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  1. I have just finished an Auto and Home insurance nightmare! I had AIG and because of their latest antics, I was NOT going to give them my business. Long story short, started with our local agency who gave us a great price with AAA. But spent a MONTH fixing mistakes--wrong deductable on the house, full coverage on the wrong vehicle (the one with the bank loan had no deductable where MY paid for car with 140,000 miles had deductable! That's not good!), prices changed after I signed the paperwork (due to not somehow not getting a multi policy discount). I was livid and had doubts about what would happen if we ever submitted a claim!!!!. Now......I don't know if it was the Agent, Agency or AAA, but I ended up with THREE pages of handwritten notes. Every time I opened an envelope from AAA, I usually ended up cussing like a sailor. Got fed up, decided this agent did not deserve a commission since I was doing all the work, and went with Citizens Insurance, sold through independent agencies (in MY case, an OUT OF TOWN agency as I wasn't gonna give our local agency any more business). It was easy. It cost more than AAA in the long run, BUTTTT I got better coverage and MUCH better service. NO mistakes to fix. Still much cheaper than AIG. I highly recommend Citizens. My parents have Citizens and had a mirror torn off in a parking lot. No idea how it happened or who did it, they figured it would be a long shot if insurance covered it. They had absolutely no trouble and got a new mirror. Checked Progressive during my search. Expensive (and the "choices" of other insurance companies prices apparently aren't availabe in my area!) Geiko was almost exactly double what I was paying for AIG. Auto Owners was expensive. Liberty is known for a good price and good coverage but their quote was also expensive. And Liberty only writes one year auto policies, which can be a budget strain if one is used to paying the bill monthly, quarterly or every six months. Best thing is to have Dad call a few local agencies as they have many companies at their disposal (and have him check for a Citizens agency!). What I did is photocopied my policy information and dropped it off or mailed it to the agencies. They said having the photo copies was very, very helpful because 99% of the information was at their fingertips. It was easier on ME, too as all I did was drop off the papers, said, "Here's all my information/coverages/etc. See what you can do and give me a call" vs. spending so much time on the phone or in the office giving information Liz
  2. Son is a "Movement Science Major" (which means he can be a physical therapist, trainer, coach, all sorts of things....but he wants to be a PE Teacher) In one of his classes they did the BMI test. ALL these students were athletes, health nuts and physically fit. Not a one had thunder-thighs, bubble-butt or pot belly. The only ones who didn't test "overweight" were the superskinny long distance runners (toothpicks!). Even the dancers were "overweight". The kids who worked out with weights and had muscles were considered "very overweight". I read somewhere that Marilyn Monroe wore a size 14 Liz
  3. I can read you loud and clear, Casper. Not gonna admit I'm old. Nope, nuh-uh Anyways, welcome to Besttechies!! Hope to hear a lot more from you Liz
  4. "You disturbed my beauty sleep for a picture?" LOL, yup, exactly what he was thinking, thats for sure! 'Cept you forgot to include "beauty sleep in a PRIMO SUNSPOT" Wow, Pete, thats a lotta pups! Put Sandydog to sleep a month ago and giving fostering some serious thought as the house is very quiet without a furbaby. How was your fostering experience? Liz
  5. Happy Birthday, Tyme!! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz
  6. Didja get the phone with the level, Jeff??? That is the coolest thing ever!!!!! I want one......just for the level Liz
  7. How cute!!!!!! Best Buddies there Liz
  8. blim

    Hubby Pie

    Still having trouble with the excess gas issue, though....... Liz
  9. Both Hotmail and were broken all weekend (and glad to see Cow's post so I know it wasn't on my end! ) They're working today Liz
  10. We feed the "flying pigs", errr, I mean goldfinches. One year there was one male that perched himself between the screen and the glass in the dining room storm window and just peered inside the house whenever the feeder was empty. Yup, begging. They must be related Finches love thistle seed, which squirrels DON'T like! Thistle seed is pricey but seeing as the squirrels ignore it, it lasts a longggggg time. And FINALLY saw my first hummingbird today! Liz
  11. blim

