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    I Despise The Local Police

    Ohhhh, how I know!! I finally decided I was going to write down time, date, license numbers of Cops breaking Road Rules and turn them into the Police Station.....only problem is that they are usually driving so fast that I can't get the plate number. Liz
  2. blim


    Sultan, my friend, my sincere condolences to you and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers . Love, Liz
  3. blim

    How's Your Weather?

    *happydance!* I don't know how warm it got today but it was warm enough to wear shirtsleeves IF you were in the sun. Finally! De-weeded the vegetable garden AND the raspberry patch. #[email protected]%&* Creeping Charlie decided to overtake the entire area. I hate that stuff. I swear it grows under the snow. Ah, yes, the great feeling of having dirt under my fingernails! I gots Spring Fever bad, now. Can't wait to get back outside to play. Oh, and my backyard smells like violets Liz
  4. blim

    Happy Birthday, Sir_siddy

    Happy Birthday, Siddy! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz
  5. blim

    Happy Birthday Honda Boy

    Happy Birthday, Hondaboy!! Hope you have a terrific day Liz
  6. blim

    Dejavu All Over Again?

    Now, I had so much trouble with Windows98 that XP was a dream!!! My beef with Vista is the hardware requirements. For someone who isn't a "power user", it makes no sense to spend extra money on Ram. And the $299 celeron computer (including the monitor!) I'm typing on now is non-existant, sad for families on a tight budget. Liz
  7. blim

    Hi Everyone

    And don't take Bubba Bob seriously!!! (you are so naughty, Bub! ) Annoy other posts? Oh, you and I will get along just fine, annoying is my specialty. Liz
  8. blim

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Kim and welcome to Besttechies!!! Glad you joined us. This is a fantastic group of people here and after reading your introduction, you're gonna fit right in. So look around, put your feet up and hope to hear a lot more from you Liz
  9. I think a big key is careful surfing.......but if anyone else uses your computer, it's probably best to have some protection. No one is gonna respect your idiotbox like you do yourself. Thinking of last week when 10 year old niece was playing "Barbie-sites" online and got a couple pop-ups (thank God she got me and didn't click on them!) Liz
  10. blim

    My Email Has Been Hijacked

    Good news, Hondaboy!! Liz
  11. blim

    Happy Birthday Jimras

    Happy Belated Birthday, Jim! I'm sorry I missed it! Hope you had a wonderful day Liz
  12. blim

    My Email Has Been Hijacked

    In the meantime, maybe call your ISP and see if they can temporarily disable your email? Or would that mess up the hijack process? I wouldn't think so since that would be done on their server? Liz
  13. Is that the only site you're having trouble with, Spirittoo? If so, there's probably a quirk on the site's end and there's nothing you can do until THEY fix the problem. As far as resetting the cable modem, no it doesn't reset itself when you turn off the computer. Turn off PC Unplug Cable Modem--the power cable is usually the top one Wait one minute Plug Cable Modem in Wait till the lights quit dancing about Turn on PC Your cable modem has been rebooted! Liz
  14. blim

    Happy Easter

    Wishing everyone at BT's a Blessed, Safe and Happy Easter! Love, Liz
  15. blim

    Happy Birthday Kat!

    Happy Birthday, Kat! Hope you have a great day Liz
  16. blim

    Board Time

    Heyyyyyy, it's 10:16PM! Thanks, Jeff Liz
  17. Do you mean AVG Antivirus? If so, it is a good one and available HERE. Liz
  18. blim

    How's Your Weather?

    Like Jdoors said, how easily we forget the sound of thunder or the flash of lightning in the middle of winter! We're only used to hearing wind and horizontal snow hitting the house this time of year. Yup, we get thundersnow up here, too and say, "what the heck was that??" Hondaboy and Pete, thinking of all those folks in the Southern states! Man, 1/4" of snow and Southern towns shut down, I can't imagine how y'all handle a foot of the stuff. Even though we still have a good foot of snow in the yard (not counting the drifts) and the snowbanks have melted to about 4', you Southerners have my sympathy! Y'aren't used to it! Ewww. And I was *this close* to going to Berea KY for the annual Dance Festival this weekend. I am SO glad I decided to stay put, even though it was this winter in Michigan that made my decision! I would have been driving through Cincinatti and according to the radar, would have been NO fun, even for this grizzled old timer.... Liz
  19. blim

    A Thing Of Beauty

    Daughter's happy, life is GOOD!! I'm proud of her and tell her congratulations on her new toy! It looks just like my Daughter's new Mac...but now she wants THIS LOL, hey it's pink!! Just make sure you barge in on her browsing so she doesn't dare go anywhere she shouldn't! Edit--Photobooth pictures, Steve?? Are those the special effect pics that my daughter took of herself with her webcam?? Liz
  20. blim

    Happy Birthday Bar5!

    Happy Birthday, Barb! Hope you have a wonderful day! Liz
  21. blim

    Upgrading To Windows Xp

    Pretty comical article! Kudos to Boat for finding it http://dotnet.org.za/codingsanity/archive/...windows-xp.aspx Liz
  22. blim

    How's Your Weather?

    Ohhhh, I forgot all about that. March 1st was sunny, March 2 broke a heat record at 56 (only 5 foot high snowbanks now!). Today it's winded, rained and now snowing but still mild. That means the end of March is gonna be crummy. Crap. Crap. Crap. Another Crap. Liz
  23. blim

    Happy Birthday Option-shift-k

    Happy Birthday, Option! Hope you have a terrific day Liz
  24. blim

    Happy Birthday Irregularjoe

    Happy Century, Joe!! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz
  25. blim

    Snow( What Are Your Weather Conditions.

    I GOTTA get the kids to take a pic of my area. 6ft snowbanks on the side of the driveway. Yesterday when I shovelled (again!) I had to carry the s*** to a shorter bank because I'm not tall enough to toss it anymore. We "only" got just over 100 inches so far, but we haven't had any thaws to get rid of the crap. The one day it did thaw, we were treated to another foot the next day. At least the SUN was out today and it was over 32degrees!! Liz