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  1. Because you're a Geek (THANK YOU!) and you actually like to tinker with the idiotbox (THANK YOU!!!) , not me, nuh-uh, more play, less work I haven't had any cooties to merit using MBAN *knockwood* but reading about it knocking out that nasty Antivirus2008/2009, if I ever get a cootie, that will be the first gadget I'll use. Oh so not a Geek but wish I was, Liz
  2. You're a quick poster, Scissor! Beat my edit. So, it's an AVG thing, thanks! OK, back to the debate, get to work Liz
  3. Waiddaminute, waiddaminute.....I just went to Google and didn't see any "Safe Search" option, where is it? Or is it an AVG thing? See, I'm learning! Thanks, Liz
  4. Spywareblaster. Thanks to the good folks here for introducing me to it. Its like a Firewall for Spyware, keeps cooties from ever getting into your computer so you don't HAVE to clean them out! Got a link for that gadget, Scissor? (Look for the green plus sign in the reply box, click it, you're techy, you'll figure it out ) Liz
  5. Cooties is such a better word OK now y'all go back to your discussion, this is fascinating, thank you!!! This site is wonderful for PreschoolTechies like me because we can learn from the experts and boy is this thread a winner! Back to our regularly scheduled programming.....argue! Liz
  6. blim

    Cat Vs. Printer

    Cute! The kids have an Apartment Cat now. Sending that to 'em, thanks Hitest! Liz
  7. blim

    Happy Birthday Papa

    Happy Birthday Bill! Have a wonderful day and hope the snowstorm dodges you (ANDDDD me ) Liz
  8. A Very Happy Birthday to Marty! Hope you have a wonderful day. Behave yourself....OK, don't behave Liz
  9. blim


    Been there, done that and if it hasn't hit you yet, you will feel like a 50 pound weight has been taken off your shoulders, Matt! Good for you. You'll find something better Liz
  10. Wishing everyone a happy, safe and Blessed Thanksgiving. Drive carefully Liz
  11. Happy Birthday Tictoc! Hope you have a terrific day Liz
  12. Happy Birthday, Bobby! Hope you have a terrific day Liz
  13. blim

    Black Friday

    Having worked retail for so long, the only store I'll go to is the grocery store, but gonna send that link to my two sisters who shop the sales every year, thanks Sultan! Liz
  14. Broke the 2 buck mark up here....FINALLY! And Terrorist, JennyG wants to raise our gas taxes, too. To fix the roads. Can't win, eh?? Liz
  15. Happy Birthday, Karol! Hope you have a terrific day Liz
  16. Happy Birthday Rubber Ducky! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz
  17. Happy Halloweeney Birthday, Dan! Hope you have a great day, sure is a beautiful day in MI! Liz
  18. Happy Birthday, Bearskin! Hope you have a wonderful day and that things are going well for you! Liz
  19. blim


    Pete, if you have a JCPenneys near you, call them. I saw an ad in last Sunday's paper for $99 glasses, including noline bifocals. My last pair came from JCP, spent extra $ for the thin lightweight lenses but was completely happy with them, once I got used to my first pair of bifocals, that is!! Thought of JCP for Marty but I betcha there aren't any in NZ Sears occasionally has $99 sales, too. My current pair of specs are from Sears. Liz
  20. blim


    Our local newstation has a "try it before you buy it" segment and Zennioptical was highly recommended! Liz
  21. Happy Birthday, Jeff! Have a terrific day Liz
  22. Happy Birthday, Mandy! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz
  23. Thank you all! I'm actually 102.....was 101 last year Nice quiet day here. Quiet is good when one lives in a madhouse Liz
  24. blim

    Has Site Changed

    Ohhhhh, that happened to me once after Jeff tinkered with the place. Drove me nuts. Follow Bub's advice, it'll fix ya right up Liz