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  1. We saw $1.62 yesterday!!! That's what I'm talking about.
  2. I still laugh at this one. My all time favorite
  3. Liz, JennyG won't be happy until she can just cash our checks. No need for us to go to the bank.
  4. bozodog

    Veteran's Day

    Thank you, and don't forget the other uniformed hero's, the police and firemen of our very own neighborhoods.
  5. Errr, actually, they misspell on purpose to get past filters. The grammar? Well that sucks.
  6. Routine means, in this case taking it further. To the grand jury with the information collected by the investigation. "It's routine to take it to a grand jury." And was it really a "life for a TV?" Perhaps, "a life for a father/husband/sons life"? Crime has gone down in states that allow concealed carry permits.
  7. Did you try clearing the cookies for the site?
  8. A low life's life for someone else's TV.
  9. I've read it's the demand that has dropped. Schools back in and there is some problems with jobs. I don't think the oil companies give a damn whatever we do. Windfall profit tax? Fine, they'll decrease production and prices will go up. Cancel their leases and the prices will go up. If they gave a squat, instead of pumping cash into lobbying and candidates, they would have worked harder to bring more refineries and nukes on-line. They have us by the short hairs and don't give a damn and they will eat cake until the oil is gone... Speculators that have the fluidity will stay clear until after the election. Those that need credit to buy are scrambling for lives, with the dive in the market.
  10. Well, after several days of 70+ and sunshine, we've turned fall like. The colors are turning and it's 42 right now. Don't know if you all know it, but here in Mich we had as much rain from IKE as many places down south. This is a pic of our local softball field. The fence with the yellow padding is 4' and theres ducks swimming along the third baseline.
  11. Well, the market just gained nearly 1000 today. So much for the crash...
  12. Not true, HB. Your pics always blow my screen about double. MY screen print.
  13. Very very happy birthday, Liz!
  14. I sure hope all our friends in the path of Ike are playing it safe.
  15. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do. My husband says he's quite happy with the new IE. Dang it! He's the one that got me to move to FF from the old Mozilla Suite. I keep back-ups too, but the upgrade changed file extensions and wouldn't recognize them. I still have to log on to every site! It ticks me off! The cookies are there...
  16. This ain't like Fire Fox to mess up. First, I couldn't find my bookmarks, a big deal this ya know... Found out they changed the file extension. And now none of my cookies will set. I have to log onto every site I visit. What did I do? Clicked on the update when it came in, like I have always done. What did they do? Mess with my XP trying to fix Vista problems? Shucks, I dunno... Anyone have an idea what's going on?
  17. OMG!!! How true it is.......... Great laugh, Joe.
  18. Great theory Pete, but I haven't seen them trim my neighborhood for over 5 years. They don't even do line maintenance or even replace poles anymore. It's all sub-contractors. Our last two outages happened on their easement along open land with no houses nearby. The b4$tard$ are raping us and the shareholders are smiling.
  19. I've heard our power co. is being "investigated" about all the latest outages and the length of time to get folks back on-line. You know, in summer you can survive with a loss of food and no TV or computer. In winter, folks can die and pipes can freeze. Damn the "profits" give us the service we pay for. It might not be a bad idea to get rid of the union. It's their paychecks that keep going up while service goes down.
  20. It was 90 yesterday on the deck and sticky humid. Promising a bit of rain today. The gardens need it.
  21. Yeah, like a plump kitty cat doing a dance on your bladder. :-0