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  1. No, no and no Pete. It does run on a top of the line Belkin surge protector. The fan failed, plain and simple. Anyway, we can't find one in this podunk town, so we'll order one today.
  2. Well, we took the PS apart. It was a bit dirty, but not that bad. Looks like the fan failed, it was tighter than a new pair of shoes. fan failed>>>>overheated and smelled like a skunk.
  3. Yeah, it was kinda burning rubber, plastic, electrical.... VERY close to a skunk smell. I know, Bozo got skunked a few springs ago. Pheew! Although, he has promised never to do that again. He sure didn't like the tomato juice bath and several dips in the icy cold river at the park... No way was I gonna bathe him in the house!
  4. Yep, hubby's PS burned up yesterday, *again. This is the second one in 3 years. ?!?? Just wondering if there may be an underlying problem, as my ole Dell is over 7 years old without a problem. I don't know details, but his machine is a "bare bones" build from Tiger Direct. The PS that came with the case was pitifully under built. (average size, but small componants inside) The replacement was a substantial difference, with some weight and size to it. The first one just failed, stopped working. The second, woke me up at 4am smelling like a skunk. If fact, I thought BOZO the boxerdawg did get skunked in the night. The computer stopped running about noon and the PS was VERY hot. It's no big thing, but I really wonder if something is wrong with the mother board or something else to cause PS failures like this.
  5. We get thundersnow off the lake here too. Man, what a video! I always figured if I cant walk to my car, I ain't going out!
  6. Was just a thought. I keep getting "update your info" stuff from Citibank, and have never done business there.
  7. Are you sure it's not a Phishing episode? Those guys are getting trickier and it could be you were directed to a "clone" site. I don't trust anything anymore.
  8. Our snow is gone. 3-6" expected Tues nite. Gotta drive 300 miles tomorrow and hope to be back before it starts. Where is spring?
  9. Glad I did my upgrade to XP "midstream". No way am I gonna buy a super powered, flame thrower for speed, power and functions I don't need. Oh, and the price has been discounted now.
  10. While I don't recommend "cheap", Tiger Direct always has good deals. I'd say don't buy the cheapest, buy the best one you can afford.
  11. I think getting a greeting card to "granny" 2000 miles across the US for 41 cents, in as little as 3 days, is a good deal. Or... you can pay 10 bucks for a big envelope and get it there over night with UPS, FedEx or DHL.
  12. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It's like stealing a guys car and then trying to sell him an alarm. Besides, you script kitties only can get into dumbo's systems. Guess there are plenty of them out there.
  13. Lake effect dumped loads closer to the lake, like poor Liz. We got less than an inch. Very cold and clear today. I hope the clouds stay away for the eclipse tonight.
  14. Yeah, and we had it before TT... It's cold, windy and snowing now. 3-6" expected by tomorrow night. Then there's the unpredictable lake effect.
  15. Dang! Been raining all day. Snow's about gone, but more predicted.
  16. Oh, Sultan. That is so sad. All I can say is that all Americans should look hard at their freedom.
  17. You sure don't need 2gigs of ram.... That's Vista territory.
  18. I have Windows firewall enabled, but my sweet brit has our router locked down. I always heard that a properly configured router would block almost anything was the best. I'm now a believer... Want my IP addy? Come and get us.
  19. Well, we finally found the drivers on ASUS site for the LAN and RAID. Went through h3ll getting the RADEON card drivers. Got them. The monitor is bust. The "green" adjustment will not highlight, thereby no adjustment. So we have a back up cable in stock. Our neighbors have a workable computer, with flashing lights and all. YUK! It will all be worth it come summer, as Ron says he will take us fishing. Besides, he knows lots of people, being in the used car business. Potential customers... Thank you all, for the help. Oh! Found a great paid program for drivers Membership allows you to do any computer, any time.
  20. Pete, the LCD would not work on our computers. We replaced the cable. It's borked. The rest of your tricks have been covered too. Nice of you to drop in. Our problem now is the dang LAN and RAID drivers. Honda Boy and Shanenin, We will give that a try. THANX, all. We are just trying to help a neighbor that has been great to us for decades.
  21. Asus A8N-SLI deluxe, is the motherboard. And, yep, using the US site.
  22. Been through all that, the monitor is dead. Works fine on our CRT But the computer is the devil incarnate. (visions of Blims possessed Gateway) We can't find LAN or RAID drivers. Every time we download one and it's wrong, other drivers go goofy. The "found new hardware" window keeps coming up and off it goes searching for the RAID drivers. Just can't figure why we can't get the right ones from Asus.
  23. Colder than a witch's **** At least the blow is over, along with the lake effect snow. Too dang many accidents. Why do folks drive so fast knowing it's ugly out there? Semi drivers? We had three of them close I 94 this morning. Hey you guys... You're supposed to be professional drivers!!!
  24. BTW, we are having a heck of a time getting drivers for the asus motherboard. Went to their site and no success. Went to a 2nd party site and found a few, but they aren't quite right. No luck at all getting drivers for net connection that really work. We have been using a D-Link for access right now. Whats up with manufacturers that don't support their products? Too many folks misplace the CD's and it seems NO ONE passes them on when selling a used machine.
  25. New cable and no go... Still can't figure why the Windows splash screen is fine during load up. It's time to retire this one and replace it.