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  1. Oh well actually I would like them to open to the exact size/location they were previously open in.. not just the monitor. It does it for all windows except for my conversations in pidgin... and I'm using Gnome. thanks
  2. Greets, I'm using a dual monitor configuration on Ubuntu 9.10. For the most part it remembers where to place/size windows, however there is one that's not being remembered. I use Pidgin IM for my instant messaging client. It remembers where to place the buddy list, but not the conversation window. It always pops up on my left (secondary) monitor in the top left corner. Is there any way to fix this? Perhaps there is a key in gconf-editor that I can fix? It's not a huge issue, it would just be nice to fix if anyone knows how. Thanks!
  3. what is the wireless adapter? can you turn that off?? Yup just a WUSB54G. I can just unplug it. The live CD doesn't have any problems with it though which is why I'm so confused. I'll let you know after I try it..
  4. Greetings, I installed Ubuntu 9.10 last night on a XFX GeForce 8200 with AMD 64 dual core and nvidia graphics card (unsure of the model at the moment). When I booted to the live CD before installing it everything worked just fine. It booted without problems and worked without problems. Now that it's installed when I boot to it I get sent to a screen with the following text: usplash: Setting mode 1152x864 failed usplash: Using mode 1024x768 [ 24.964024] phy0: frequency change failed Ubuntu 9.10 COMPUTERNAME tty1 COMPUTERNAME login: --- and it continues to get the frequency changed errors about every two minutes under the login prompt. Your help is appreciated, thanks!
  5. Personally I don't like Windows 7, or the direction Microsoft is heading at all. I'm trying to make the switch to Apple and Linux at the moment.
  6. Personally I think Google wins all, and will continue to be successful. No matter how large the company or how big the offer nothing is ever going to magically destroy the Google community. When someone needs to search for something they don't "query a database" or "Bing!" it they "Google it".
  7. Wow! Thanks for the well-compiled list. A lot of people don't know that some of the free and open-source software can be just as good if not better as the software that they are (hopefully) paying for.
  8. If you can repair your system well enough to get into Windows I suggest disabling "Restart on error" or something along those lines. It is in the Startup/Recovery settings of your computer properties menu. I would give more detailed instructions however I don't have access to a Windows Vista machine right now, as I am at work. I would ask my boss (his machine is running Vista) but I'm sure I'm not supposed to be using my time to be on
  9. Darn! I bought it back in December. It's good software though. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to legally remove DRM off of legally downloaded music. However I do not recommend running it under Windows Vista. It runs fine, but it will go a lot faster under Windows XP.
  10. Hmm I'm not sure then. Sorry. I don't really have a dell to play around with.
  11. Does it give the following prompt: "Press any key to boot from CD..."?
  12. It's really depends on your personal preference to which solution you would like to use. There are pros on cons to each different solution. For example, in my opinion I would personally chose a wired system and make the investment of getting a nice brand of speakers wire throughout the house. This will prevent problems such as a weak signal (since you have a 3 story house) or interference from other electronics and appliances. Are you looking to be able to stream the music to the speakers via a wireless connection from your laptop? If so you may be able to purchase some type of bluetooth USB dongle that would transmit the audio to a receiver placed elsewhere in the house which would be hooked up to your speaker system. Just a suggestion.
  13. Even if there was another way to reformat the drive, you'll still need to boot to the CD to install your operating system. Does the disk drive function correctly while you are booted into your current operating system?
  14. I recommend using a web host that allows unlimited bandwidth and storage such as HostMonster or BlueHost and then installing a video-sharing CMS (Content Management System) such as this one:
  15. Here is a "power" script that outputs how many users you have power over and how many channels you are op'd in. You may be able to snatch a little of the code that calculates the number of users in the channel and use it in your script. Good luck.
  16. Thanks! That was exactly what I was looking for. Yes indeed I am familiar with Web 2.0 and it's meaning; I was just looking for some free and/or open-source resources for other developers and me to use.
  17. Hey I was just reading through your system info.. sweet setup. =]

  18. Greetings! Does anyone know of any resources to pick up Web 2.0 tools and code for developers such as open-source and free .PSD icons (so they can be customized in photoshop) or AJAX samples?
  19. I stopped using MySpace all-together after finally signing up for Facebook back in February. MySpace just seems so cluttered up and messy with advertisements and useless features while Facebook offers a very advanced, secure, and clean social network and interface.
  20. Yeah I know the feeling. I was so excited to get my computer transfered over to a new case that I plugged the wrong 4-pin cable from the power supply into the motherboard and *poof*: fried everything.
  21. Make sure the router isn't set to only allow certain MAC addresses and also check for other security settings that may be denying your computer an internet connection.
  22. Try going into the Windows Display settings (where you manage screen resolution and identify monitors) and checking the box "Extend the desktop onto this monitor". Also take a look at the "Setting Up Multiple Displays" wizard in the nVidia control panel.