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  1. Thanks for the link Liz, I think this is a totally idiotic statement: quoting from the article. “Other than that, I think, you know, the public should feel secure in purchasing pet foods that are not subject to the recall,†Stephen Sundlof, director of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine, told reporters." If he thinks anyone feels pet food is safe he's living in an isolation booth with no tv, newspaper, or internet news!!! And down at the bottom of the article yet another recall, this time for salmonella contamination, for pet owners to double check what they have/buy. "Also Thursday, the FDA warned consumers not to give American Bullie A.B. Bull Pizzle Puppy Chews and Dog Chews to their pets. The FDA said salmonella could contaminate the dog treats, made and distributed by T.W. Enterprises of Ferndale, Wash." How can the FDA tell people not to worry about buying pet food/snack stuff not listed on the recalls when each day or two more are added to the list??? I wonder if that guy has any pets, if so what is he feeding them now??? Stay safe folks and your pets too!!! Pat God bless everyone
  2. Happy Birthday to you both!!! May you each be blessed with a long life filled with good health, happiness, and prosperity. Pat God bless everyone
  3. Hubby went to work one morning many years ago with his spare pair of work boots (he was going to be working in a wet area and wanted a dry pair to switch to afterwards) on top of the car...luckily he stopped at friend's gas station for a fillup...and he noticed the boots. Sure took alot of ribbing over that one. Later he got teased every time the friend, who also was the manager of the apartment building we lived in, saw him go out to the car!!! handplane thanks for your method to keep track of computer work. For my computer, I do keep notes in steno pad for various registration numbers, passwords, screen names and other such important info. Then I use the envelope method ( each are well labeled by program or whatever and stored in a small upright slotted organizer thing by the monitor) for dated notes of everything we do on the computer's various programs, or trouble calls to dialup service, and miscellaneous how to notes gleaned from the boards. But for the stuff I tend to easily and often forget, those go on post its around the monitor, and if essential to do very soon they go on my sign in/out internet service hours sheet of paper next to keyboard (we have a 200 hour per month, average 6 and one half hours a day, with cutoff after 4 continuous hours) we check that sheet alot. I have considered redoing it all to better/neater/ (proper like Mom would have me do it if she were still around bossing me... Ha!) organized by doing 3x5 cards (instead of the recycled blank scrap paper I cutup and use now) in a recipe box with dividers...but originally started this other way and since it works ok...I guess I'll continue with it. I can find stuff when I need it so that is all that counts I guess. Back when I was in my 20's, when life and belongings were much simpler, I was very organized! Even my hobbies were very organized...especially with my post card collection (ending up by the time I quit seriously collecting them in the mid 70's, with over 100, 000 so I had to be organized!!! But oh my since then the ones I've added are just stored in several shoe boxes and I never got them filed properly....sigh!!!) It's all the rest of life's little stuff that needs notes that spill all over the house and drive us nuts (along with the reasons for the notes!!!) We thought with retirement, or whatever this New Season of our lives is, that life would be simpler... oh my were we ever WRONG!!! Pat God bless everyone
  4. I have a similar tale of woe, but mine is even's my dialup's (CFAITH) home page!!! They just don't seem to get it that dialup is inherently slow!!! So a couple of years back they updated their home page, from an easy to load nice site that had Christian devotionals etc to a bunch of Christian ads for various things they wanted people to start buying/doing....renting cds, doing ecards, buying books, etc. All of course with pics to slow things down, and did I mention they made it harder to find the various devotionals which now you have to go to other slow to load pages instead of on main page? So ok I just quit using that page entirely, changed my home page to wunderground weather (thanks Barb!!!) least I find useful stuff there from weather and alerts to earthquake/volcano activity in area, so it's at least worth a slow page load. And I can still access my CFaith email accounts (one of which has a sporatic working history and is still iffy!!!) and other account stuff by using the dialup connection window from CFaith icon on desktop. Trouble is to log out of any of the email etc accounts, it takes you to home page for CFaith...but I can X out of it and open something else from desktop icons. Until recently