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  1. Oh Matt, Matt, Matt... You are young, you're supposed to be socialistic. After all that is/was your position in your family and household for what, twenty whole years? Family is your government, and have always given you what they think you need. Since you are willing to think, unlike many, let me introduce you to some food for thought. Now turn a few words around and have a glimpse at Washington DC.
  2. Well after two several day outages last year, and us buying a generator, line maintenance has begun in earnest. They are performing the most serious pruning I've seen in over 30 years. They're taking out whole trees, clearing in the woods along the river with a big wheeled "crawler", and really have a huge amount of equipment in the area. Shucks, they're even relocating transformers from easements closer to road access. *Sigh, we won't be needing that generator for a long time now.
  3. We did have oversight. Barney Frank and his ilk oversaw the tanking of the mortgage business, by believing everyone should own a home. The banks then took that worthless note paper and sold it of to the greedy guys on Wall Street., who passed it along once again. Guess what? The house of cards has collapsed, and while it was on Bush's watch, the Dems ruled congress. When will DC get a clue? Over 70% of Americans were against TARP and the big 3 bail out. Do they listen? Not to us peons, they know better than us, ya know? No pork in there, nope, notta, no way... Heres a good read
  4. The risks are far higher than the rewards. You are pushing your computer to it's limits waiting for it to break. Why? A faster machine won't make you a better gamer, and there really isn't any other reason to to overclock. No matter what anyone says, overclocking stresses components to a short life. Just like running your car at red-line all the time.
  5. Thanx, Liz. We were just looking for a few that our customers could look at. I don't worry about my BIG kid in the house, he reload his machine whenever he needs to. He knows better than to touch mine ;-) I'll just google up a few to add to our website.
  6. We are looking for some applications we can recommend to our customers with kids. I know Vista has something, but I'm not sure how effective it is. I do understand they can be broken by a savvy user, but anything can be of use to some parents... So if anyone out there has some personal experience, let me know...
  7. Sorry, I still have to say: DON'T GIVE THEM A BAILOUT!!! If they fold, those guys will really have a cap on their income.
  8. Ineffective law enforcement costs too much money. It certainly could be better spent elsewhere. People ARE doing it anyway, even with all the bucks being tossed down the drain. It ain't working, FIX IT! There has to be a better way.
  9. Chuck, all of that is happening now! The cash spent on the "Drug War" has done nothing to stop the use/abuse. It makes all of it "seedier" and more dangerous, with low-life's dealing and unknown content. Just like prohibition did nothing but make entrepreneurs rich. Stopping the cash flow of the gun toting dealers will put a stop to much bloodshed. Take that money and spend it wisely on education, treatment and programs that work. I truly believe the worst drugs (meth, etc.) would quickly go away if cannabis, opiates and speed were legalized, and taxing them would add to programs designed to educate and treat. Lets train more counselors and less cops.
  10. At last a reasonable response, Shanenin. If you add up the costs of the DEA, state and local enforcement, courts, jails and harm to families, it's immense. DrugSense In states with a 3 strike law, folks are doing life for marijuana possession. While people convicted of some sort of murder do only months at times. The cost of incarceration is another addition to the tally. Also no one thinks about the murder and mayhem caused by all the cash to be made. Cash that is not taxed. I say legalize it all, control it, tax it, send the DEA to Homeland Security for control of illegals entering our country, and let the weak blow their minds out if they choose. Just like with alcohol. There will always be the same balance of recreational users, abusers, and the hopelessly addicted, be it booze, drugs or even sex. Better they be in a hospital or program then in prison.
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    Don't forget Dell service... Jeesch!
  12. Happy Birthday old friend!
  13. What I see in your post, I see wrong with America... "the system to kick up some money", "I wanna ", "my benefits", "if I tried", and last, "to allow for people to be able to afford ". So who's stopping them? I, me, mine... Let the g'ment do it for me.
  14. I'm trying out Win7 at the moment. I passed on VISTA just because I didn't need it. Heh, I don't need 7 either. I still don't see all the hype. Except the need for upgraded hardware. Perhaps someone can point out the changes that makes these new OS versions better? (besides making M$ a few more bucks) IMHO, XP does more than any "average" PC user will ever need.
  15. I think you have to have the paid version for that feature. While I do use Avast, I scan maybe once a year, as we are well locked down behind a router. Avast itself does a fine job of warning about incoming.
  16. What about heat issues? A broken clip on a processor heat sink drove us crazy troubleshooting. We also had a fan going bad on a power supply that created slowdowns.
  17. Thanx again, everyone. I remember so many of you from even before BT. You all have a Merry Christmas!!!
  18. Thanx ... But you got it all wrong. It's my birthWEEK! When you get my age, you have every right to celebrate 7 days. ;-P...
  19. Bless you Joe, and I pray your surgery will come out well. Be brave! My neighbor had his shoulder (joint) replaced two years ago and still has no mobility, and plenty of pain.
  20. Dell makes a "toughbook", so does Panasonic.