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  1. i understand it..but i want to delete backups but i m not able to even DELETE them!!! making backups requires disk space but not deleting!
  2. i have turned of scheduled back ups...but how can i delete the previous ones?? i don't think it wud require to remove RNR...... it has taken up abt. 30 GB!! 4 backups...i wud like to delete 3 of them...but i can't do it...can u plz help.....
  3. but what should i do finally??? should i uninstall rescue and recovery??? i don't think iwould like to take chances with ma pc!
  4. i had made back i wanted to delete some of them...but when i click on "delete" a message box is displayed with "rescue and recovery does not have enough space to perform the requested operation".. this message is also displayed any time while my pc is on.....may be because my back ups are scheduled...