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  1. True...I changed from CA E-trust AV to Symantec Corporate 10.0 (now after last months delivery of it) just because of the functionality and features I am more familiar with in SC. E-trust has the real-time scanner, manageable desktops, and server lockdown...but Symantec was a little bit more friendly for me because of my experience with it...but like JDoors isn't necessarily better because of what it finds first...they will all find the same particular signatures in the files, just a matter of when the updates are kicked out and put into effect...
  2. We need a food thread, so I can know where not to go. You guys are making my diet REALLY HARD. BH <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I am always up for food topics... *Hey MAC, hurry up and invent the food replicator machine...I am sure we all want to taste these delights as we list them off...*
  3. Toyota?!?! No, ya need a FORD <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I like the new avatar....domestics (tuners)***feel like I am in grade school all over again..*** **Gas Prices 3.19 premuim this morning...31.06 and only a 10 gallon tank...220 miles (if i am lucky) until I am empty...
  4. No More fooling us LIZ...we all know you have the Techie Power in... I use each one those programs listed and then some. Symantec AV, A2 AV, S&D, Adware, SB, and M$ AntiSpyware...the only time i have any errors, is when one wants to run over the other, but setting up schedule times stopped that... I haven't had any peices of trash get on my machines in several months...i don't think it is much of an overkill, but more for preparation
  5. Despite the white ackward mess, I
  6. I liked it because of the action, and the appeal of a independantly funded 'covert counter terrorist unit'. I am kind of an action movie buff. If you throw in a little bit o' hacking, you got me. Sneakers, Wargames, the Net, Swordfish, the 13th floor, The matrix, I like them all. The problem is, real hacking isn't very exciting to watch, so they have to do this 'flying electrons' graphics thing to keep the 'unwashed masses' entertained. I think the best portrayal of real hacking would be in hackers <gasp >. Specifically when they do the all night session reverse engineering a virus. Even that was only visually entertaining because of the time lapse. War games was also really cool. It is a little on the retro-side now, but back then it was cutting edge stuff. I so wanted to be that kid, but in 83 all I could afford was a Commodore Vic 20. This is about the time red box- green box, phreaking got popular. I think that is all I am going to say on that subject... BH <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well other than naming half of my favorite movies...I do understand the "time" issues with "hacking" or cracking. Almost every day, granted this is all internale so time is cut in half, I try to access different parts of my network using password crackers, buffer-overflows, and spoof attempts just to make sure everything is secure on the inside...trying to get in from the outside is a little bit more time consuming because of port identifcation, firewall exploites, even router exploits, but depends on what else in life you feel like could spend a day or a life time doing all of this...just depends on the person...
  7. and the man downstairs who almost
  8. WOW...i rolled by the gas station today...$3.16 for premium...OUCH...stupid premium only car!
  9. Swordfish is a alright many Clichés with the "computer terms" and ideology. But Haley Berry kept my attention on just watching the movie instead of trying to pick it apart...I guess I could say the same about Hugh Jackman and John Travolta...but i won't...LOL
  10. <Ewwww> BH <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Seconds on that one! I tried growing facial hair took 3 weeks just to get the part under my chin and jaw to connect...LOL...but my baby likes the baby face, so I have to shave once a week now!
  11. Make sure the cable isn't just a standard Straight Thru cable. To do need a cross-over cable (mostly red in color, but depends on where you buy it from). You are hooking two separate DTE devices together, so you have to use a cross-over cable.
  12. Atleast you are able to share your experiences with us...but watch out for the FBI techgirls...
  13. Well I washed my white shirt with my red one..Now they are both Pink...what am I to do...oh I know...I have a billion dollars...just buy new ones...ha
  14. WOW MAC...when i opened it I didn't expect it, but reading through some of it...just makes you begin to think of how to get off this rock before any attempts are made!
  15. I have never been to Mexico, but I have heard stories from my friends... Anyone seen the budweiser truck...the shipment didn't come in this morning...and I am really needing one
  16. Definitely sorry to hear the news...and by all means please except all our condolences for the unwanting event...if you need a place to go...come here, well help you through it
  17. only explains the weird tickle spots
  18. Vile_DR

    Where 'o Where

    Welcome Back CHAP! Of course this means we have to put down the matches, but atleast we will still have the bar!
  19. That is awesome...sry MAC...just hope they don't put you in the middle of Vegas
  20. Not the Cosmic Cheetos! And some of those shots are great...keep us updated when you shoot some more!
  21. That is an awesome idea...if any of you have had tried'll know what I mean, I hope...but it not only relieves some of the knots and dings in the body, but relaxes the mind, (not that centering BS) allowing you to let go of worries and stress giving you those knots and drags!
  22. Are you new here? It's a "liberal media" thing, ya really wanna get in the middle of that? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> YUP...think that puts the whole thing into prospective!
  23. Have you seen the size of the email boxes I really like that...except i seem to be deleting everything lately
  24. Bringing Next Round To You Guys....**(walking next to the pool, scooping glasses and pitchers of "water" putting them on the tray)** I wonder why in mexico you can't drink the water and we have no problems here...I guess they don't want everyone to know you can sell it as Tequila.