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  1. Thanks Chuck. I'll give it a try. I'm not sure if it will work and I will have to replace the hd. when I tried to do a restore with the disks, It would not read the disks. I have boot order set to #1. I'll try what you sent. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks again. Earl.
  2. I found one on Amazon.
  3. It's an Acer Aspire. she said when she turned it on there was a posted banner saying that it was the FBI locking her computer that if she wanted the code to unlock it, to wire money.
  4. Hi Chuck. How have you been? It's been a long time. This system I believe is running 32. I see by the restore disks this system is running windows 7 home and not 8 like the customer said. when started the screen has 2 options. setup and boot. through the setup utility I can change the boot order but what ever I choose it will not allow to read. examp. boot through cd rom or use or even external cd rom.. f8 is no option will not boot into safe mode. Thanks for your help. Earl.
  5. Just got in a laptop with the Ransom virus or also known as FBI moneypac virus. anyways this is on an Acer laptop win/8 It will not load into safemode. It will load into the setup and allow me to switch the boot order but will not read the restore disk. I tried many things but this one has me stumped. anyone have ideas that could help? Please. Thanks.
  6. Assmar


    I too am sorry for your prayers go out to you and your family.the strength of love and friendship will help you through these hard times. Earl.
  7. when tou install the XP disk it will give you the directions from there you shouldn't have to install 98 first are you running 98 now?
  8. Hay Thanks sultan Wow its been awhile sense I seen you and baluga on the same thread also Isn't that il_wiccan's cat with the beer HAHAHAHA talk to ya later. Earl.
  9. I hope more people can get help from that link just follow I-sims then operating system
  10. computer simulator this is a site to help with internet problems,modem situations or other operating system problems just follow the i-sims menu choose operating system and follow the highlighted areas this site will give you step by step directions on connection issues on a computer simulator. then you can do the samething on your system. works on 95,98,me,2000,and XP a good site to learn on.
  11. thanks narelda I just checked it out Cool.
  12. GENERAL PERFORMANCE/LOCKUPS -------------------------------------------- In some cases,programs that are running on your system can monopolize resorces that the game needs to install,load and run properly.Not all of these programs are visable there are a lot of these programs, called "background tasks" that are always running on your system.if your system is running anti virus or crash guard programs you will need to close or disable them to view and close background tasks (windows XP) hold down the CTrl and Alt and tap the delete key. the windows task maniger appears click the applications tab. this tab displays a list of all background tasks running on your system. also if you have a wallpaper or screensaver these must be disabled Rermember to enable all programs after you close the game. I hope this helps those who have problems with games. Earl.
  13. Thanks il I like that tip,It saved me time that I hate waiting for. Earl.
  14. Ohh Is there a place for PM's?? Or do I need to get glasses. Uggg never mind I need glasses. I think you need to get a glass not glasses Hi Beluga long time no here from I saw you posted a response at G4 the other day Don't be a stranger I'm glad to see your site is running great Keep up the good work and thanks for all your help. Earl.