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    I'm laughing at the husky-looking dog. It looks like he's laughing and saying, "are you looking at this?" Funny pic! Liz
  2. blim

    Finally, I Join The Twenty-first Century,

    Congratulations and welcome, you old dog!! After a lonnnng time using a Charter address, I went with a Hotmail address and a Yahoo address for things like Walgreens Rebates that might send me spam. One bright spot is that if your idiotbox ever goes bellyup or if you change internet providers or if you travel, a web address is key to keeping those emails! Isnt there an option to NOT have replies emailed to you in that forum? Should be somewhere.... Liz
  3. That list is a terrific resource and glad to see it being "gardened". I've shared links from that list to many, many other people! In fact, the last time I clicked on the list I noticed there wasn't a link to Malwarebytes. That needs to be added! And of course, Spywareblaster is a keeper Thank you experts for all you do Liz
  4. **I didnt snopes this as it was in our local paper's magazine, assuming its legit** 83 year young Kay MacVey sends coupons to Military Bases as part an American Legion service project. To date, she has mailed over a million dollars worth of coupons to bases in Germany, Japan, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands and South Korea, where US Military families are able to redeem them to save money on groceries. Folks started mailing her packets of coupons to which she says, "I'm grateful for each one I get" I clip coupons but throw out many, like cat and baby stuff coupons, processed foods, cosmetics, etc. Now I know a source for them that will only cost postage and do some good! Please spread the word Her address is: Kay MacVey 3419 Polaris Drive Ames, Iowa 50010 MORE Whether you're for or against the war, support those families who are fighting it! Liz
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    Bubba Had Shingles

    Well, Bubba at least got a checkup! Liz
  6. blim

    Full Of Sh(eep)

    Holy Cow....err...Sheep! Liz
  7. blim

    Clip Coupons? Source For Your Extras

    Yeah, but Walmart's grocery prices have gone UP dramatically! I was flabbergasted and dissapointed last time I shopped there (about passed out at the price of tunafish) and our local Spartan store became surprisingly comparable. Add to that, the nearest Walmart is 1/2 hour drive one way vs. Plumbs being 4 miles away. I used to go there about once a month but no more. So far I have sent two envelopes of coupons to Mrs MacVey. One thing I DID discover is that you want to distribute the coupons inside the envelope so the envelope is as thin as possible. The post office now has a gauge--if the envelope is "too thick", it doubles the postage price! Very happy we have a clerk that clued me into this and re-distributed the "wad" inside the envelope to meet the width requirements (she even opened the envelope, rearranged the coupons and taped it up so it would be cheaper!) Liz
  8. blim

    It's Power Outage Season Again!

    Like my Dad said when he bought his generator, "its insurance--now the power will never go out!" (and come to think of it, I don't think it ever did go out until they moved to town!) Power outages....shhhhhhhh.....so far, even with the heavy snow we've had, we haven't lost power this winter, yet. Liz
  9. blim

    Alternate Program

    Hiya, Marty! Spywareblaster is terrific, mainly because it acts like a spyware firewall, it keeps cooties from ever getting to your computer so you don't have to run scans to clean up the mess! And it's easy for "lazies" like me, you never have to run it, just update it occasionally. Malwareblaster is the new kid on the block. I ran into "Antivirus2008", ran Malwarebytes "quick scan", took not even 10 minutes and after finding a bunch of junk, my computer was back to being as stellar as ever. "They say" one is supposed to run a full scan afterwards, but the quick scan took care of the bugs so I haven't gotten around to doing the full scan *yet* (remember "lazy" ) Not a Geek (you know that!) but in my opinion, Spywareblaster and Malwarebytes is all one really needs! Liz
  10. blim

    Vista Problems

    Wanda has been declared "cootie free" from the hijackthis section here, Darth, so its something else.... Now, I'm no Geek (come onnnnn guys, jump in here!!) but seeing as AVG won't update, that's a clue. What happens when it doesn't update? Any messages? Also, try Hondaboy's suggestion on disabling AVG's resident shield (he's reckless but he sure is smart and we love him! ) I don't know anything about Vista but in checking your firewall in XP is as follows: (and hoping Vista's process is at least similar enough for you to figure it out) Start Control Panel Security Center Firewall--click the "double v" and it will tell you what your firewall is. Now, in XP, to check the microsoft firewall, (scrounges up my Dummies book....) "Open start menu, right click on My Network Places and choose Properties. Right Click on the connection you want to protect and choose Properties. If you're using a dial up account, right click on that icon. Click the advanced tab to activate windows firewall" (me-obviously YOU will want to make sure the windows firewall ISN'T clicked if you are using a different firewall!) Liz
  11. blim

    Happy Birthday Iccaros!

    Happy Birthday, Iccaros! Have a terrific day Liz
  12. blim

    Vista Problems

    Hi Wanda! I know you from Handyman's Now, Hondaboy is "young and adventurous" (and a little clumsy ) so he would reinstall and I agree, that's a last resort along with a lot of kicking and screaming. Hondaboy, I see she already got a clean bill of health from the Hijack This section......Back to the drawing board, young man Simple thing to start off with is if you aren't using Windows Firewall, check and make sure it hasn't somehow accidently kicked in. With all the scans you've done, it may have turned itself on, and two firewalls running make for a constipated idiotbox. Wait for an expert to confirm before doing so---disconnect from the internet and try turning off your antivirus and see if that speeds things up. Could be something wonky with it And give a list of your computer specs for the experts to see, like Ram, Antivirus, any antispyware gadgets you have running, firewall, etc. They might see something in your list that can trigger "constipation" Liz
  13. blim

    Happy Birthday Matt

    Happy Birthday, Matt! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz
  14. blim

    Parental Controls

    Nobody yet? When we got our first idiotbox I enabled Parental Control on Windows98 and it worked GREAT! (heh-heh, even when Hubby tried some late night surfing.... ) Trick was to remember that password as once in a while it blocked a harmless site. Assuming Parental Control is even better on XP and Vista?? Also when we got our first idiotbox a Geek told Aron "experiment, mess around, you can't hurt it". He told ARON this! Of course, a week later that Geek spent 1 1/2 hours undoing what Aron did....(I TOLD him HE was gonna be responsible for cleaning up the mess!) and Aron's "experimenting days" were OVER! Mom isn't a Geek but Mom bought the computer. Trump. So when XP's System Restore was invented, it was a "miracle program"-only needed it once, but just having it there was a comfort! I love Spywareblaster for blocking cooties and have heard good things about Net Nanny? Something like that, has the word "Nanny" in it. Don't know if that is a spy program or a protector, but you'll know Liz
  15. blim

    Obama: $500,000 Salary For Top Executives

    *I* think they should average out all the bank employees' salaries and get THAT for pay! Oh, and no more bonuses..........Ordinary folks don't get bonuses for poor company performance, why do they? Liz
  16. blim

    Happy Birthday Sultan!

    Happy Birthday, Sultan! Have a terrific day Liz
  17. Found this, don't know if its true or not because I'm not about to go to Photobucket to find out! Liz
  18. blim

    Meet Marvin - Answer To Maxine

    Miss Always Right Liz
  19. blim

    Ms Tech Support

    :D But her name was Reeeeeeetah. LOL, Daughter's boss is Indian, he was born here/no accent, but his Indian Born Father has a very strong accent. Whenever we end up speaking to an Indian we put Kate on the phone because SHE understands them perfectly from chatting with Bogey. Never imagined "our Blonde" would be translating techspeak for us..... Liz
  20. blim

    Clip Coupons? Source For Your Extras

    Well, you're the perfect candidate, Pete! Stuff those coupon packets in an envelope and send them off! Now up here, its just the opposite--the stores usually put coupon items in the ad the week they break in the paper! But even today, I came home from the store and saw the soup coupon I forgot to use....well, at least that one doesn't expire for a while and I'll probably need more bean and bacon soup soon, I'll just keep it with my shopping list! Like you, I don't use too many coupons because our local Spartan Brand is better than the name brand and cheaper. But there ARE some items that I use name brand only, like Tide and Dawn (haven't found anything better!) and when they're on sale and I have a coupon.... And our local "discount store" Pamida, has been throwing double coupon sales up to a buck! Most of the time I walk out with 99% of the coupons I bring in there, but Tide for $3.99 is a steal WISH we had BigLots and Dollar Stores around here but with the closest ones 1/2 hour drive away, it isn't worth the gas unless I'm in that area anyways..... Oh, and.......manufacturers give military bases 3 months "grace period" AFTER the expiration dates on coupons, thanks to my friend Yardo's information HERE. When I went through last weeks Sunday Paper coupons in the "bin" I didn't clip anything that expired in February thinking they'd be no good by the time they arrive overseas. Now to dive back into that bin and clip 'em, especially that diaper coupon (Gad, they're expensive...glad I'm from the "cloth age"!) Liz
  21. blim

    Happy Birthday, Isteve!

    Happy Birthday, isteve! Have a great day Liz
  22. blim

    Happy Birthday, Jsky!

    Happy Birthday Jsky! Have a terrific day Liz
  23. blim

    Photobucket And Antivirus2009

    Hiya, Chuck! How's HJT School going? Or are you done and all official now? Well, from what I understand, the problem was fixed late this afternoon (still not gonna go to PB for a few days and checking their forums FIRST ) There were plenty of folks on Photobucket's forums complaining.......and MAD, understandbly so! Here is a link that I read, page 3 has screen shots of what folks were looking at http://forums.photobucket.com/showthread.php?t=32727 Liz
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    Happy Birthday, Shanenin!

    Happy Birthday Shanenin! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz
  25. blim

    Retired People

    Ohhhh, that sounds so much like something my Dad would do.....They don't have a computer but sending this on to my Sisters! Liz