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  1. So I have a fairly 'no-name' component system put together by local shop, Athlon 64, Gig RAM, 256 NVIDIA. I've used a lot of *NIX in school and at work but its been awhile. I was really looking for something that would properly install without a headache, let me get to re-learning on something that works I guess. Every Linux distro I try dislikes either my video, NIC or HDD - strangely many LiveCD's would work very nicely (SuSE, Gentoo) until installed. So anyway, I had been staying away from the BSD distro's because I just assumed the installs would be way too painful for a novice type like me. Eventually, after finding nothing in the Linux world that would take to my box I try out Desktop BSD (regular FreeBSD install already tried), well shit, it works perfectly. Recognizes all components, runs fast as hell. Here's a screen.