when they decided to try to hold us hostage to a flash program of some kind that starts loading the second it goes from logout of email to that page with no option to not have it download...GRRRR!!!...and now it is slow to respond to Xing out of the window though still can do so before it completes the download. Sigh!!! What part of dialup slow don't they understand? And what part of serving their customers who pay for it don't they understand? And what part of I pay for a dialup service and that is their business to supply what I pay for, not necessarily the nonprofit part the ministry side that they say (after they got people to sign up) is their main focus!!!??? It seems to me that Christian business and ministries should provide the best service not do main focus off what it is that people signed up for. Yes I have talked to them to no avail, they just say the ministry is their reason for being in existence...and that most people who have signed up have broadband and only signed (at less cost than we pay by alot) for the devotional ministry benefit of the site which I'm sorry to say I don't believe. So at the end of the year we get a tax deduction statement of the part that they count as ministry versus dialup service from them (only available via email on the iffy account!!!) So we were going to quit at the end of last year and move to Fry's dialup service for alot less money, but then hubby signed up for unemployment in Jan and all his job applications he sends out use the CFaith email addys, as does the State of Or. Sigh!!! So....we will wait it out until that is over with one way or another. Then so long CFaith who will be told AGAIN why we are leaving...and I doubt they care if we do or not considering their responses to my complaints before. Tech support there used to be good with nice mostly helpful guys, but seems like alot of the problems over the years would be their faulty software and/or their changes to it didn't work right at first, but last fall they were again changing their email which with the new outfit subbed to do it got even worse so had some more email trouble and called it in, they said they'd check it out and get back to me...I said by phone as neither the webmail accounts nor the POP whatever it is main account email were they called past the hours I gave them of when I'd be home and left a message that they came to a consensus of what the problem was though they didn't tell me what it was by phone and get this... said they'd email me...on nonworking email. I called and left a message twice to call me back since they didn't bother to tell on menu they'd changed their hours and also no longer worked Sat mornings. So as you may have guessed...I'm still waiting for a phone call. Took several days for the webmail accounts to work, and the POP one didn't work for months which had their message on it they said but it was lost along with various others,(sigh!!!) so finally I went ahead and set up Outlook Express since Outlook and them didn't get along so now it works ok some of the time. Sigh!!! I guess you can tell I am not a happy camper with them and their slow to load website/dialup and email service/and especially with that unasked for download of some flash player trying to automatically why can't their site live with one I have already, or better yet do without stuff needing it at all???!!! Since they started doing that auto flash download, I thought it would be nice to have some place to nominate them for the worst site award!!! Oh just in case anyone is wondering, I no longer recommend CFaith dialup service!!! Pat God bless everyone
  5. Liz's link remiinded me of the one I was trying to think of last night. Ha!!! Thanks Liz. It's Free Geek!!! They are sure doing a good job for the community, for those it helps with rebuilt computers complete with Linux installed, and for the environment!! Instead of the home page, I am first linking to the news and events, because one of the items mentioned a similar outfit in Columbus there might be others across the country too. Sure would be good to have them in many places!!! Contact info on left side of page to see if they know of other such sites in U.S. Free Geek news and events page page. The home page has a video of their operation if anyone is interested. Main Page for Free Geek Pat God bless everyone
