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    Physics Project

    I was thinking the same thing about a string 8 m long. How about a motor from Legos to wind up the string? Doesn't Legos make a powered car kit? Good luck! Yep, they do
  2. bozodog

    Physics Project

    I was thinking the same thing about a string 8 m long. How about a motor from Legos to wind up the string? Doesn't Legos make a powered car kit? Good luck!
  3. Oh dear! Please don't do that to your nice truck... I've seen a few on the road around here with grass and mud sticking outta the strangest places. Like the windshield chrome and door handles. BYW, that mud scratches to paint. Heh heh...
  4. bozodog

    Free And Easy

    If there was a free, easy way to send a message of support directly to troops for Thanksgiving would you do it? Yes? Well, get out your cell phone. The Department of Defense is offering an instant text messaging service to put Americans in touch with U.S. soldiers who are protecting them abroad during the holiday season. Those who wish to participate can send a free text message to say thanks to 89279 and will immediately get a response from a soldier on their phone. (I did it and received five heartfelt responses within a few minutes.) This free texting service is provided through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint Nextel, and T-Mobile and will expire on November 22. For more details about the program, called America Supports, click HERE. The website features a widget that publishes some of the real-time messages being sent for those unsure of what to write.
  5. bozodog

    My Project

    I agree with you, JD. The alkaline also last much longer with a long drain. Lithium-ion seems to be the answer, but they die on the shelf. So you can't buy a backup for use a year or two from now. (like for a camera)
  6. Hohohohoho! Too very funny, Marty.
  7. bozodog

    Web Shopping?

    Here is a website with a great sense of humor. It checks out clean and very funny.
  8. Amen. Thanks to all who wear a uniform for our liberty.
  9. "Chinese buffets"?? Dang! My husband can eat his weight in shrimp at those places... He more than makes up for the fact I can't eat my money's worth.
  10. Ewww... Nose hairs? No bad experience like that. We don't eat out often, because it's so dang pricey, but when we do I like local places. Our brew pubs put out fine fare, so does a Greek place and a Mexican one. To be honest, give me a Little Caesars "Hot N Ready" for 5 bucks.
  11. Denial? Couldn't admit it was his car? Too funny
  12. bozodog


    Love, luck and happiness for you Aron! (I never did meet you when we invaded your home)
  13. "howdy" is a southern expression for: "hello, welcome". You'll enjoy it around here. Where are you from? I'm in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
  14. Story told by Earl, a newcomer at his first AA meeting... I was at buddy's house and had too much to drink. Everybody offered to drive me home, but I said, "No, I only live a mile away." I got about 5 blocks when the police pulled me over. They made me get out of the car and I could hardly stand up. One of the cops says, "I want you to walk a straight line." Right, like I can do that. Then, the radio in the cop car goes off sayin' there's a burglary in progess, and it's right around the corner, so the cops tell me to stay put, and they take off runnin'. I waited a couple minutes, then I thought, hell, I might as well go. I got in the car and drove home. I told my wife if anybody came by and asked for me, that I'd been in bed all day with the flu. So, in about a hour, here come the cops knocking on my door. I forgot they still had my drivers license. My wife said I was home all day with the flu. Then they asked if they could look in my garage, and she let's 'em. That's when they found their squad car with the lights still flashin'. And here I am.
  15. Mmmm, I'll have an ice cold Coors and a rack of ribs please.
  16. Happpppy Birthday tooo youuuu! One of those dinners was with us. My Sweet Brit and I dropped by Liz and hubbys house while on vacation. Pitched our tent in the backyard, had a fine dinner on the lake, shined deer on the way home and sat chatting over a "few" until after midnight. The next morning, she took us on the 50 cent tour of the town she grew up in. It was a very pleasant end to a great tour of western Michigan lake shores.
  17. bozodog

    I Lost A Friend.

    I'm sorry for your loss. I always lean on the notion that I will join them on the "other side". We also have a pet cemetery with markers for them all. Makes it nice to visit and remember the love and companionship.
  18. I don't know the answer, but our Linksys would need rebooting every time my hubby did "power downloading" during the night. I'd wake up to a locked up net connection. Our solution was for me to disconnect the power to it for a reboot. He did do something to configure it after I whined a bunch, but the bugger now drops out in hot weather. He says it probably a cold solder connection. We are on cable, so I don't know why you have to do all the ISP stuff.
  19. We just replaced the Defrost timer in ours. Last time it broke, it was in the off mode and caused the coils to frost over and the temps to go way up. This time it broke in the on mode and it left the defroster running all the time... Fridge kept working hard to keep the temps down. Easy fix, $50 and a few screws with a plug in harness.
  20. I like the 2nd one too. It has balance and contrast. Might you add services? Bright eyed Computer services...
  21. Oh my God! If I could write like that I woulda made the starting bid a bit higher. There are a lot of guys out there that "THINK" they're sexy looking... *Visions of jelly bellied, stud wannabes leaning on shovels, drinking lemonade....*