. Make a reason to post and send message to everyone. Annoying I know but some time they mae a good reminding tool for people. Because they always take advantage of a occasions and make people reminds what is must be celebrated to day.
  4. So there are only mother board that designed to support the Vista?
  5. Well have you tired to call Your ISP they might help you out. Also See this site their must be something in their post can help you out. Stop spamming for Grayscale. -TT75-
  6. How about surplus stores they might have a tons of that kind of power supply.
  7. Also check this site out it's kind an interesting company on helping to build ideas if you are planning a business type of site. Stop spamming for Grayscale. -TT75-
  8. Well I wish that you don't put a malice at this idea but have you tried to post on porn sites.
  9. Interesting post so this means Vista service package 2 is still incomplete to be used by just ordinary computer users.
  10. Well like they said and I agree with them re type it. Also you might discover that you need to revised it while you are retyping it. Because it's like you are making a quality assurance when you retyping.
  11. Well sometimes it's up to the use if they want to do the updates. They only recommend updates when they only want to keep the satisfactory of the user. But most of the times updates causes malfunctions and script problems. So just like you said don't fix it if it's alright. But still dont forget that theory is only can apply to this and not for the anti-viruses update.
  12. Well people just wanted to always be updated on what they use. So thats why they always thinking new is the best.
  13. Well what i under stand about system recovery is that you really restore the pass setup of your computer. So loosing many patches and other stuffs is really meant to happen. So the best thing that you can do when you perform it is to prepare every installer that you have installed last time. Well I know it's a hassle but that is meant to be done in order to have a well maintained System.
  14. Hi guys Casper is the name just want to say Hi to the moderators an other members and I looking forward for every topics that we encounter on. God Bless to all