  6. Any private or nonprofit outfits in your area that rebuilds computers from donated used parts for low income folks? I can't think of the name of the local nonprofit that does that and then loads linux on them to give away, and can't find it right now. Our Metro recycling site used to have it listed, but the site has changed and now I can't easily find things like I used to be able to! Anyhow thought if I could find that outfit's site I could give it to you to email them and ask if they had a counterpart in your area. Oh well I'll look some more tomorrow. I don't remember where I got this link from, but perhaps it has some helpful info for you. Resource Recycling Just found this national link for e-cycling by state. E-Cycling Call your local garbage/recycle people and see what they come up with. Also call places like Office Depot, and other office/computer stores, to see if there is a recycle day coming up that they are doing for the community. I think Office Depot held the last one in our area. Here are another couple of links...don't have time or energy to read all of it. E-Stewards Responsible E-Cyclers Here is the page for our Metro Electronics Recycling Page where I got a couple of those links. (Portland Or) Metro area site for info on electronic recycling Pat God bless everyone
  7. Happy Birthday from me too. May you be blessed with a long life filled with good health, happiness, and prosperity. Pat God bless everyone
  8. Hi folks, Thanks Sultan for the links, will check them out tomorrow, to head-achy tonight to hardly even see straight. Hubby mowed the lawn this afternoon and I have a sinus (allergy to mown grass) and stress (from F-Secure install) headache!!! Actually the uninstall went ok, although got a surprise while I was posting here yesterday when suddenly the F-Secure icon on system tray started doing a red blinking ! on top of it...mouse hover said expired. I thought I had until midnight since a popup that showed up when I turned on computer each time said April 4th (maybe that was Finland time/date?). That spooked me right off the internet after I opened FS and found Everything had Expired Including Protection!!! Sort of thought at least the current updates would still be effective just no new ones but then I don't think I've ever let a subscription run so close to out before and don't really know why I did this time except hubby was busy painting yesterday so since I wanted him to help me read any fine print that might show up I waited for him! So uninstalled old version last night, and installed the new one this afternoon which went pretty well except for a little difference between printed instructions and what came up on screen but we got throught it ok. And what a nice company to have the Eula large enough to read, along with a big registration number on instruction booklet that came with the cd, and the on screen boxes to type it into were ok sized too. Then it took almost 2 and half hours to get all the updates...I was on the fastest of the only two speeds (31.2 something or other instead of 28 something) that I ever get from my dialup service. So read two, plus started another one, magazines while babysitting the updates. Things seem to be ok for the most part so far!!! Sure hope it is continues to be ok that's for sure!!! So am glad that's done. Pat God bless everyone
  9. First will put in links to articles from the Oregonian yesterday... the first one shows the total ineptitude of those who are in charge of protecting the food supply for either pets or humans. They didn't even announce banning importing wheat gluten from China until Monday and I wonder how long after the announcement the ban will take affect??? Why on earth didn't they at least put a temporary ban on it's sale here and from anymore coming into our country until the whole thing was solved when they first found out the stuff had a problem???!!!??? Policing the nation's pet food Oreognian article April 3, 07 As usual for the Oregonian, the articles are only free for the first 14 days. This next article, also from the Oregonian yesterday, is just as wierd in my opinion. U.S.Supplier says only pet food contaminated (like I would believe them???) I agree with Pete, you'd think this long after 9/11 that they would be able to protect the food supply, or in my opinion at least be able to deal with any problems that arise in a much more efficient way and be proactive to ban or stop the use of any product under suspicion!!! But then they never even made any useful attempt to prevent mad cow beef from entering our food why would I think they could do anything about "little things" like poisoned pet food or the possibility of the same tainted product being in our food? I heard a preacher say once that one of the reasons he prays over his food is because he has to eat it...referring especially to unfamiliar etc. food on overseas trips. Well we need protection of U.S. food too, so Hubby and I will continue to pray over ours too. Stay safe folks. Pat God bless everyone
  10. TK, how nice to see you on board with updates on what's going on with you and your family!!! Congratulations my friend!!! I hope the baby will be on tyme, but I bet you wont have much spare tyme after it arrives!!! Take care TK, and don't forget to come back and tell us if it is a boy or a girl soon. Pat God bless everyone
