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  1. bozodog

    Petition to deport Bieber

    No worries, he was arrested by the Toronto police for assaulting a limo driver...
  2. bozodog

    Petition to deport Bieber

    But, but... Washington needs his taxes.
  3. Doesn't it have a "recovery partition"? You are normally instructed to make recovery disks from there when you first start up a new machine. Make the disks, put them away safely, then strip out the bloatware.
  4. bozodog

    Warning XP Users

    What's gonna happen to the many. many businesses and medical facilities using XPpro? Seems everywhere I go that's the OS of choice.
  5. bozodog

    Obamacare website and security

    I'll bet these 700+ cyber-squatters have better working sites.
  6. bozodog

    Obamacare website and security

    Great, now we find out the developers of the site used Open Source software. We paid this operation $100s of millions for development and they use FREE software? Obamacare Website Violates Licensing Agreement for Copyrighted Software
  7. bozodog

    Obamacare website and security

    Not all in one place, like a poorly implemented website. The gub'ment sez so, it must be true... 60k? And they have millions and millions needing access?
  8. bozodog

    Obamacare website and security

    That's a big "IF" your employer keeps your insurance rather than choosing to pay the fine, or kicking your hours down to 30 or under. Won't have to do anything but pay more for coverage you don't want, don't need, or just plain can't afford. Please tell me you're not drinking the kool-aid, Pete. Anyway, I'm not talking about a website so poorly written and ill-conceived it can't handle the traffic. I'm questioning the security of such site. After all, they will have every detail of your life all in one place, ripe for the hackers from .al, .ng, .ru, etc...
  9. bozodog

    Obamacare website and security

    whole article
  10. bozodog

    Obamacare website and security

    Yeah, "i'm ready to talk, but I won't negotiate." Both sides on the hill are a mess.
  11. bozodog

    Obamacare website and security

    Heh... I know I saw it all coming. Shame the voters in 2012 didn't. They've had over 3 years to develop the site, and one guy said it's not even near a beta stage, and he said his company would hang their heads in shame if they brought out a product like it. Don't want this to become political, I'm just concerned about the security of the data folks are expected to submit.
  12. What do you folks think? Bad enough the site is failing badly, but what about the security of millions of citizens personal data? I'm betting the Black Hats have laid in a truckload of 5 hour energy...
  13. bozodog

    Edward Snowden

    I think the guy is nuts, or really, really stupid. Nuts, if he thinks he is doing something honorable or good. Stupid, if he thinks he's going to gain something.
  14. bozodog

    New desktop

    You can also have a look at Tiger Direct. We've been very happy with the several "bare bones" kits we bought. They can be had for $350-450. Our local Community Center buys refurbished models and haven't had any trouble with their 8 hour a day usage.