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  1. Is there any way that you can transfer a recording to the computer? I personally can't see how. Any ideas?
  2. I have the Belkin Compact KVM Switch with Built-In Cabling, PS/2 I have a wired keyboard, and a wireless mouse. Though the port is PS/2, I have a PS/2 to USB adapter, then I have a wireless adapter plugged into that. This all works fine!
  3. You are receiving that Ad-aware is finding that object, in fault. What Ad-aware is finding, is a F/P (False Positive). I believed the F/P had been fixed, but it currently hasn't Quote from LS SteveJ at , who is a Lavasoft employee. So.... You have no reason to concern about what Ad-aware is finding.... If you were infected, you would see this item: O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [spywareNo] C:\Program Files\SpywareNo\SpywareNo.exe This object should disappear with the next update. Otherwise, you can just add it to your ignore list: 1. Run a scan with Ad-Aware 2. Select the objects you want to add to the ignore list in the Scan Summary, Critical Objects, or Negligible Objects lists on the Scanning Results screen. 3. Right click and select "Add selected to ignore list" 4. A pop-up window showing the number of objects that will be added to the ignore list opens. Click "OK" to continue. The object is now added to the Ignore List Any other problems? Regards, Andy (Thanks to Corrine and winchester73 )
  4. I just wanted to ask what version of Ad-aware you were running? And if you have the latest definition file?..... There was recently a False Positive in a definition file, though this has been corrected.
  5. I recently brought a LaCie external hard drive.... and I was wondering, is there any security program that I could secure it with? Any suggestions?
  6. Just want to highlight the point of if System Restore is turned off, all previous restore dates will be lost. When you turn System restore back on, you need to create a new system restore date.
  7. Glad you found a solution that you liked
  8. Logmein is a good program.... RealVNC, which i use, but i only use it inside my network, because unless you pay, it is not encrypted.... I think. Logmein is easy to set up, it is straight forward, and it is fast. Now as to mstsc: You should make sure that it is enabled on your "home" computer, then if you have firewall (which you should ) you should make an exception and allow the port/program access..... Then you should find out your IP address and type that in.... I think that should make it work.
  9. Where are you trying to connect to? (try not to give out to many private details)
  10. Isn't all Remote Access Software?
  11. Start, Run, type in "mstsc" (without the quote marks) That will open Microsoft Terminal Services Client, which if you enter a valid address, you can connect to that computer.... Make sure it is enabled on both computers, by right-clicking, My Computer, selecting Properties. This should then open System Properties, on the Remote Tab, make sure that your computer accepts Remote connections (that is if you want to share this computer) In case you dont know
  12. Depends if she has XP Professional, (which she does) but then you need the client to access her computer, meaning she either has to be using a Windows XP Professional computer, or be able to download the client onto the computer, this is not always possible.
  13. If you are looking for some free remote access programs, then I know of two, I use them both...
  14. Try using CCleaner to help remove temporary files. Just make sure you have the latest updates of everything..... Try this site, for some suggestions of programs