  11. I'm glad you're not Mikex. However....I am. Wish I could have backed up my brain like I backed up my hard drives. Learn about the Successful Aging of Your Brain Starting April 16, join our conversation, in our Curious Minds op ed discussion, on the latest brain science and how you can keep your brain healthy longer. Go to:[email protected]@.8626a12a Interesting Article Sultan, Thanks. Mark, you just described my note system, about notes about....whatever they were about... !!! Yes what you said makes perfect sense to me!!! That's my system too. Now if I could just remember to read them...!!! 'Post its' all over the bathroom mirror, near the coffee pot, around the computer monitor and keyboard, yet I still forget to check them for important reminders to do stuff on time!!! Ha! Pat God bless everyone
  12. Thanks Liz, Barb, and Mark for all your help. I don't ever order things online (was just hoping to find a rebate I could print out and use by mail but didn't find any), so we went down to Fry's yesterday to get F-Secure 2007 Internet Security rebates (so watch them have it next week or soon now I've already purchased it!) so was $70. Only place in town (way way on the far side of the metro area!) I know that has it. So tomorrow is the big day to uninstall the old version and do the new. I hope it all works out ok but a few prayers wouldn't hurt, considering this cantankerous computer. HB, your pictures are very large as page is loading for me on my slow dial up, but they do reduce down to ok size once page is loaded...and I use 800x600 or whatever it is and am on IE. Sometimes if you have tons of pictures it takes forever to load the I just skip it (like some of your project thread pages). Remember to always be kind to little old ladies especially if we are dialup users!!! Ha! Pat God bless everyone
  13. Very True!!! Also I think it is the main source of Global Warming due to all the excess hot air expelled in the pressurized heated atmosphere that this element thrives on...which expands to other areas especially on various time schedules of the week/year/cycle of the element interacting with it's base or with an antagonist agent. this heavy element is also a black hole for sucking up resources especially money. This element is frequently a heavy burden on the shoulders of those who are subject to it. Pat God bless everyone
  14. I would try using people search (name, address if you have it, or city if you have it with the rural route/post office designation from them, and state) on Switchboard. com, then once you get the right answer do a map search via clicking on the additional map link when you get the right results from your search. I have other people/business search site links if you need them. Pat God bless everyone
  15. I am wondering when, or if, anyone will start checking into how much of the tainted wheat gluten got into our human food supply? I think this will be the next shoe to drop on our heads. Yeah wheat gluten is used in alot of products...not just for making loaves of bread, how about in the hamburger buns at your local fast food joint, and is used in all sorts of packaged food products, and if I remember right it is used in various vegetarian products though will have to do a search for more info on that one. I have seen nothing from the FDA or anyone in government commenting on if this product or similar tainted ones got into the human food supply either. The pet food processor refuses to even admit how big a pet food problem this is with accurate number of dead and sick animals, but the various state and national veternarian societies list thousands of sick and dead animals...and that doesn't even count the ones that die before they get to the vets. This whole issue is heartbreaking for so many people to worry about and/or lose their pets or have huge vet bills trying to save the dear animals. My heart goes out to them, and my prayers too. Pat God bless everyone
  16. Will grab the recipe for you tomorrow, getting close to time for my dialup to cut off. Trust me, the side dish is good!!! Thanks for the idea of online rebates...if you guys find anything let me know. Thanks! I finally got the printer back up and running again to print out any rebates you find! It started acting strange a few months back and then got to point where it couldn't even find itself for some reason so finally I got mad and decided to just unplug it and then I uninstalled the software, then plugged it back in but plug and play didn't recognize it, so I reinstalled the drivers (who knew it could take so long for them to reinstall?) and it works fine again. Computers and their peripherals can sure act up for no good reason! I think they are set to do stuff randomly to see if we'll notice and pay them more attention? Sort of like men!?! Ha Ha!!! Good night folks. Pat God bless everyone
