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  1. Change your theme! First of all you need to change your theme. If you have a new computer the default theme is the WIndows Aero. To change it to Windows Vista Basic right click on your Desktop. Choose personalize. Next click Windows Color and Appearance, then choose Windows Vista Basic. Windows Vista Basic theme does not use to much memory as the Aero theme. Cause the Aero theme has to much graphics ans style which makes it slow. Download Ccleaner! Another thing you can do is download CCLEANER! From Download.com -> Search Ccleaner, and download the lastest ,and free version. Ccleaner helps get rid of your junk files ,and invalid Registry Entries.You would be amazed how fast your computer can be if you never tried Ccleaner. If you are a poweruser run it every two weeks. If u surf the web a lot ,and download apps. If you just use ur computer not a lot then just run it every 3-4 weeks. Defrag your Computer Defrag your computer/laptop about every 3-4 months. Unless if you don't really use your computer a lot then defrag it 6-7 months. Defraging your computer helps clean-up and organize files which u deleted, or programs you uninstalled. So by defraging it deletes that junk ,and makes the files programs closer so your computer doesn't have to use a lot of memory to find your program. There are two options you can do: Use Windows Defragment. Or an third-party software like Auslogics Disk Defrag or Diskeeper. Last but not the least! Delete the files you do not want. Also software that you never use just uninstall them. So I hope this helps you. If you have a question please feel free to contact me. Contact Info: