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  1. Oh crap, I missed it! Sooooooo Happy Belated Birthday, Falcon! Sounds like you had a good day. And what an accomplishment with school, you're almost done, congrats!! Liz
  2. Sounds like a quirk on their end to me.... Have you tried going there with IE? What happens when you click "refresh"?----A Proctor and Gamble website I went to (free samples! ) wasn't coming in correctly (white page) but worked fine after I clicked refresh. Thinking something was goofy with the site or it was overwhelmed by folks like me looking for free shampoo. Liz
  3. Happy Birthdays, Marco and M477.....! Hope you both have a splendid day! Liz
  4. Welcome to BT's, 2ndworst, wish it were under better circumstances! YES you can use multiple antispyware programs with Mcafee, in fact it is recommended as different antispyware programs look for different cooties. Rule of thumb is ONE antivirus, ONE firewall but multiple antispywares. adaware and spybot have been long recommended. Malwarebytes is a "new guy on the block" and I haven't tried it, but it sure seems to get rid of spyware. Spywareblaster is terrific--it's kinda like a Firewall for Spyware, prevents cooties from ever getting TO your computer so you don't have to clean them out! And you can use it with your current firewall. To be safe, I recommend looking at the Malware Removal section here, follow the directions for "how to post a hijack log". Liz
  5. Only because it happened to me........have them check to make sure a flash drive isn't plugged into the tower. Liz
  6. blim

    Telephone Gaffe

    And here I thought that only happened in teeny little towns like mine where the Cops are bored stiff. I remember after Daughter was born, a cruiser shining the spotlight on the house at 2am feeding time. I figured he knew the house was normally dark. Next time I made a point of walking in front of the glassed front door with the baby, so he knew. Many folks asked if it creeped me out, NOOOO, it made me feel safe!!! Liz
  7. blim


    Hi Snape and welcome to BT's! Hope to hear a lot more from you, come run amuck with us! Liz
  8. Happy Birthday, Flatiron! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz
  9. blim

    A_z Of Tv Shows

    CSI New York (how handy is that, listening to it right now!! ) Liz
  10. Not bad sites........about a month ago, I was doing a Google Search for something completely innocent (researching a flower, I think) and this cootie popped up. Thanks to the folks having problems with this one, I knew it was a nasty and closed it and the "warning boxes" that came up afterwards (wouldn't have downloaded it anyways), looked for it in add/remove and did a system restore just in case. Liz
  11. Oh heck yeah, I've heard of these cooties, but luckily I've never had the "opportunity" to avoid them......maybe because I have a patched idiotbox? This one is the latest variation going around. There is also a postcard or greeting card cootie that is going though the email train and not too long ago there was a nasty cootie floating through AIM and MSMessenger--one of the kids' friends got caught by that one but luckily she warned everyone on her AIM list so at least my kids knew better than to click her link. I never click a link unless I completely trust the "linker" or a few people click the link first Liz
  12. Thinking of those naughty astronauts downloading illegal music, pron, etc............(and I bet they DO!) Liz
  13. blim

    Hi Everyone!

    *waves* Hi Jason and welcome to BT's!! Great place, better people. Dive in and get your hands dirty Liz
  14. Wow, JDoors! Even though I betcha now every muscle in your body hurts (car accidents DO that!) I'm just SO glad no one was seriously hurt. Good luck with all the insurance red-tape...yuck! Especially with no tickets written. Liz
  15. Never got online yesterday...but wishing Preston and Deaf Girl Happy Belated Birthdays and hope you each had a wonderful day! Liz
  16. blim

    Moving Day

    We're moving furniture to the kids' College Apartment tomorrow so I had to show the pics to Hubby. He said, "We can't do that, we don't have a station wagon" Liz
  17. I missed it. Happy Belated Birthday, Mike! Hope what was left of your day after work was great, Mike! Liz
  18. Happy Birthday, Hitest! Hope you have a terrific day and a great Italian dinner! Liz
  19. Like it! Much easier on the "Old Eyes", too. Thank you, Jeff and Bayless! Liz
  20. I read about that in the newspaper and only FOUR windmills required for a whole town! Sure hope more jump on the windpower bandwagon! Living in W Michigan with the nearly constant breezes, a couple Windmill companies attempted to build here. Nope, the Nimbys fought them. Now, if a cellphone company wanted to build a new tower, those same folks would be thrilled. *Someone* needs to invent a series of small turbines inside cellphone towers! Keep Nimbys happy and the tower will do double duty I also heard about the windfarm in CA with the bird problems. Seems that is the only windfarm in the US that is causing problems for birds. Musta been built smack dab in the center of a migratory path Liz
  21. Happy Birthday, RV!! Hope you have a terrific day Liz
  22. From what I understand, you still have to make sure the idiotbox is squeaky clean for SP3 and I know it should be re-started after clean-up, which will put Screi in the dillemma of the update automatically installing once it's re-started. My idiotbox is set up that way, too (wonder how to disable THAT feature??? Son's older SP2 machine waits until the user actually allows the installation!) I wonder if doing a system restore will get rid of the download and then go into updates and disable automatic updates, if that will do the trick? I know one update a long time ago screwed up my idiotbox and the DellDudette had me System Restore, which fixed the problem Thank you by the way, Wayne....I disabled my auto updates. I want to do SP3 when I'm good and ready for it........ Liz
  23. Happy Birthday, Jeff! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz
  24. Happy Birthday, Tim! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz
  25. Ewww. Remembering very Scary SP2. Thanks for the warning, Shanenin. I've kept up with all the updates and not interested in SP3. Liz