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  1. Pete, figured I would do the H/J log so I headed over to the "how to post a HJT log" thread and started the steps. I got a far as scanning with MBAM, did a complete scan which took an hour...but who is complaining when it fixed the problem and then some. My comp is back, runs faster, and doesn't do the "lag and wait while i search"...thank you a lot for prodding me in the right direction and giving me options of things to try!
  2. update...doing a comodo scan, and while doing so i manually restarted explorer.exe and it seems to be stable, for how long i couldn't say, anyone have any ideas? was just frozen...ugh!!!! losing my brain here...
  3. would anyone have any clue as to why "explorer.exe" would kill its self, and restart...keeps happening until it stops restarting, then when I manually "start new task" and type it in and execute, it does it again until it stops once more. Last things done before this happened was d/l some music via Vuze, COMODO I/S with Def+ was running and up to date. Did a no-destructive re-installation, repair install, and it is still doing it. Win XP service pack 3 -- All updates current
  4. I got a buddy who loaned his win xp disk out (dude he loaned it too had a cd key to use with it) and never got it back from the dude before he there a way to retrieve the cd key from my friends PC, so that I can do a non-destructive re-installation of xp? I read somewhere this was possible but have yet to see HOW to do it...
  5. true HDMI DOES carry sound, BUT DVI does not...thought you should know... have a dvi (time warner cable box) to hdmi (my TV), I have to run RCA cables from the box to my tv due to good ol DVI, doesn't carry audio...asked CSR when they would have hdmi to hdmi and got a, "uhhh"...
  6. true, shoot i would def fill all my vehicles up with the same card...if they want to make attempts to add charges, you don't have to authorise anything...the only proof they have of what you took was X amount of gas, whose to say that was the actual amount? was this number incorrect also? what proof do I have that it was correct, and what proof do they? If they still charge the extra, credit/debit card theft/fraud..he11 you could probably tack on identity theft too that... basically it wouldn't even make it to small claims, and any "good" lawyer would tell you over the phone they had no case...if the price can be hacked, so can the amount pumped...there are cases of gas stations that changed the amount pumped to be less than what the gauge says, so that you pay full price for what you think is a "gallon" but you are getting less...OR they program them so they advertise a lower price than the next station, when you swipe your card and start pumping the price changes to what they programmed it too, usually well over what they have advertised, and you will not know (your watching theat price gauge go as it goes up) until you check your bank statement days later (called the bait and change) (or if you sit in your car after every fill up and do the math like I do)... Besides, some one needs to start sticken it too em, I hear that the oil producing countries are going to scale back production so that the price of a barrell goes back up to over $100...
  7. this of course would only work if your TV is capable/comptible, some will and some won't depends on manufacturer/model...the book/info sheet usually will tell you...I would say call the TV company and ask them whats up...
  8. awesome thanks for the help... basically all i know about comp is self taught, never had any formal training, what I do know is from trial and error, reading info on the web, and helpfull people and sites like this!
  9. thanks for the suggestions everyone, it like 2 gig worth of files...I do regular mode win xp and do one at least once a more than 2 per month...i will try the safe mode or command promt way next time I do one... What is the "safe" amount of defrags you could run in a month? Or am I doing too many as it is?
  10. Anyone able to assist with files that wil not defrag? I have the log and will post it if I get replys. Thanks, and glad to be new member!