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  1. I've had SP3 loaded since I built this new computer. Never a problem.
  2. bozodog

    It's Power Outage Season Again!

    I'm not sure, but it's just a hassle to think of a hind 1/4 of top grade beef going off. We keep our freezer filled and add water and/or bottles of brine as room is made. It will hold fine for 24 hours, except for ice cream :-( Things are just getting worse, and I sure don't see it getting better. We ALWAYS have storms of some sort here in SW Michigan.
  3. bozodog

    It's Power Outage Season Again!

    Shucks, I just heard there are 3000 homes still without power. That's since Wed. Perhaps part of our payments should go into a 401K type thing, to offset the expense of buying generators and losing freezers full of food? And yep, we have storms on the way too...
  4. bozodog

    It's Power Outage Season Again!

    Well, let's see. A few weeks ago we were down 24 hours. Then on Wed. the 2nd we went for long enough to prompt me into buying a generator. I'll be danged if I'm gonna lose a couple hundred bucks of food, and this time it ruined our little vacation to the lake. This has been getting worse and worse around here and I blame it on the power company cutting back. The tree maintenence is way behind and the outages are longer and longer. I can count on one hand the times we were down for 24 hours in 30 years. These last three or four have been h#ll. This last one was bad enough that the railroad had generators working their crossing gates and switch. Go figure, we keep paying and paying and service goes down, down, down.
  5. bozodog

    Is This About A 1940 Truck?

    Look for a number on the frame under the hood. Year and VIN's Value guide and forum
  6. bozodog

    Salmonella Tomatos.......

    IJ, you should grow in the winter time. That's when my cousin in Fla. plants her garden. She says it's too hot for veggies about the time MY garden here in Michigan just starts producing.
  7. bozodog

    Tech Wreck

    Your post was most elegant. I would e-mail or snail mail almost the whole thing to their service dept. If you choose to use the phone, don't get off the line until you get a manager or supervisor that will follow though with what you need. I sure sounds like a replacement is in order, I'd be demanding that.
  8. bozodog

    Spare Parts Pile?

    Well, my Dell 2350 died a painful death. Trusty ole gal's mother board went out. Now, she has been upgraded nicely and is running a good GFX and sound cards. Has 1 gig of PC 2700 ram, so I don't wanna retire her just yet. She's a P-4 2.0 and I wonder if anyone out there has an old Dell they'd like to get rid of. I only need the mother board, so everything else can be striped out. No Dell jokes, please. This machine has done all I asked of it for many years and I just don't want/need a newer faster one. Nor do I want to spend a fortune. PM me if you have one in stock. Approved by Besttechie
  9. bozodog

    Auto Assistance

    Tie rod ends, center control link.... Take it up to Midas or wherever for a look see and FREE estimate.
  10. bozodog

    Dejavu All Over Again?

    I know I sure don't need a POWER machine. This ole DELL is quite all I need with XP. Where does all that power go? Just to run Vista? Why? Jeesch, M$ must have stocks in computer hardware.
  11. bozodog

    For The Birds Resolved

    I have no problems with FF or IE7. Here's another Ohio site Columbus Also a nice Eagle and Osprey site
  12. bozodog

    Hi Everyone

    A great big welcome! LIZ will try and make you go down into the basement after the spiders. Don't go for it!
  13. bozodog

    Windows 7 Performance Information

    LMAO!! Here's someones guess on the specs you'll need for Winders 7:
  14. bozodog

    Windows Explorer Crashes

    What are the specs of your updated computer?
  15. bozodog

    Anti Spyware/virus/adware Etc

    I run Avast. Yep that's it. Of course, we are behind a router. So Avast is only for my e-mail.
  16. bozodog

    Check The Supply Room

    Now that's creative. Break time!!!
  17. bozodog

    How's Your Weather?

    Pot holes... A State Police dispatcher was fielding "white out" calls during a snow storm, when a call came in reporting a black out. When questioned, the guy said he drove into a pot hole and didn't come out for three minutes...
  18. bozodog

    Truckers Strike

    Exxon: We only earned 40 Billion last year and funded an university study on climate change for $100 Million. Huh? What does climate change have to do with the price of gas? The sick thing is the shareholders aren't seeing that much profit in the stocks... Good on the truckers. The big increases in the grocery stores are mostly transportation related. Someone needs a break and I'll give it to the truckers. The soccer mom's can cut a trip or two to lower their fuel bills. Heh heh, or maybe pull a few cylinders outta the SUV...
  19. bozodog

    How's Your Weather?

    April showers... Dang! We had Thunder Fog this morning. Rain came about 30 minutes later.
  20. bozodog

    Happy Easter

    Lucky kids, Pete. I'll bet they'll be happy to take home a large doggy bag so they won't have to cook while settling into the new homestead. Our dinner will be roast duck, stuffed with an orange and spices. Boiled new Yukon gold potatoes, asparagus and cauliflower and broccoli with cheese sauce. Mom was supposed to bring the dessert, but opted to stay at her senior complex for their pot-luck. Dang! They get the strawberry cheesecake.
  21. bozodog

    How's Your Weather?

    Mmmm, bullheads are good eat'in. Extra good coming out of nice cold water. *drools... Don't know how you cook your fish, but my neighbor gave us a great breading receipe. Dip your fish in an egg wash and roll in crumbled up Chez-it and Ritz crackers. (I always add a bit of garlic powder) Dang it's good! My Sweet Brit dragged his sorry behind out of bed at 10:34 this morning. Asking "Where's all the snow we're supposed to be getting?" 10 minutes later it started and hasn't stopped. He just measured 7" and it's still coming down. Yep! That's 1" an hour... Weatherguessers say it will keep up until the early hours. So much for March going out like a lamb.
  22. bozodog

    How's Your Weather?

    Oh no, raining mud in Texas?
  23. bozodog

    How's Your Weather?

    Well Pete, you guys have been needing rain. Too bad it's always to much too late. Keep your boots on and pants rolled up, summer is coming. Our snowdrops have budded, just need a sunny day for them to open. Sunny? Did I say sunny? Jeesch it's been gray here for almost a week. *sigh, I need a solar charge.
  24. bozodog

    How's Your Weather?

    WhooHoo! 54 degrees today with sunshine! Our snow is gone except for the big piles and some shady places. Some grass is greening up, but no buds yet.