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  1. Try to Solve the mystery... A man is hanging from a rope in a locked room. Below him is a puddle of water. How did he hang himself? Clues: There is no furniture. When he hung himself, the puddle was not there... Solution: The puddle is all that is left of a large block of ice. The man stood on this in order to hang himself...
  2. This link is good to have seeing as how often the magic lawn gnomes steal my remote. Thanks, Justin
  3. I know you have recevied a lot of good help but i thought i would add my 2 cents. First, make sure the discs are clean and in good condition. Second, Try to use another optical drive if possible (maybe even test it on another comp) Third, Try copying the whole cd manually to do desktop first and installing that way Fourth, Dont rule out the possibilty you could be a victim of pure bad luck and have a bad cd. Hope this helps, JPMK12
  4. You have some really awsome photos there. Thanks for posting them
  5. If your index file is in the right directory, you should be able to see it if the file is named index. Can you post the link to the site and information about the ftp directory the site is in? JPMK12
  6. It worked for me. I was just posting the link hoping it would help someone else.
  7. I was trying to install a wireless network card on a linux laptop and it was not being detected. A friend gave me a link to a utility which can be found here: http://www.linuxant.com/driverloader/wlan/install.php It is available as a RPM or a tar file. It worked well. Hope this helps someone JPMK12
  8. I came across a few sites that provide free services for web designers. A Lot of them are really cool. Dynamic Drive - http://www.dynamicdrive.com : A very cool website with free dhtml and java scripts. You can find navigation menus, image scripts, scrollers, animations, form effects and a lot more. Java FIle - http://www.javafile.com : Free java alerts, animations, brower utilites, buttons, slideshows, and more. Mikes Free Gifs - http://www.mikesfreegifs.com : Tons of free gifs and images. No popusp and no advertisments. Just a guy who loves to design images. He has an image for every occasion. Bravent - http://www.bravenet.com : Free webmaster resources. They have form mailers, hit counters, calenders, webrings and lots of other stuff Flash Kit - http://www.flashkit.com : Tons of free sound loops, sound effects and flash tutorials and advice
  9. I was talking to some people about web safe colors the other day so i thought i would post my thoughts here. Web Safe colors were originally created because computers were limited on the amount of colors they could display back in the day. A list of SAFE colors was created so designers would know which colors were accepted by all computers. I posted a list of those web safe colors here: http://www.jpmk12.net/modules.php?op=modlo...&artid=7&page=1 Most people say that web safe colors arent a big deal any more because computers can display millions of colors. I usually try to stay withon this list just to be say but most people agree that web safe colors are no longer practical. Its really up to you and the audience your attracting. If nothing else, you can use the list to create some colors you may not have known about. Hope This was helpful JPMK12
  10. Now, I will cringe in pain.... Ill be sure to pass that on JPMK12
  11. I was in BT and a guy was having trouble getting his computer to boot and install an os due to missing drivers. I found a program called madboot. Madboot is a program that you can download from: http://www.tucows.com/preview/345398 It comes with the drivers and utilities needed to boot and install an os, even if the computer is not cd bootable. All you do is put the floppy in, let it load, then click the button to the os you want to install. I also used madboot to install an os on a comp i had from 1994 that wasnt compatable with anything. Got it running. I hope this nice utitlity will make your computing life a little easier. This program makes installing operating systems and reformatting a lot less painful. Madboot: Providing the power to boot! JPMK12
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    lol, tax man, Someone is getting screwed....
  13. Im gonna have to forward that to some of my friends LOL!
  14. Theres some good photos in there. Your pretty good with the camera. I really like the interesting display of colors. Lots of really cool looking stuff.