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  1. SuSe is awesome... IMO the best distro. You gotta check it out. Don't know why my screenshot turned out to be such bad quality...
  2. Yeah, everything should work fine. Yes, you can easily use this as a slave drive for linux
  3. Tried tapping the F10 key, it takes me to try to contine the installation. Thanks for your help.
  4. Does it matter if my computer was XP, not 98? (98 has never been installed on the computer)
  5. My computer has had a rough day My HP with preinstalled XP (meaning I don't have the disk) decided to not work this morning, restarting itself right before it should have entered the Windows screen, making an endless restart loop. Consulting with some knowledgable friends, I decided that since I really didn't have anything I needed on my harddrive, I would format the C partition and reinstall Windows with my dad's Windows XP disc. The format went well, then while installing Windows I got all these errors about File Missing. I realized that my dad's XP disc was in fact a ME/98 Upgrade Disc. Oops I shut down the computer and tried using system restore to no avail. Whenever I start up with my Windows disk it wants to continue the installation (which will bring up a bunch of error messages). I tried to exit out of the installation with ESC and F8 but neither worked. I am afraid I will have to buy a new harddrive (don't want to spend money) Any ideas? - Matt
  6. You are using an outdated version of HijackThis. Please update to the newest version, 1.99 from here. Post a new log.