  17. Liz, I just read your post to my hubby...he grinned and said he'd ship you all the dandelions you'll need for those recipes...Ha Ha!!! Of course they might be prechopped...with the weed wacker!!! Your meatloaf sounds like one of the two main recipes I use.... the other uses mushroom soup undiluted...and yes I use quick oats in mine too. Have you ever used oats as a side dish like rice or potatoes? I have a great tasting, and quick, stove top recipe for them with several variations too. So good!!! If anyone is interested I'll post the recipe, it was originally from a recipe booklet from the Quaker Oats Company. Speaking of oats, I like them many ways except don't like them as hot cereal although hubby does but he adds raisins...yuck!!! Raisins to me always look like bugs in the oatmeal, of course that could be due to my not being totally awake in the morning along with being near-sighted!!! Anyhow the last time we were over across town at Winco (the initials stand for Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Oregon, their store chain is only in those states) (none of their stores in town are close by our place unfortunately) looking for ideas in the bulk food section, I saw cracked wheat and decided to get some for bread making (machine) but as I reached for the plastic bag to put it in I saw the recipe rack which had a cracked wheat hot cereal recipe...never had thought of it for cereal. Anyhow it is our favorite now, but hubby still wants raisins in he makes his own!!! Simple to make with same proportions as white rice...water is twice the amount of cracked wheat...and bring water to boil, add a dash of salt, then add the cracked wheat. Stir occasionally until thickened. Yum!!! Nice nutty type flavor. As for the dandelions, I love watching the little toddlers walking by our place ( we're on a corner) stopping to blow the dandelion fluff and giggling over it. Doubt if hubby plans to leave them there long enough to get to fluff stage this year since he has time to really go after them. I was hoping he would find a nice hobby...but a vendetta against dandelions as a serious hobby just doesn't measure up to something like stamp or coin collecting etc. but whatever... it still keeps him out of my hair for awhile, and he seems to enjoy the battle! Men are so strange, especially about lawns even if it was never were properly prepared and seeded/sodded to start with like ours. I sure hope he never wants to redo ours!!! I would rather move first to a nice place with it already done, actually I don't much care about a lawn just want to move to a nice fixed up newer so tired of always needing to repair something and never got it all remodeled in first place so still have unfinished projects all over the place. How come when you have the money you don't have the time, and vice versa, to do stuff??? Life just isn't fair!!! Oooopppps!!! Sorry folks for being long winded again but that is part of me getting back to normal I guess. I hope to go back to all the threads in last month to 'play catch up' on doing birthdays that I missed and maybe add a post here and there, but don't know when I'll be able to do it. Have to go buy a 2007 F-Secure Internet Security down (across town a long ways) at Fry's. Haven't seen it on sale there yet this year, and mine is up the 3rd or 4th, sure hope I can find it with some rebates rather than full 70 bucks. The IS only comes in a 3 user version this year I guess, so that is probably why it is so expensive. Went down there a couple of weeks ago thinking it might be on an unadvertised special like last year...but no waiting to see if tomorrow's ad will have a rebate or two for it. No one else in town carries it unfortunately and I do like it and it co-operates well with my goofy computer. Sigh! Then hope to get old version uninstalled and new one installed without any problems. Have to get it done so hubby can do his online job searching, and especially by the day he sends in his unemployment claim. So will backup my stuff this weekend to be ready to do it when we get it. Pat God bless everyone
  18. Happy Birthday Jimras! May you be blessed with a long life filled with good health, happiness, and prosperity. Pat God bless everyone
  19. Hugs to all of you folks!!! Yes it does seem like Spring has sprung some crazy problems for many people. I know others like handplane here and my friends have it alot tougher than I do, but often it's what's on your own plate that is so hard to swallow. I guess I just needed to talk it out a bit rather than having a real full blown nuclear meltdown. Tough times never last only tough people is what my Mom used to say when I was little and we were hungry with very little food was in the house....but somehow in spite of all the hard times I never did learn how tough it out...sigh!!! Of course the label crybaby seems to still fit all these years later. As for the dandelions, hubby's chiropractor said he had to give up using hand tools like his favorite hand pickax type weed tool, because of his neck/back bones pinching into the spinal cord. I don't know how to describe it...stenosis (sp?)