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  1. I had to split this into two packs because deviant art doesn't allow uploads over 80mb. Both packs together are 145 png and icons. The png's are 713 x 713 and the icons are 128 x 128. Anyone who can use the pngs to make higher pixel icons should do so and tell me and I'll include them in the pack. I used a gimp template that was ported off of this photoshop template. [link] So huge amounts of credit goes to Manicho. Pack 1 is Movies whose titles begin with A-L Pack 2 is Movies whose titles begin with M-Z Pack 1 Pack 2
  2. http://scissorhands7.deviantart.com/art/SN...V-1-0-137689551
  3. 1. Open the computer, take the hard drive out 2. Find another computer and swap the hard drives, does this still cause a problem? 2A. An alternative to swapping the hard drives (if you don't have an extra computer) is to buy the following equipment from newegg, and attach it to another computer via usb. Does it show up? If the hard drive doesn't show up after option 2 then try option 2A, and recover the files you wish to recover and then reformat your harddrive by right clicking the removable drive and click format NTFS (not quick). After the reformat try putting it back into your computer and reinstalling XP. Does it work? If not its a bad hard drive. If it does work then great. If option 2 works, then we'll go from there.
  4. Try firefox and its addons cookie culler better privacy customize google TACO noscript
  5. One that is sturdy and preferably not close to water
  6. OP needs to get his internet working properly on his wireless router. To do so he has to set his modem into bridge mode, thus OP is working with his DSL modem and his wireless router. Below you may find some information that is helpful and may provide insight as to how your personal solution may not be the only solution available and that you in fact do not know everything there is to know about DSL routers connecting with linksys wireless internet. I too have a DSL router and as it happens the same model of linksys wireless router. I have to set up PPoE and had to put my dsl modem into bridge mode. Re: How to Configur LINKSYS WRT54G with DSL Router Options Options Expert gvExpertPosts: 5618Registered: 07-16-2006Message 2 of 6Viewed 6,310 times Generally, I would recommend to put the DSL modem into bridge mode and configure WRT for the internet connection. Then you have a single device in your path to the internet and everything internet related is configured on the WRT.However, I don't know whether it works in your case. It depends on how you have to make the connection to the ISP through the DSL line. If you have to use PPPoE then you'll have a problem because the WRT does not allow you to configure a static IP address for a PPPoE connection. The WRT always receives the IP address during PPP negotiation. If your ISP does not provide the IP address through PPPoE you cannot go this way.In that case you would have to setup the DSL modem/router device for your internet connection. I would still recommend not to change two routers. I would rather suggest to setup the WRT as access point behind the routing DSL modem like this. Thanks !It finally worked !:smileyhappy:)I conf. the router as Bridged LLC VPI/VCI 0/25 , And WRT worked Perfect. Thanks again for your support & care Best regardsSameh
  7. "The modem has to use PPPoE. OP doesn't seem to working with a modem." How can you not work with a modem? I've heard of not having a router? But not having a modem? Even if OP wasn't given a modem by his ISP (ridiculously unlikely) then even still, his wireless router will act as his modem. Whatever the case is, he'll still have to setup PPOE on his router if he has DSL. "You don't need bridging if you have multiple "smart devices" on a network. If you connect the routers in the obvious way -- WAN port on the 'inner' router to a LAN port on the 'outer' -- they'll work as you'd expect, if not as you'd like." That's completely true if you don't have DSL and don't require PPoE. Basically he has 2 options if OP does in fact have a separate modem apart from his router. 1. Use both the Modem and the router as NAT routers. Do this by making your router a DMZ node on your modem, that way ALL traffic will pass to the router, then set up port forwarding etc on the router. 2. Run the router/modem in bridge mode (recommended). You need to set the modem to run in bridge mode. Then set the router to connect to PPPoE using a username and password.
  8. EarthLink DSL requires PPPoE authentication for internet access. I fail to understand how setting a router to bridge mode if it is a PPPOE connection between a DSL modem and a linksys router depends on the network.
  9. I still have a few questions. 1. Is your provider a DSL provider? If so you actually want to properly setup your router in PPPOE mode. Additionally you can have both PPPOE and DHCP. DHCP is not a replacement for PPPOE. DHCP means Dynamic Host Configuration Proctol. Basically it means that an internal IP address is assigned to your computer before getting online. DHCP is an alternative to a static IP configuration, wheras you have the same static ip for your router. PPPOE is Point to Point Over the Ethernet, and it is used by DSL providers who require a username and password on startup. I checked up online and Earthlink provides Dialup, DLS, Cable and even Satelite. Additionally, if you require PPPOE, then you must set your dsl router to bridge mode. See a DSL router is what is known in common terms as a smart device and the wireless router is a smart device. Unfortunately smart devices conflict with each other, so you have to turn the dsl router into a dumb device by changing it into bridge mode. This requires a configuration of your DSL router if you have one as well as your wireless router into bridge mode. Additionally what standard of wireless card do you have? A, B, G, or N? What forms of cards do you have your wireless router configured to accept?
  10. First I'd have to see what your local settings and what your router settings are, you could be telling your router to be DHCP but you could still have a static IP configuration on your local TCP settings. Try going to network connections, right click Wireless local area connection, click properties. Highlight TCP/IP and click properties, does it say "obtain an IP address automatically" or is one assigned? The same thing for your DNS servers. You may want to try assigning a new DNS server. OpenDNS is always a great choice. Get back to me, and i'll troubleshoot you further. Also do you perhaps use DSL to connect to the internet (common provider is verizon) if so you need to configure your wireless router by changing it to PPOE (point to point over the ethernet) and then put in your verizon account name and password. You also need to connect to your verizon router (with a cord) and enter into the address bar (default config name is usually admin or administrator) (password is usually either blank(not the word), pass, password, pass1, password1, admin) You need to change this to bridge mode. If its the case, let me know and i'll walk you through visually.
  11. Did you try adjusting your wireless settings (securing it, changing the SSID, adjusting the MTU)?
  12. Post in the Malware Removal forum, personally i think that the problem is that you may have some very nasty rootkits.
  13. Can you go to event log, then clear it, reproduce the problem twice, then download the following tool. Go to file ---> create report file --> .txt then upload the text file and i can help you further.
  14. You could read that EULA two ways Pete. 1. What you said: if you get paid, you can't benefit from it or use it. 2. The way I see it: If the machine you are using it on aids a business, you can't benefit from it. I believe it can be used on personal machines, no matter what the person using it is getting paid. It's not the software the customer is paying for, it's the knowledge of that software and the knowledge of how to use that software that the customer is paying for. How would you view this situation Pete? Situation: Lisa pays John 20 bucks an hour to instruct her how to clean her machine. Lisa downloads PC Decrapifier onto her machine by the instruction of John. John instructs her how to use it and helps her clean her machine with it. John gets paid 60 bucks, Lisa has a clean machine. Lisa's machine is just her personal computer and isn't used for any business purpose. Was the EULA breached?