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  1. I try to install phaseout browser but my firewall kept it from installing my firewall is ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite This is Technical info i got from my firewall about phaseout Alert property Alert property value Technical explanation Program Name PhaseOut.exe A program running on your computer, which attempted an action that it is not currently permitted to perform. Program Size 1033728 The size of the program executable file in bytes. Program MD5 91172f1f7decaa275ed52fcb61f57307 The MD5 hash, or number, that uniquely identifies the executable. Smart Checksum 51c0d18af5742ca611f826047cfa5850 The SKIMP hash, or number, that uniquely identifies the executable. Date Modified Mar-20-2008 04:06:28 PM The date when No Program File was most recently modified. Event Type Process The event involved starting or terminating a thread or process. Sub Event Type StartupProcess PhaseOut.exe attempted to start up. Command Line ��^F^Aped The command being used to start up the process. research launch pad is no more research launch pad was hacked