...don't know if that is the right word that Kaiser Dr report said after his MRI last summer. And I am sure mine would probably come out about the same report..give or take a vertebra or two or so difference between us in our necks and upper backs. He does have a dandelion popper step on tool that I used to use but he doesn't like it. I thought it worked very well myself when I tried to comply with neighbors expectations of yard...but since they still plant and/or keep stuff I hate or am allergic to or spreads to my yard worse than my dandelions so why try? Plus it saves energy this way!!! Ha!!! Personally I honestly don't see the big deal about such pretty little yellow flowers, disclaimer...I also like white clover in lawns too...good to fix nitrogen in soil for other plants, plus the bees love them both. Yeah I ducked when I said that first part!!!....Ha! I am so sorry bozodog about your losing your cats, not due to that pet food on the recall I hope? And car trouble seems to be a spring thing, ours this year was late Jan or early Feb, a bit earlier than usual but so was warmer weather, anyhow this year the muffler died, lifetime warranty but the rest cost about 200 I think it was to redo the entire exhaust pipe..., as is plumbing trouble a spring thing....have never quite figured out why but always seems to be that way for us!!! Liz, I am a door slammer from way way way back!!! But this time was to upset to even think of slamming and banging things. Just sat and bawled!!! I know it is just the load of stress we've been under the last few months but somehow we have to get it figured out we are supposed to be on the same side!!! You'd think he'd get that idea through his thick head after this many years!!! I keep telling him it's us against the world...not against each other...but he forgets that simple solution to keep from fighting!!! Sigh!!! Oh meatloaf....I love meatloaf!!!! Can I have some pretty please? Or your recipe? There are so many good recipes for it so I like to try different ones, though I haven't made it in a long time because of the fat content and price of hamburger is so high. Pat God bless everyone
  20. Larry Sanger, a co-founder of Wikipedia, launches his new free encyclopedia without the so-called problems he claims are inherrent in Wikipedia. Oregonain 3/27/07 article " A twist on Wikipedia" The above link is only free for about 14 days from published date. Below is the Citizendium home page link...gee the name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue or type easily does it? Citizendium main page This next link is for an article about Citizendium posted on Wikipedia. Citizendium The Citizens' Compendium Looks like there have been a few delays and missteps along the way to the launch. It will be interesting to watch it grow to see if it works out in the long run. Pat God bless everyone
  21. Hi Liz, Thanks for the hugs, sure need all the hugs I can get to make it through some days!!! My friend's German Shepherd was a stray she rescued a few years ago!!! A major country living problem is cowardly people drop off unwanted animals in dead of night all the time for the area residents to find and take care of and she has rescued so many over the years but this one sure paid her back for it. I still cry when I think about him barking and tugging on her to wake her up...she was so groggy probably from the fumes and smoke!!! No one has told me yet where he was found, they thought at first he had run away and hid in the barn or at the neighbors or something...anyhow I don't think I even want to know where he was, just want to picture him saving my friend's life!!! I agree the other gal should give her hubby a 'what for', as my folks used to call them, whack when he gets well. Haven't heard any updates from her on his condition. Advised her to get a lawyer to fight the insurance company, we have first hand knowledge of how hard that company (and another one too) is to deal with!!! The colors I was referring to were the flowering trees, not bushes and bulbs. Sorry I wasn't clear on that. Even my plums are starting to bloom with lots of white showing...early because we had early warm weather. Odd to see the pinks on the flowering cherries and plums fading, and true cherries in full white bloom and neighbors white blossomed plum usually a full month ahead of mine, and my plums all blooming at the same time!!! Hopefully our night time temps don't go any lower than mid 30's this week, or it will jeapordize the plum crop. As for the bushes and bulbs, most of the daffys are still blooming (different depths for the bulbs seem to help stagger the bloom I think), mostly various yellow varieties with a few whites or mixed whites for interest. Plus my hubby's nemesis, the dandelion, is putting on an early show....and he has reved up the weed eater to courageously fight the evil dandelions with whatever machine power that will work...though tends to also remove chunks of grass at the same time by overshooting the weeds. Ha!! Oh well keeps him out of my hair!!! The flowering bushes are pretty much limited to forsythia yellow, camilia reds and I thought I saw a white one blooming down the street the other day. Baby Breath is almost done. Oh yes my allergy