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  1. Welcome to Besttechie's, Randall! Considering I live in a tourist town only a couple miles away from Rothbury Music Festival and had to deal with crazy traffic, I had a lovely Holiday Weekend. Weather was perfect, the hippies were patient and polite and was able to watch the fireworks by walking across the street. Was rather quiet 'round here though, as both kids had to work a LOT (one works at a hotel, the other works at a gas station, Holiday weekend, they were BUSY) Liz
  2. "CONNECTION ERROR: The video player cannot establish a connection to the server. Please try again later." THIS caught my attention, then seeing that you're a couple hours away. I think it might be that you and her connect through different servers. Perhaps her internet service is having server problems (do ISPs have their own local servers? Gurus??) and a call to them might get her Pandacam back running. I don't know about all systems, browsers, etc, but when my Flash needed tweaking, a yellow bar like the popup blocker message plopped itself on the top of the webpage and told me to update my Flash or something to that effect (and I have no idea where my Flash Player lives, either.....Son got sick of seeing that yellow bar and fixed my Flash, it didn't bother me one bit! ) Liz
  3. Probably not supposed to be posting in here and the bosses can delete this if I'm breaking a rule, but I can't resist sending a big thank you to RubberDucky for posting these fixes! I've been reading each post and I've sent along a couple of your helpful links so far to folks complaining of a specific cootie. Sure appreciate what you are doing! Liz
  4. Happy Birthday, Terrorist! Have a terrific day Liz
  5. blim

    Happy Canada Day

    Thank you for being such GREAT neighbors and have a Happy Canada Day! Skol! Liz
  6. blim

    Safe Sex

    Groannnnn......and sending that to the kids! Liz
  7. Also one of my favorites. Put on a sweatshirt and pushed up the sleeves, just for George Liz
  8. SIL had a hysterectomy a week before Mothers Day and she had no children. Daughter, not knowing SIL had the surgery, sent her a Mothers Day Email, including, "Since you have no kids and you're like a second mother to me, I want to wish you a happy Mothers Day" That meant more to my SIL than Daughter will EVER know. She still gets yearly Mothers Day wishes from Daughter, they are still so special to her! So yes, acknowledge Fathers Day, your Grandfather may feel just as Blessed as my Sister did. Liz
  9. Happy Birthday, Mark! Have a terrific day Liz
  10. Have you tried rebooting everything? 1. turn off PC 2. unplug router 3. unplug cable/dsl modem (assuming you don't have dialup here) **Wait one minute** 4. Plug modem in and wait for the lights to quit dancing around 5. Plug in router 6. start computer Liz
  11. Happy Birthdays, Lcpl and Chief! Hope you both have a wonderful day Liz
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    Congratulations, Matt!!!! Now the fun really begins Liz
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    Undergrad At Mrw

    Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment, Chuck! And thank you for being a Malware Warrior Liz
  14. Soooo, Matttttt's in charge, eh? Hmmm, thinking of all kinds of dastardly deeds now....wish me luck! Have a wonderful Cruise, Jeff and Mandy! Piece of advice, use the stairs instead of the elevator, that way you can eat as much as you want! Liz
  15. Hi Vbravoori and welcome to Besttechie's! The experts probably need more details--does anything happen when you push the power button? Do any screens appear and what are they? Error messages? (write down the exact wording) Because it once happened to me, make sure the outlet the computer is plugged into is working and make sure there aren't any flash drives, etc plugged into the computer. Liz
  16. Happy Birthday, Neldy! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz
  17. Good to know, Nancy and thanks! The kids are moving home for the Summer and Son was complaining about my IE6. As usual, I dug my heels in, BUT when he brings his idiotbox home, we're gonna trade so I can see his IE7 and try it out. Good compromise, huh? So who knows....after using it, I may just like it and switch. And good to "see" you again, Nancy. Liz
  18. Well, I honestly am amazed CC has lasted as long as it has. In my area, I gave up on 'em because they rarely had their advertised items on the shelves and of course never offered rainchecks. So, no matter how good a deal they advertised, it wasn't worth the 60 mile round trip to likely come back empty handed...hey, how can you already be "sold out" on SUNDAY???? Liz
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    Happy Birthday Baker7

    I missed your birthday, Brian? Shoot! Where was I? (duh, oops I never got online yesterday!!!) Anyways..... Happy Belated Birthday, Brian!!! I hope you had a fantastic day!! Liz
  20. I'm with Terrorist as far as ignoring SP3 until MS forces us to download it. There is another thread 'round here where I was asking about the very same thing and I think the concensis was that SP3 included IE7 and there was "no goin' back" unless you removed SP3. My concern is that I'm used to and like IE6 (IE7 just has a star on the toolbar where IE6 has a star AND "favorites" next to the star--I need WORDS, not symbols! I forget what symbols mean, I'm old and stupid. And that tabbed browsing thing just bugs me) And I was assured as long as I kept installing the critical updates, I was safe, security wise. SP3 just added a little unneeded extra "fluff" (like IE7!) Of course, waiting until most of the bugs are worked out is a bonus! Liz
  21. Marty, you're on a roll! Liz
  22. Ohhhh, how I know!! I finally decided I was going to write down time, date, license numbers of Cops breaking Road Rules and turn them into the Police Station.....only problem is that they are usually driving so fast that I can't get the plate number. Liz
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    Sultan, my friend, my sincere condolences to you and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers . Love, Liz
  24. Happy Birthday, Joe! Hope you have a terrific day Liz
  25. *happydance!* I don't know how warm it got today but it was warm enough to wear shirtsleeves IF you were in the sun. Finally! De-weeded the vegetable garden AND the raspberry patch. #[email protected]%&* Creeping Charlie decided to overtake the entire area. I hate that stuff. I swear it grows under the snow. Ah, yes, the great feeling of having dirt under my fingernails! I gots Spring Fever bad, now. Can't wait to get back outside to play. Oh, and my backyard smells like violets Liz