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  1. Good day all! First of all, i would like to say that i have a genuine interest with html / xhtml / css as well as all the languages of the internet so on that note let me say that despite the outcome of opinions in this forum my decision still stands. I will format these questions in the form of a list: So here is the big Q........ What can a person do with a certification in HTML/CSS? If so, can these jobs be obtained online? Where can a person submit application for this kind of work? I appreciate your responses to these questions Sincerely, Event4pros08
  2. Thanks for the info. I was using java version 1.6.0-oem however; it seems this version is incompatible with vista. All seems well at this point (knock on wood!)
  3. I am running vista home premium (don't know what sp version but, is fairly new computer) and I have java se runtime environment 6. I use firefox alongside IE7 browsing the net and when i tried to access some sites firefox hung with this error: Product Firefox Problem Stopped responding and was closed Date 2/18/2008 2:43 PM Status Report Sent Description A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows. Problem signature Problem Event Name: AppHangB1 Application Name: firefox.exe Application Version: 1.8.20080.20121 Application Timestamp: 47a4062e Hang Signature: e788 Hang Type: 16900 OS Version: 6.0.6000. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Hang Signature 1: ce2c5a8f90a03e55f555c03da5b54d03 Additional Hang Signature 2: dbdf Additional Hang Signature 3: ebdd820bc88bd1bde07b31cc55872f0f Additional Hang Signature 4: e788 Additional Hang Signature 5: ce2c5a8f90a03e55f555c03da5b54d03 Additional Hang Signature 6: dbdf Additional Hang Signature 7: ebdd820bc88bd1bde07b31cc55872f0f Files that help describe the problem (some files may no longer be available) Version.txt AppCompat.txt firefox.exe.xml Extra information about the problem Bucket ID: 168196042 As per suggestings online, i attempted to update java but, i recieved this error from " problem reports and solutions" - Product Java Control Panel Problem Program compatibility problem Date 2/18/2008 3:02 PM Status Report Sent Description Did this control panel work correctly? Problem signature Problem Event Name: PCA2 Problem Signature 01: javacpl.cpl Problem Signature 02: Problem Signature 03: Java Control Panel Problem Signature 04: Java Platform SE 6 Problem Signature 05: Sun Microsystems, Inc. Problem Signature 06: 9 Problem Signature 07: 202 OS Version: 6.0.6000. Locale ID: 1033 Extra information about the problem Bucket ID: 11888714 Any suggestions?