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    Don't Mess With Old Ladies

    I get it! Betcha she got out of the speeding ticket, too. Sending that on, thanks, Peaches! Liz
  2. blim

    Happy Birthday To Echobay And Lefty1953.

    Happy Birthday Echobay and Lefty! Hope you both have a terrific day. Stay warm! Liz
  3. blim

    Howdy Everyone!

    *waves!!!* We want kidpictures!!! Liz
  4. blim

    I'm Trying To Setup...

    Not sure if this is the same model number or not, but I asked pretty much the same question a while ago and thanks to the experts here, we had a working router until the kids took it back to College in August Check here **A couple extras to that link---the step where one has to press the power button on the router to reset it just goofed things up so we learned to skip it, anddddd, we ended up using the address, because the one Linksys recomended didn't work.*** When the kids took the router back to College, they had some problems and got ahold of a livechat rep at Linskys--maybe that is better than calling??? Good luck! Liz
  5. blim

    Happy Birthday Antonio

    Happy Birthday, Antonio! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz
  6. blim

    Happy New Year

    Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy 2009. Please drive carefully, stay home if you can! Liz
  7. blim

    Happy Birthday Marsh

    Happy Birthday, Marsh! Have a wonderful day Liz
  8. Ummmm, as usual, I don't know where I should put this question so if it should be in the malware section, feel free to move it I got bit by that Phony Antivirus Cootie (2008? 2009? too busy fixing it to remember). I tell ya, Daughter is a Cootie Magnet, she used my idiotbox for an hour and swears she didn't click on any links. Thanks to Malwarebytes, it is gone and the idiotbox is running stellar again. Buttttt, when Malwarebytes was doing its thing, it generated a log of the cooties found on notepad. Yeah, I didn't think to see if the log had a name and when I asked Son how to find Notepad (yes, I don't know how!) he said I shoulda written the name of the log down. I didn't. I figured that was the only thing ON notepad since I never use it, ha! (darned kids....) So, because I'm anal , I want to see that log. How can I find it? Or is it living in the Malwarebytes program somewhere, and where/how? Don't forget, Kindertech translations please Thanks a bunch, Liz
  9. blim

    Notepad ?

    We gotta remember that Hitest has a little one and a teenager--this close after Christmas AND with the kids being on School Break, I bet his brain is turning to mush (and sending my sympathies to you! With both my kids working during break, I actually MISS them, they're never home!) Pete, as far as getting infected, I never even gave updating that stuff a thought! Thank you! I must admit that I've never updated that stuff. I never use FlashPlayer, Adobe or WinZip so never *thought* I needed to keep up on that stuff. And Java....nope, not that, either and I'm thinkin' Java is part of "the internets", isn't it?? Son is on Break till Jan5, I'll make HIM tinker if he has time since he actually......likes it. I'm betting everything that site checks is gonna need updating! Liz
  10. blim

    Notepad ?

    I think Marty's sharing my pain and sending along some sympathy. Liz, well written and technical in the same sentence??? Impossible Liz
  11. blim

    Notepad ?

    Ohhhhh, that's easy! Thanks, Falcon! Off to google the cooties Edit! Opened the log and there was a bunch of techo gobbly-goop but clicked the "quarantine link" and there was this precise little list of cooties, that is exactly what I was looking for so thanks again, Falcon for leading me to it Liz
  12. blim

    Perfect Couple

    Heyyyyyyy! OK, that was cute, Marty and passing it on Liz
  13. blim

    Happy Holidays

    Hoping everyone at BT's has a happy, safe and Blessed Christmas and Hanukkah! Eat well, drive carefully. Love, Liz ***Antonio, good to see you!***
  14. blim

    Parental Security

    Welcome to Besttechies, Kevin! And what a lucky Daughter you have, she is gonna be so thrilled. Just adding a little extra, because I have a Daughter too. Girls tend not to look up "unscrupulous sites" (like boys do, yup, have one of them, too) but girls tend to click on anything. Educate her about the AIM, Myspace and Facebook Cooties (the one that says, "hey, is this you? click here"), install Spywareblaster, have a good firewall and AV. And remember the Parent Mantra, "she'll be fine!" Liz
  15. blim

    Hello Again

    MIT??? Wow, what an accomplishment and good for you, Kevin. No wonder you've been awol, but school comes FIRST! Hoping you passed all your courses and hope to hear more from you. Liz
  16. blim

    Manly Sport

    Did I see Austin Powers??? Hilarious. And sending that link to Son the Soccer Player............ Liz
  17. blim

    Winter In Walla Walla, Wa

    Smartaleck At first it was "oh, it looks kinda pretty", http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y51/buckw...msCamera012.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y51/buckw...msCamera013.jpg Then it got old quick! BEFORE the Blizzard: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y51/buckw...msCamera035.jpg After the blizzard, that's Aron knocking the snowbank down to where I can reach it to shovel http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y51/buckw...msCamera050.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y51/buckw...msCamera052.jpg Liz
  18. blim

    Christmas Decorations

    Dad???? Liz
  19. blim

    Happy Birthday Bozodog!

    Happy Birthday Darlene! Hope you have a wonderful day Stay warm, Liz
  20. blim


    He's back! And he brought along his great sense of humor Liz
  21. blim

    Surgery Today........

    Ohmannnnn, Joe, that stinks! But sounds like its fixable and as I tell my kids, "oh, you'll be fine!" As much as I hate to say the word "sue", you could do future patients a favor by putting this guy out of business. We had a dermatologist in our area that was re-using sutures and he is now behind bars. A tiny condolence for the people he gave hepatitus to but at least more folks won't be getting sick. Thoughts and prayers for you and vent anytime you want, folks are willing to listen here! Love, Liz
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    Thank you so much for the update, Bill. I was worried about our Dear Marty Liz
  23. blim

    Happy Birthday Screi!

    Happy Birthday, Wayne! Hope you have a terrific day and hope your Baby feels better! Liz
  24. blim

    Happy Birthday Therock247uk

    Happy Birthday, Rock! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz
  25. Happy Birthday, Steve! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz