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  1. Will try to keep this short and get to the problem quick. I run Windows Vista x64 - Home Premium Yesterday my world of warcraft account got hacked and my password was changed. I contacted blizzard and told them what was happening and they are working to resolve the issue, all I can do is wait for that. I ran spyware checks, registry cleaners & antivirus checks immediately but the problem is, they all fail at 99%. They get near the end, and just will never finish (or won't update) I reformatted completely this morning and ran them all again, same problem. I have tried what must have been 20+ anti-virus, anti-spyware, registry cleaners & defenders but I just can't get rid of this keylogger, virus or whatever it is. Maybe it's something in the registry? I'll post some screenshots at the bottom of the post to show what I mean. I'm stuck now, I had access to a family member's internet & PC to log on to sites and change my passwords etc just in case, but the PC (at the moment) is useless and I can't fix it. Has anyone got any ideas what this is about? I can't see a resolution, is buying a new hardrive my only option? and starting fresh? If any more info is needed feel free to ask Thanks in advance Ad-aware errors (no matter how long I leave it on, never moves from that percentage done) Eusing Free Registry Cleaner (always comes up with the same results no matter how many times I search/fix)