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  1. I rebooted and ran in safe mode. The set priority does work in safe mode. I tried changing everything to give complete access to all permissions (except special permissions, haven't figured out that one yet). Rebooted and tried to run the program and then change priority and/or affinity and still does not allow access. Tried it with UAC turned on and off and still doesn't make a difference. I don't get prompted cause I am the administrator also. Tried to make a bogus UAC and change permissions to full control and still doesn't allow me access. Still think it has something to do with special permissions. But am unable to find someone who can help me with this. I was able to have access to all permissions before I had to reload Windows Vista onto the computer. Maybe I should contact Dell and/or Microsoft. Maybe they can have more insight on the matter.
  2. Ok sorry if this is a repeat of a previous topic but I didn't find one when searching so I am now posting it here. First I have a Dell computer that I had to reload Windows Vista on it. Before this happened I was able to set priority on some of my programs through Task Manager. Now I cannot even through administrator. This is the error I am getting: "Unable to Change Priority This operation could not be completed. Access is denied." The program is run through administrator as the privilege. I noticed that special permissions are unable to be checked even when in administrator mode. Does anyone have a clue how to enable to use this function? I assume that is probably why I can't change the priority of my programs. Thanks! Also I can't set Affinity and I have a dual processor, too.