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    Michigan, USA
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    Technology<br />Alien, UFO, & E.T. Documentaries and Movies<br />Area 51 & Government Intelligence<br />Music

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    Custom Build Desktop: AMD 64-bit Dual Core 2.5Ghz Processor 2GB DDR2 RAM 600GB Total HDD Space
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    Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP, & Windows Vista

About Me

Greetings! My name is Zach Mitchell (DigitalMan). The nickname "DigitalMan" comes from the song "DigitalMan" by one of the most talented bands in progressive rock, Rush. As far as technology goes I am a web developer and am also currently learning software development. I know HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. I am currently learning VB, C, and C++. I own a media production company, KrutiMedia Productions. We develop Web 2.0 applications and graphics for our customers, as well as play a big role in the open-source community.

I am a big fan of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and you can visit my channel, #Zach, on WyldRyde or you can also visit my network: DrivenIRC.