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  1. I was at a traning session relating to my MCSE, and the people there had PCs that once were re-imaged came up with the last section of the XP installation with hardware configuration, once that had completed the PC was fully usable with software included. How could that have been done?
  2. This is probably in the wrong section or something, and is my first post here, I did a little searching but couldn't find anything relevant. I'm attempting to create a deployable image that I can just apply to pretty much any PC I repair or look after, now this is not in a corporate environment as I'm basically the guy that fixes PCs for half the neighbourhood. What I want to achieve is an image I can just set off running on both AMD and Intel based PCs and Laptops mainly working under XP that will come with all the required software to be web ready with a bunch of standard programs and tools. The latter is quite easy when you have tools like nLite to create such images with the software included but what I am struggling on the idea of in preperation of the image is hardware drivers. If I was to create an image with say Intel drivers and other related drivers already installed and deployed such an image to an AMD based machine, would the system attempt to re-install with available drivers or would it simply not work. If it would re-install then I would think it would be as simple as including a bunch of driver packs where everything would re-install on the target machine and all the other software would be unaffected. If thats the case then there should be no problems in me doing this, all I'm looking for is confirmation as it would simplify my issues with re-installs when it is necessary. I of course have my own images for use with this PC and can restore it in a couple of minutes to an optimised and full able state, I wish to do the same across other PCs