season setoff, although it hasn't bothered me this year, scotch broom, began early blooming about a month ago along willder areas and freeways (yes the state actually planted them even though they are on the noxious weed list!!!) As for us surviving this early retirement, I'll let you know. Maybe I'll have to go get a job to have some peace and quiet!!! Yep it has taken some getting used to having him around, and it is nice most of the time!!! But...the days we clash aren't so good!!! Had a bad week of fights over stupid stuff, and another day of it today!!! Those fights are what make me wonder if we'll survive this big adjustment ok.. Plus an overload of stress hasn't helped at all. The things I mentioned in my other post are just the big things, seems like there have been dozens of little complications in various things, about the time we get something solved more come in the next mail or next phone call tells us something didn't get fixed yet. So stressed to the max it seems, and of course the fights make it all the worse!!! Will things ever return to normal I wonder? Unfortunately I can't say communication has ever been our big strong point. So seriously need prayers to make this whole thing work out right. I know God will take care of us, but the devil is sure in the details, as the old saying goes, messing us up as fast as we get things straightened out more of it hits the fan! So it's a spiritual battle too!!! I'm just having trouble holding up the shield of faith at times, so get hammered by the stress and then get weary and sad and discouraged, Sigh!!! I know I need to keep on keeping on with faith in God, but then fear hits me sometimes, and hubby doesn't understand he makes it worse with fights over stupid stuff giving me flashbacks of first marriage...I need hubby to be my friend, as I am trying to be his if he'd let me, and not his enemy!!! Why can't he see it's not my fault things go wrong...grrrr Men!!! Yes, I do love him (just in case anyone is in doubt), just a rough patch for us, have had them before and we made it through, so we'll make it this time too with God's help!!! I've probably said way to much but I guess I'll leave it up...or not....I need to talk to someone...and my friends all have enough of their own troubles. Probably should have put this in a PM. Sigh!!! Not the first time lately I've done things wrong. Love ya... Pat God bless everyone
  22. Hello Brian, Glad you are moved back in and enjoying your new place!!! Your friend sounds like he is a bit jealous of your nice place while his complaints go unanswered. They definitely need to do something for him too. And structurally I don't see why they can't widen a door...just make a bigger opening (do jack supports for overhead weight if needed) while adding the right size header to support the ceiling weight over the new opening, and add a new bigger door!!! Gosh we are amateurs at remodeling our old house and have changed out doors and windows to bigger ones many times. Only one we had done professionally was when we opened up part of the living room/hallway...right under roof ridge so needed a pro on that job. They put in either a 14 or 16 foot long (can't remember which so many years later) huge header and rested it on 4x4's at either end...but we had to redo one 4x4 (because they wouldn't correct it) by replacing it with a new one because first one so warped and crooked we couldn't put up a flat wall against it. For the amount of money they charged us they should have done it right or fixed the problem!!! Grrr!! So your friend should keep on pushing the housing authority to do the new door(s) on his place, and have the grace to be happy for you too. Though I can see how he might feel bad for himself at the same time. Let's see...a park (with free concerts!!!) across the street, a church next door on one side and a library on the other....only thing missing would be an ocean view...otherwise it would be my idea of Heaven on Earth!!! Pat God bless everyone
  23. A welcome surprise, seeing you back online so fast, but sure glad to hear you are back home and recovering. How long do you have to have the 'seed implants'? Or are they permanent? If so it could put a damper on any future plane travel, or at least they might set off the airport security systems, same thing with security screening in federal and other buildings though it would be interesting to see if any of the scanners detect a 'little' extra radiation! We will continue our prayers for a complete healing for you. Take care my friend. Pat God bless everyone
  24. I am so happy for you having a nice remodeled apartment home to move back into and to enjoy! I took a look at the Washington Apartments link from the housing authority link, nice looking place outside!!! Is that a park across the street? And a pretty church with it's tall steeple next door, what denomination? I am glad your best friend will be next door, it's always nice to have friends nearby. Pat God bless everyone