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  1. My friend has an internet cafe with 15 machines all the same. They are assembled machines with no brand name. The easiest way they have found to maintain the machines is to clone a drive off another when ever DeepFreeze fails to keep out a problem and a repair/install fails to fix the problem. The machines are connected by LAN wire, through a hub to the server using a timer program. A new computer mechanic has allowed the machines to run down and work without any virus protection, firewall or Deep freeze. needles to say, they were filled with viruses and spyware. I cleaned one machine with 1. Trend Housecall. 2 downloaded and ran AVG free. 3 Downloaded, upgraded and ran Malwarebytes, 4 Downloaded and ran superantispyware. Did a repair/install of XP updated all the drivers and windows and then started to clone all other machines that were infected. (About 9 of 15) The problem arose that while some of the cloned machines work well, 5 now show sending packets but receiving none. I can not ping anyone but the computer I am on. I type IPcomfig and get a flash of the dos screen then nothing. The same hard drive will work well in another PC and send and receive packets. By using a separate LAN card )the LAN is on-board on all) it works well, a "Repair' has no improvement. A diagnosis finds no fault. I find it illogicality that 5 out of 15 motherboards would fail in the on-board LAN card in such a short time unless there is a virus that can actually harm a LAN. I have even removed the CMOS battery and ran without it to test if there was something in the CMOS. One thing I have notices and can not get rid of with "FIXMBR", is a post on the post screen MBR error 3 on some of the HDs but they still work in some PC and not others. The machines are all the same with XP SP3 DDR2 1Gig memory, 80Gig HD Samsung 2 mghz I have downloaded the latest Nviria drivers (which work on most machines) and fully updated windows. Everything appears to be working except there is no packets received. It says it is connected and with a separate LAN card will work but fails with the on-board card. Remove the LAN cable and you get the message that the cable has been removed. The Internet connection comes up and says it is connected and sending packets but none received. I have tried to explain everything I can think of, if you need more information please ask. Bob
  2. Hi, Just right click the icon, scroll down to properties, Click arrow on right hand side of "RUN" and select maxamized. Click "Apply" and then OK