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  1. LJM Master

    - How To Post Updates - A Guideline

    very much like the guide Chachazz! understood..
  2. LJM Master

    Business Was Good!

    hehehe.. good one jimras
  3. LJM Master

    It's Kyle's Birthday!

    happy birthday
  4. LJM Master

    Divorce Letters

    lol.. I kno the response is abit late, just like to say that i liked this one! good one rv likewise Barb
  5. LJM Master

    Old Man Joke

    lol, good one jimras, kinda makes ya feel sorry for the old fella.. hehe!! L.J.M
  6. LJM Master

    The Magic Cell Phone

    good one cherokeechief like it!
  7. LJM Master

    Me Speaka No Englisha

    like it! good one D.D
  8. LJM Master

    Thanks To All

    glad your safe an sound handplane, L.J.M
  9. LJM Master

    The Lonely Lady

    good one tg liked this one alot tg, sent it around... keep 'em comin for sure... L.J.M
  10. LJM Master

    Computer Password

    very funny one tg.. one to definately sent around..
  11. LJM Master

    Why We Love Children

    hehe.. like that one barb L.J.M
  12. LJM Master

    Happt Birthday Subratam

    happy bday Sub L.J.M
  13. LJM Master

    Baby Corn

    lol hehe.. hant heard this one before good one Sultan L.J.M
  14. LJM Master

    Other Forums

  15. LJM Master

    Stray Cat

    hehe... that one's hilarious!! Thanks bozodog, I am also gonna be sending this 1 to ppl all over cheers L.J.M