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  1. Glad to hear Malwarebytes conquered the cootie! Also good to know that AVG at least attempted to get rid of it. Thanks for updating us, Shadow Liz
  2. Happy Birthday, MrBill! Hope you have a fantastic day Liz
  3. Hi Shadow and welcome to Bestechies! Not an expert, but if you have what I *think* you have, click HERE. One tiny tweak I would make is to quarantine the cooties Malwarebytes finds, make sure your computer is running fine for a few weeks, then delete the cooties--'cause I'm a chicken that way . Don't forget to UPDATE it before you scan!! Sure wouldn't hurt to go to the Malware Forum and submit the Malwarebytes log along with an OTL log so the experts can make sure you got rid of it. Good luck! Liz
  4. I never really got to know Gary as he left shortly after I joined here, but I still remember his hahahahahaha and that still makes me smile! Liz
  5. Oooooh, cake! Thanks folks, I had a very quiet uneventful day, which means it was a GREAT day! Liz
  6. blim


    Thanks for checking in, Marty! Now, follow your doctors orders, young man! Liz
  7. blim


    Even though I don't wish it on anyone, hoping Marty is just having computer problems!!! Prayer sent Liz
  8. Ah-ha! Well, that's obviously what happened, thanks Steve Liz
  9. Thanks, isteve! Seeing as it "came with the box", it sounded safe, but wanted Geek Back-up for reassuring her. Brand new Mac and saw a reference to SnowLeopard, so wondering if its something that comes with the newest OS?? Liz
  10. For a friend who wrote this: "What is it? Can someone access my info through this program? Sorry, I Googled but just don't have the knowledge needed. It's on a new computer that I just brought home. Thanks. " I Googled too, and just as lost as she is. Thanks Liz
  11. Well, crap, that's a bummer! More Googling brought up Protector Plus 2009 (which I've never heard of so get the Geek's opinion on that one) And ClamWin (which I have heard of but looking deeper, it doesn't appear to have "real time scanning") Liz
  12. Hi Bearskin!!!! Did a quick Googlesearch and it looks like Avast still works for ME. Wait for the Geeks to comfirm this. I switched to Avast and it works well and best of all, it autoupdates itself. Liz
  13. Holy Cow, Marsh!!!! And what a comeback! Glad to hear you're on the mend. Now make sure those PTs keep your muscles "thanking you", young man Liz
  14. Happy Birthdays, Preston and DeafGirl! Hoping you both have a wonderful day Liz
  15. Happy Birthday, Bubba! Hope you had a terrific day Liz
  16. Thanks for the update, Pete!!! Liz
  17. blim

    21 Days

    :D Sending that on! Liz
  18. First of all, welcome to Besttechies, Stevie! Secondly, I can't begin to tell you how many times I started a post with "I had no idea where to post this. If its in the wrong place, someone please move it"!!!! The experts at the Malware forum will fix you right up! Liz
  19. blim

    25 Years!

    Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Hitest for 25 years! Wishing you many more happy anniversaries Liz
  20. Happy Birthday, RV! Have a terrific day! Liz
  21. Happy Birthday Jeff! Have a wonderful day, you old man, you Liz
  22. Thanks for checking in and glad to hear you're OK, Marty! Liz
  23. It is exciting, Sultan! Rothbury is a village in the middle of nowhere. One blinking light, one hardware store, one gas station, one bar, thatsabout it. Nice to have something putting this place on the map! 30,000+ Hippies expected to show. Kids are working and can't justify paying the high ticket fees so nope, they aren't going. But there are a bunch of "Rothburians" staying at the Ramada and Kate and Manda are collecting Tshirts Liz
  24. Friday, July 3 1:45pm · King Sunny Ade 2:45pm · Brett Dennen 3:30pm · G. Love and Special Sauce 4:15pm · Keller Williams 6:30pm · Damian Marley and NAS 8:00pm · Toubab Krewe 8:45pm · The String Cheese Incident 12:30am · The Disco Biscuits Saturday, July 4 1:30pm · Ralph Stanley 2:15pm · Martin Sexton 3:30pm · Jackie Greene 4:45pm · Son Volt 5:30pm · The Black Crowes 7:00pm · Railroad Earth 8:30pm · John Butler 10:00pm · Lotus 11:30pm · STS9 Sunday, July 5 1:45pm · Toots and the Maytals 3:00pm · Four Finger Five 3:45pm · Yonder Mountain String Band 5:15pm · The Hard Lessons 6:00pm · Willie Nelson 7:30pm · Grace Potter 8:45pm · Flogging Molly 10:00pm · Ani DiFranco 11:45pm · Matisyahu 1:00am · Umphrey’s McGee Currently listening to String Cheese Incident. Now I know why folks were so excited about 'em...they're pretty good. And all this taking place basically in my backyard. Liz
  25. Happy Birthday, Terrorist! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz