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    A Montague Mystic!

    All my life I've heard about Joseph Sadony, a "Montaguer" who was an inventor, philosopher and mystic, and to this day supposably haunts the grounds where his lab is. I just figured this man was a "town oddball" that folks loved to weave legends of. My Grandmother knew him and used to tell fascinating stories of him being a brilliant psychic who claimed all humans have the ability to become "human radios". Guess he claimed 38,000 accurate predictions...Kids still go to his property to see his ghost (some swear the have, but who knows?? I never did!) Well in today's paper, there are two front page articles, one about Mr. Sadony's fascinating life, and another concerning the auction of the contents of his Scientific Labratory that has been untouched since 1951 (thought of you, Macmarauder!!). For kicks and giggles, I googled Joseph Sadony, and to my surprise, there are pages and pages on him!! This guy from lil ol Montague, Michigan was actually famous for the books he wrote. Now when originally looking for links to the paper articles, the site wanted a zipcode and birthdate, no big deal....just a warning. Cookie jar didn't want any cookies, either. biography auction information Liz
  2. blim

    A Little Angel

    Oh how cute! At first I thought, "oh-oh, what's Marty posting?" Amazing photo work Liz
  3. blim

    Oil Change Instructions

    Funny but also how true! Our local place gets my business. They have saved me bigbucks because they've caught things that were leaking/broken and told me to go to the mechanic before I get stranded! Liz
  4. blim

    Photography Contest

    beautiful shot, Mandy. And voted.... Liz
  5. blim

    We're Moving Servers!

    Also had a couple burps with the "we're offline" pages but the last couple times I came here, all was OK. Probably something to do with Charter..... Thank you, Jeff Liz
  6. blim

    Cut My Hair

    Congratulations, Hondaboy and thank you for donating your hair! I did the same thing a couple years ago when my hair got down to my be-hind. Couldn't stand it being in my face after getting it cut (beauty of long hair is that you can tie it back!) so I'm back to growing it again. Figure when I get enough, I'll chop and donate again. Liz
  7. We use Office because Dyslexic Daughter prefers it and when it comes to writin' and readin', we do what she prefers! Thanks, Peaches! Emailing this to myself, just in case.... Liz
  8. blim


    Well, certainly hoping the pill/diet/exercise does the trick, Marty!! And glad to hear you aren't having any invasive treatment. Now, do what the Doc tells you, Young Man Liz
  9. Alt+F4, Jdoors, not Ctrl+F4. And that's mighty nifty that you have a magic button on your keyboard!! Glad I triggered that memory, likely quicker than punching two buttons!! Now burn that button in your memory for when panic mode rears its ugly head! And yeah, Firefox.....I haven't jumped to it yet and still using IE6-something (I know, I know, bad Liz!). Son says he's gonna install it on my idiotbox and teach me how to use it. I'm so old fashioned that I just don't like the looks of "tabbed browsing", but Son says since I never have more than two windows open at a time that I won't have an issue with with tabs....Report to follow I really NEED to Google some FF screenshots--if I know what it looks like, maybe I'll be more comfortable with it. ....I have no idea what Kiosk Mode is....don't bother explainin' it, you'll just confuse me Liz
  10. Sounds like something that happened to Son on Facebook. Wasn't a cootie because it happened on three different computers while on his Facebook account and only then. Was tracked down to an "Add-on" he had on Facebook that just didn't play nice with IE. He liked this "add-on" and wanted to keep it (it was some dumb game), he switched to Firefox and hasn't had the quirk since. Oh, while reading about the latest Antivirus Cooties (even if you click close it can install the cootie) Alt+F4 is supposed to shut programs down. When in a panic mode, Ctrl-Alt-Delete doesn't always come quickly. Alt/F4 is only two buttons to find Liz
  11. blim

    Prayer For Martymas

    Thoughts and Prayers for Marty, my friend! Hoping you get through the checkup with flying colors and if you do need "an extra part", hoping its a stent. SIL has a couple of 'em and its a simple procedure Liz
  12. blim

    Search For "test"

    Makes sense to me.....when websites or internet or IE is acting buggy, I check to see if Google comes up....."the test site"! Liz
  13. Looks GREAT, good job, guys and thank you Liz
  14. Happy Birthday, Pat and Rmurphy! Hope you both have a wonderful day Liz
  15. blim


    Oh, that's cute, Marty!!! I have twin sisters and we always referred to them as "the wombmates".... Liz
  16. blim

    Irish Virus Warning

    Being part ScotsIrish, I LOVE this time of year if only "fer da jokes" Muldoon lived alone in the Irish countryside with only a pet dog for company. One day the dog died, and Muldoon went to the parish priest and asked, 'Father, me dog is dead. Could ya' be saying' a mass for the poor creature?' Father Patrick replied, 'I'm afraid not; we cannot have services for an animal in the church. But there are some Baptists down the lane, and there's no tellin' what they believe. Maybe they'll do something for the creature.' Muldoon said, 'I'll go right away Father. Do ya' tink $5,000 is enough to donate to them, for the service?' Father Patrick exclaimed, 'Sweet Mary, Mother of Jesus! Why didn't ya tell me, the dog was Catholic ? Liz
  17. blim

    Beware Circuit City Closeout Deals

    Thanks, Brian, because those ads are pretty compelling and yes, I bet there are shoppers going to CC! Read some chatter on our local tv site about CC. Their "deals" are no deals. They have a liquidation company running the sale and marked the prices UP before applying the "discount". This information came from an employee who said, "Whats worst thing thata gonna happen to me if I let this out, I'll lose my job??" NOT surprised they put damaged goods out on the shelves, they did that BEFORE they went belly-up. Just last October I bought Son one of those Video Game Guitars to discover the package was previously opened and missing a few parts. Shoulda known there was something "up" because it was the only one on the shelf. Thank goodness I was able to return it Liz
  18. blim

    First Thought In The Morning

    Well, today it was "is the dog still alive?" She was sick last night. She is "back to normal", by the way and vet appointment this afternoon. But usually.........."Ughhhh, coffee, coffee, coffee" Liz
  19. Kids have Facebook, copy, paste and emailing this to them, thanks, Peaches Liz
  20. Quick and dirty recap: Trojan is invisibly downloaded into computer and sits there harmlessly--until the user logs on to his banking site. Trojan is then activated to steal information like passwords and account numbers Details here, http://www.wzzm13.com/news/most_popular_st...mp;provider=top Thankful I walk into the bank! Liz
  21. blim

    Happy Birthday Robroy

    Happy Birthday, Robroy! Have a wonderful day Check in please! Liz
  22. blim

    Hang Out With Me

    Welcome to Besttechie's, Global! Graphic Design for me means getting out the pencil and paper but you designers just amaze me with what you can do. I sure enjoy looking! Liz
  23. blim

    Hello From Salford Quays, Manchester (uk)

    Welcome to Besttechie's, Mark! Hope to hear a lot more from you Liz
  24. blim

    How Do I Do This?

    Guessing with some help from my XP for Dummies book Try right clicking, if anything happens, click properties and choose "classic". No idea if it will work as it is a tip for desktop themes and start menus.... Liz
  25. First of all, Pete, Honda and Peaches, wow, wow, wow!!!! I love you and thank you so much for all you do! But, OK, now....because I'm a Noob and therefore thinking of the Noobs, this list could be really overwhelming for my Fellow Noobs. Maybe catagorizing the different links into sections where one can click a section (with a good simple description of said section) to get all the links might be less overwhelming for a Noob? Meaning if a Noob is looking for a specific thing, they can click the catagory and get the necessary links without their eyes glazing over at such a big list. (yeah, I'm simple....and keeping the simple folks in mind ) Oh Lord, I'm confusing myself...do you understand what I said? Liz