    Lonely Forum

    Well Peaches, *I* read the forum! Don't read each topic as most don't apply to my simple computing, but you have been a wealth of information. You and RV have the sad situation of folks reading your posts, going off to do the updates/fixes/reading the links and forgetting to respond with a thanks. Soooo, THANK YOU for ALL YOU DO! I sure do appreciate all your research! Keep up the great work! Liz
  12. Oooooh, a new drill! My favorite power tool besides the washing machine. Recently upgraded to a cordless Dewalt (a De--WALT! I'm in the Big League now). A little bulkier than my old Black and Decker that I wore out, but I like it! Has a spare battery pack. That has come in handy quite a few times. Have fun!! Liz
  13. How'd I miss dat????? Happy Birthday, Mark! Hope you had a terrific day! Liz
  14. blim

    Strange Stuff

    Oh wow, Mark!! Sure am glad you have a stubborn wife who insists on having her way! And hoping for a speedy recovery Liz
  15. I'm always leery of a "one post poster" and a random question like that.....butttt, it was in interesting conversation anyways and hopefully someone learned something about cat pee Liz
  16. Like Pete, I have an Oldster--A Bissell canister with the hose that attaches to the sink. Bought it because the uprights didn't have heaters in 'em back then, and it made no sense to get interrupted and the soapwater getting cold.....With the sink hookup, you just turn off the water when the phone rings! Also sure wish they'd start making these "oldfangled gadgets" again. I'm always afraid mine is gonna wear out someday. Then I'll be really, really sad! Liz
  17. Thank you Hitest!! Skimming through your link I realize *I* may have been the culprit!! There was a reference to networking tools and I uninstalled Network Magic on Friday night Very glad to hear its normal. Had visions of walking in to a black screen with a little dash on the top left corner.... Liz
  18. Removed Network Magic and Daughter didn't wail.....all is well, thanks Mr. Bill! Liz
  19. OK, bear with me because this is wayyyyy beyond my little brain..... Clicked the start button to get online after a few hours away from the computer, and noticed "command prompt" at the bottom of the block of items that display directly above the start button~the recently used stuff.... (top to bottom listed is Internet/Email/Solitare/AIM/Calculator/Skype/Itunes/Command Prompt/All Programs) I've never used "command prompt". Ever. Don't know what it is. I don't need to know what it is. Son's responsible for calculator, skype and itunes being on the list but I don't think Son used Command Prompt as I didn't notice it living there until just now and Son hasn't played on my computer in a couple days. Why did it show upon the "start list"? Everything seems to be working fine....Didn't go to anything online that I don't normally go to....?????? Liz
  20. Thank you!!! And good to know about the new guy on the block. Liz
  21. Posting here because I don't want to bother the malware warriors and get in trouble for posting a "non-critical thing" Looked in the malware section for the instructions on posting a Hijack-This Log to email to Son and noticed it wasn't there anymore. Instead instructions for a new gadget? Curious....why? Is hijack this kaput or is OTListIt2 better??? Thanks! Liz
  22. Thanks, Mr Bill! Makes me mad when gadgets add unneccessary rubbish in their packages Liz
  23. Wellllllllll....discovered Daughter left her printer's connection cord at her college apartment. So it may be a while before I find out if your suggestions work. Like maybe as late as August. Will give a report when one of the kids goes down there and grabs the printer cord, though! Liz
  24. Linksys Router came with a trial version of Network Magic, which is supposed to expire in 5 days, according to the box that pops up when I start my computer. Not interested in purchasing this gadget--the only sharing we do on our computers is sharing the internet connection, hence the router purchase! Can I go ahead and remove Network Magic through Add/Remove Programs? Most importantly, will the router still work OK??? Don't need to hear Daughter wailing that she can't get her laptop online. That would be bad. Happy kids=Happy momma=Happy family. Thanks much, Liz
  25. Thanks, ISteve! Certainly worth a try!! Liz