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  1. What did you do to fix the driver problem? Did you reinstall the nforce drivers? I first went to Microsoft, to make sure all was updated there, even though I have automatic updates turned on; I installed SP3 Then went to NVIDIA, updated mobo drivers. then to EVGA for graphics drivers. I should have checked my device drivers between the above steps, but I waited till all was done, then looked, so I'm not sure which fixed it. Still working on my TV Tuner... I have a couple more days left to return it if I can't get it to work Anyone know how to use a tuner card with DishTV?
  2. Yeah, no more little yellow question mark! The device now says NVIDIA Network Bus Emulator Now to get the AVerMedia A180 TV Tuner to work... the drivers are all up to date, but it's not being recognized my MCE or AVer's own software. Sigh... closer every day.
  3. NVIDIA MCP51 Ethernet controller. Jcl, you've just reinforced that I AM the dumbest person here! "Why couldn't I find that?" I ask myself. Back to dig deeper. Thanks, jcl!
  4. Yep, 8600 card is in the PCI Express slot closest to the CPU. That website is a great tip! Unfortunately, there is no VEN DEV for this device. This is what the Hardware ID says: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0269&SUBSYS_10003842&REV_A3 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0269&SUBSYS_10003842 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0269&CC_068000 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0269&CC_0680 I swear, this shouldn't be so hard... I think I'm the stupidest person on this forum! Thanks again
  5. Yep, Shanenin, it was right in front of my face... don't know why I didn't see it before! Still can't get the tv tuner to work, and their support hasn't been very helpful so far, may have to try to return it and get a different one. Also, In my Device Manager, I have a yellow question mark, that I can't figure out. Under 'Device by Type", it's between 'Network Adapters' and 'Ports'. Under 'Device by Connection', it's just called 'Other PCI Bridge Device', and it's between 'NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller' and 'PCI standard host CPU bridge'. 'Resources by Type' and 'by Connection' point to the same addresses: In 'Resources by Type': It's in Input/Output, between the addresses of: [0000ef00-0000ef7f] NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS [0000f200-0000f207] Other PCI Bridge Device [0000f300-0000f30f] NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller IRQ (PCI) 10 Other PCI Bridge Device - The AVerMedia TVHD MCE A180 is at IRQ 18 In Memory between the addresses of: [efff4000-efff7fff] Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio [efffb000-efffbfff] Other PCI Bridge Device [efffc000-efffcfff] NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller I don't know if it makes a difference, but my mobo is SLI ready, but the second slot, the one farther from the CPU, is empty I know you old pros will know exactly what's wrong. I've checked every driver for all the cards, have Windows Auto Update on, and still am flummoxed! Thanks again!
  6. You are braver than I am! Anything with a disclaimer, such as the blue paragraph on that page, would have scared me off, or at least made me buy a second router, before I risked making a doorstop out of my connection to the ether. Good luck. I think we will learn a lot from our Tech experts - Texperts? - here on this subject.
  7. An update... Things are running smoothly - and very fast! - except for a couple of things: 1. I still get a message when I'm booting, saying it can't find the floppy, press F1 to continue. I don't have it in the BIOS boot sequence, and have look everywhere (obviously NOT) in BIOS to fix this. Any ideas? 2. I can't get this thing to recognize my AverMedia A180 TV tuner. I install the drivers from the manufacturer, must reboot, and it's gone again. I downloaded their media software, and it says it might be weird with Media Center, so I just went in and configured Media Center (first time) and, no matterwhat I do, it won't recognize the tuner... any suggestions? For the gazillionth time... THANKS for your time and expertise.
  8. I thought there was a place in the BIOS settings or something... Thanks, I'll look in a few. Finally, the cable I need, and at a good price! Thanks
  9. Well, I can't find a DVI-I to DVI-D adapter, although one site suggested just breaking the analog pins off of my cable... but I dont think I want to do that. Guess I'll check out Circuit City next time I go into town (over 20 miles!) to look for an adapter, or just get a new cable. Also, every time I turn on, I get a 'Floppy Not Found... hit F1" message. I didn't buy a floppy, because I don't think I need one, probably get one someday if I can find one that matches the other stuff in the bays. I know I can get it to go past this, just haven't figured it out yet... All in all, this was surprisingly easy, posted after I realized that one of my RAM sticks had worked loose, and a SATA cable also was loose. THe post codes on my mobo made it trivial to fix. And the audio header on my case is too short to hook up with cards on board... and the cool blue UV SATA cables I got from xoxide have ends too long to plug into the tight space between the side of the mobo and the case. Maybe I'll look for a right angle adapter if it exists, because I really want my lights to make this thing pop Oh, yeah, I either forgot, or didn't realize that the Crucial RAM sticks have 8 lights on top that change... 1 and 3 the same and 2 and 4 the same... way cool ! I was thinking of putting a little hint of color into it, other than the blue/purple theme, and this RAM, along with the LEDs on the mobo really accentuate the look! I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging, but I'm not... I have no one here to talk to (my disabled husband doesn't know computers), and am going from a 6 year old business machine to this blazer... I'm just excited! Thanks, Friends!
  10. Just put in the disk... duh I'm looking at that cable site... if they don't have it, it probably doesn't exist... I looked there and at other sites, and a DVI-I to DVI-D adapter doesn't exist, and I figured out why... DVI-I has analog and digital, but DVI-D is only digital. Therefore, I just need to get a DVI-D cable for my monitor. I should have done a bit more research before I bought this cable.
  11. Great idea... just I'm not sure how to do that.
  12. I was too sleepy last night, and accidentally installed my OS on the F: drive (both drives are partitioned into two). Will this cause problems? I think I need to figure out how to reinstall it on c: Suggestions? Thanks One issue I found, is that my graphics card has DVI-I, and LG monitor has DVI-D cable... sigh... four little pins prevent me from using the good cable, so I'm using the old-style cable. Have to look for an adapter today
  13. Will do, Garmanma... thanks for the heads up. THis system seems to do most all of the set up for me, so I need to go in and check everything ater I install the drivers, which I'm doing fight now. I know you all are far away, but this is my first build, and talking to you all has helped boost my confidence... Back in a bit... with more questions, I bet.