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  1. Daughter has a MacBook OSX and a Dell 720 Color Printer. "Ohhhhh, just plug it in and it works" Nope. Not according to her. I did some googling and looks like it won't work. Any suggestions besides her buying a new printer? "Infant tech" explanations please, I know nothing about Macs, and Katie is a blonde Thanks!! Liz
  2. Speaking Blonde is a life-long learning process! Liz
  3. Yup, we have a password that is a series of numbers and letters that *I* wouldn't know if I hadn't written it down! Thanks, Mr Bill. I'm with Mewi, that a hacker would be unlikely in my area. Teeny tiny town where folks don't even lock their cars or homes. Besides, there are businesses nearby that have free wireless access. Would be much easier for someone just to go to one of those places for internet access. I don't do online banking or anything like that. If someone was nosy enough to hack into our network, they would be bored to tears . Liz
  4. Oh, OK! Thanks, Shanenin. I went there and looked around to make sure the password was correct when Kate was having trouble signing in. It DID look easy to maneuver around. I'll poke around there again Liz
  5. Ah-ha! Now if this dummy knew it was OK for two routers to have the same password, I would have set it up that way! Maybe that caused the problems?? Sooooo, how does change the SSID? EDIT!!!!! Kate just came home from work and tried to get online and THIS TIME IT WORKED!!! WTH?? I SAW her put in the password this morning twice with no luck! Anywaysssss.......babysonline, babyshappy, mom can have a beer now Thanks y'all!! Liz
  6. Aron forwarded the transcript to me and yes, he needed to change the router from WPA to WEP, likely because his computer is older (bought when XP first came out) SSID (whatever that is) IS mentioned in the transcript, so that's enabled. And......ISteve, Kate's Mac didn't "just work" She clicked on the internet, it showed our network, (which was a step further than Aron had originally) she entered the password, the security key and a series of numbers and letters that the linksys tech gave Aron sometime in their chat and each time it said, "invalid password". Any ideas?? Liz
  7. :D Ohhhh, thats funny! I had to send that to the kids. They'll groan. Mission accomplished. That's what I do. Thanks, Mark! Liz
  8. Finally getting online to reply (busy, busy day) Did buy the router. It was a "wireless G" like the other router but it was a different color and shape, so likely a different model. Got back from running errands this afternoon and Aron was already fiddling around with the new router. He ended up chatting with a Linksys Rep and seems the WPA and the WEP were so busy wanting to WUP eachother that they were too distracted to notice Aron's computer. Seems the WPA was the WUS and the router needed to be switched to WEP?? (or maybe vice-versa) SSID came into play somehow, don't ask me how, just remember seeing those initials during his conversation. Does this make sense? Heck no, it didn't make sense to me either, they're all just a glob of initials. Anywaysssss.........after 1 1/2 hours, HIS idiotbox is now talking to the router and he can play online! Wish us luck when we connect Kate's laptop, sigh, its a Mac! It better "just work" like the commercials say! Liz
  9. Y'know I know nothing about these gadgets..... The Kids have a Linksys wireless router in their college apartment which has gone "back and forth" during the summer when they're home. They can keep their stuff in the apartment this summer. Thinking about buying a new router for home and leaving the router in the apartment. Will the kids' computers recognize the new router here at home and still recognize the router at the apartment? Without a lot of hassle, just set the new guy up and we're good? Thanks, Liz
  10. Ohhhyeah, the car warranty and the credit card rate calls....I get them too and just hang up. Side note to the Police Benevolant Fund calls (yup, I get those, too): I frequently got calls wanting me to donate to the Fireman's Union Retirement or something like that (very similar to the Police Deal). My Brother In Law was a volunteer fireman so I asked him about this company. He had no idea so he asked his Chief--HE had never heard of such a thing and his thoughts was that it was a scam. If this entity was supposed to help Firemen and Firemen don't know it exists, well, scam. So Jdoors, don't feel guilty for not padding the pockets of the Police Fund! Liz
  11. Happy Birthday, Brian! Hope you have a fantastic day Liz
  12. blim

    Pink Dots

    I've seen that before and it never works for me! Can't see those "magic pictures" where there's a bunch of little images and you're supposed to see a shark or a UFO or something, either. I always feel so left out! Liz
  13. LOL, those pics are great! I have a feeling that mask manufacturers will benefit the same way that duct tape and sheetplastic manufacturers felt a boom after 9/11... Son works at a gas station and they were sent a box of masks to be worn "when they are told to wear them". Ridiculous. Son asked his boss what would happen if he refused to wear one and she said he could be fired. More ridiculous. So Son decided he would work on his best Darth Vader Voice in preparation of having to wear the mask. I think he will be dissapointed if he doesn't get to wear one now "Looooooooooke, I ahm youhr Fathhhhther. It issss trooooooooo" Liz
  14. Hi Nacy and welcome to Besttechies! The Search function works really well and I use it often to look up tips I've forgotten. Look for the gray bar towards the top of the screen and click "search". *I* find it works much better when clicking the "more options" link after clicking search as you can narrow it down a bit better. Looking for something in particular? We can help! Liz
  15. Yahooo!!! Now, no burning rubber or popping wheelies, young man Liz
  16. Happy Birthday, Hondaboy! Hope you have a terrific day. Drive carefully Liz
  17. Oh, that is AWESOME, Pete! This just plugs into the laptop and works like a regular keyboard, right? Do you know if they just "plug and play" so its non-Geeky? Methinks I have a terrific Christmas present for Laptop-owning Daughters Thanks! Liz
  18. Happy Birthday Monster! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz
  19. blim

    Online Banking

    I also won't do online banking because of all the cooties out there and my bank is only a couple miles away, but Peaches brings up a great point, keeping people employed by dealing with a human being. Our grocery store has "self-checkout lanes", which I will not use because they eliminate jobs. GLAD your bank is working with you, JDoors!! Liz
  20. I'm like you, if I know nothing about the candidates, I leave the voting to those who are familiar with them. I must even admit to not voting in our latest election for Governor, simply because I didn't want either one of the candidates! (and there wasn't a "none of the above" option ) Liz
  21. blim

    I'm Upset

    Internet connection is dodgy today so hopefully this will get through (Charter "works when its raining", but not when its windy!) Hitest, I am so relieved to hear that your Dad is resting comfortably and that it was a mild heart attack! My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with your family. Liz
  22. Happy Birthday Jim! Hope you had a terrific day Liz
  23. blim

    Earth Hour

    Bubbabob, this is what I learned about those newfangled twirley bulbs: They are best in areas where they will be on for at least 15 minutes, so in rooms like bedrooms or closets or bathrooms where they are "flip on, flip off", they wear out quicker. Oldfashioned bulbs might be better for those rooms. They don't work well with dimmer switches.......yet. They are coming out with bulbs made for dimmers but they are pricey and I don't know how long they last, regular twirley bulbs don't last long at all with dimmers. Liz
  24. blim

    A Little Angel

    Oh how cute! At first I thought, "oh-oh, what's Marty posting?" Amazing photo work Liz