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  1. I respect your answer but never call me a script kiddies (im a programer)
  2. Welcome, Welcome to room Lobby The topic in this room is: Everything you want my friend: Haxoring is stuipid I don’t see why you do it me: NO its not!!!! My friend: ya it is there is no purposes for it except to tic people off me: its about the free exchange of information my friend: my Butt its illegal for a reason! My friend: its a total invasion of privacy!!!! me: not white hat hacking My friend: what’s that me: its when you hack a system then e-mail the person the bug or glitch and how to fix it (it’s a nice way to land job) as you can see I have been having this argument for a while Who do you think is right?
  3. I have bee recently been raged on by a girl I’ve been dating (it terns out that she was just dating me to see how I would react if she dumped me), but this has happened to me two other times before and it’s starting to *{Bleep} me off! How do I tell between a leach and a normal girl? * Please keep the language clean. This is a family oriented board. Thank you, -TT75-
  4. Help. I originally have all my web sites on “Google pages†because they hade (if you knew how to link it right) unlimited amount of memory for my web site but they don’t support Java script or many Pix. Do you know one that dose? Thanks :-)
  5. Yah....(sigh) Ever sense Fire Fox’s upgraded it had been having a few bugs. Sorry but I’m stumped (I did take the liberty to search some answers for you (but to be posting this up on a forum you most likely already did) See... Hope it helps