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  1. Hi Matt, Thanks, never backed up before, I know I'm supposed to, but I read that XP makes it "easy". My old Gateway taught me to cringe whenever I read "simply follow the online instructions..." but my newer Dell so far has acted much nicer. And I'm with you on the firewall--I learned on Mcafee and want to keep it (and its free with rebates if you buy it in January). and Hi tg1911, Yep, THAT was the list that scared me, but looking at it again, i suppose it isn't too bad! Just need to learn how to do a few things! Thanks to the both of you for your advice! Liz
  2. Hi Matt! The confusion was probably the "blim effect". Here two days and already causing confusion, I am the master! Glad to hear you had no problems with SP2. Did you do anything special beforehand? (scandisk, defrag, scan, back up,disable restore, boot to safe mode, jump through fire, etc. it was a huge, unfamiliar list) It's the preparation I've read about that scares me. I've defragged and scanned but I've never attempted the other tasks. Well, jumping through fire doesn't sound too scary. Thanks, Liz
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    Hi! I apologise, this should have been my first post, but been trying to figure out just what I do.......I'm 47, married, "retired" 9 years ago from retail, when my kids were 10 and 12, what a blessing to be home when the kids are teenagers--Sometimes I'm feeding 10 kids, but I know what they're up to! Live in Michigan, 1/2 way up the "west coast" (or the left side of your right hand) and with exception of today, we have been freezing and shoveling. Long winter with no end in sight. Currently I'm restoring a 145 year old Victorian home, volunteer at the high school designing costumes and props for plays, and assisting with my son's Morris Dance Team (1000 year old folk dancing using swords and sticks, best description is to look up Morris Dance on Google and look at the pictures) Leaving for a dance festival in Berea, KY this weekend and hoping to thaw out. Found this place from searching for the next step up from the Dummies Books (which I highly, highly recommend for beginners). I've been reading "TTV-G4TTV-G4" and LTS forums for a couple of years but never joined, and reading this forum since its inception--I like the atmosphere here! From "lurking", I feel I already know many of you folks so I'll warn you. I can be a bit of a smart*ss but mean no harm--side effect of life with teenagers--And tend to ask really stupid questions. Hoping you'll put up with me. Thanks, Liz
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    Happy Birthday Robroy get to celebrate for an entire month, huh??? As my daughter used to say, "Its your happy-birfy-to-yyyouuuu!" Hope it was a good one. You don't know me but I've read your posts here and I think LTS .... so I know you....(be afraid!) Liz
  5. Sidekickcat, thanks for your kind and wise words! Oh, and I forgot to post earlier, that I hope you survived the flu alright. I'd say that ol'ladies like us need to get the flu shot, but I never did! (at least this year I had an excuse, there was a severe shortage in MI---let the Senior Citizens have em!) Thanks again, Liz
  6. Ordering the cd sounds like a good idea, I forgot about that option, thanks for reminding me! Liz
  7. bah!!!! Dances around the room pulling my hair. Looks like an SP2 install for me (probably followed by calls to Dell support) Thanks, Liz
  8. I also have not installed SP2, mainly because there is a game my son plays with an overseas friend that is on the "may not work list". Cheaper than long distance calls abroad! I have automatic updates because I am lax about such things, but check the custom install to avoid installing SP2. I've read that one has to jump through a bunch of hoops in preparation of installing SP2---backing up (which I've never done--tech inept), scanning, etc., if SP2 automatically updates, will it give the user a "heads up" to do these things first? Or are these things absolutely necessary beforehand? I'm afraid my son will go ahead and install SP2 without making these preparations if he isn't given a choice (fearless teenager...). Should I turn off automatic update? Thanks, Liz
  9. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who noticed???? Thanks for bringing this "out of the village", Cat. Needed to be done (and God bless you too!). I've been reading LTS a couple of years but never joined because of the "snippy", paranoid and defensive replies I've read (including Leo, unfortunately) --afraid I'd get my head bitten off if I ever posted. I'm not sure what happened either-- due to my kids hogging the idiotbox the past week, but there were some mighty heated posts on March 4--I see a couple have dissapeared today and a couple apologies made (but don't know what for). Sad--when I started reading LTS, it seemed such a close knit family, the genuine camradre was what kept me reading and the hostility and infighting was what kept me away. And yeah, its my first time posting--I discovered the "voices of reason" of Leoville and G4 seem to have migrated here, and hope you folks allow me to move in. Can"t give too many answers, I'm tech inept!! but I'll certainly be reading! Liz