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  1. Hi all I'm beyond lost Prior to reimaging or clean re-install from the factory if you wish Had found a freeware and no spyware program that Added to right click,, "send to" what ever I wished to add Yes I know how to drag and drop Beem thru Kellys Korner to the point of losing my color and see-ing Black and white so many times Such a nice small download and have given up further searchs Sorry for a very hard question,, to the one that finds my answer will be Always be a hero in my book Marsh
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    New Memeber

    Hi Sultan How in the "world" did I not see your earlier post Perhaps 6 hours sleep in 3 days might work But have no intentions to return even to check over there Received your E-Mail and came here,, just so tired that Last night let 2 people have it ,, dam you know how easy going I am A 1st time poster was jumped on so bad by ***** with a great post A PM from the most respected Mod,, agreed with me And a 2nd time poster got it by a different ***** sad as I thought CFH meant call for help What be their odds to ever return to any message board again Seen it happen many times sad Now if we can get Nereldas boyfriend to come on over Rats.... hit something wrong and hope not a 2x post Ohh now remember and will only refer 1 comment How do people find their way here is a great question Please bump or link or B answer a post over there Marsh
  3. Hi 9827Packrat Very interesting return Since this is open chat ,, can't be off topic and get in trouble and 1 star-ed Still no warning I learned the code with word association soo many years ago D= the dog did it A= say ahh N= Na zi Trips up many unless word association trained Oh how I wish to erase the code from the brain Such an old way to communicate,, In the future I do believe will go away A friend and his 11 Y/0 daughter could listen to code way beyond 30 wpm,,words per minute and carry on a deep discussion with me >>> teletype<<< in the Army had 3 for my long haul microwave sites Learned to type with what ever finger or thumb available And then you bring up Western Union,, K9** a ham friend,, blind but uses code Was a well respected Tech in your era and you may have met him (won't use names or call signs without permission)--Howard Very proud of the hams passing messages to their loved ones from Florida to ? any-where Thanks B will not post another long message,, had my heart beating a bit too fast Marsh W9**
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    New Memeber

    OK sultan Time to make your presence my friend Remember your departure from CFH to TSS And who brought you back to CFH Still waiting for your mail....geezzz how long does it take for a shower and meal Busy person you are Time Zone,, I can understand Where in the world are you now MD ,, GB needs another to pick on me...ahahahah Marsh
  5. Hi chineawht Come Tuesday or Wednesday with a clear brain will pursue how to stop the mail notifications My fault not yours,, only throws off my routine 1. check for updates 2. check mail which leads to link here....not a problem Thanks again B for the board and people need to keep on posting your link Will be hard to find you until your addy becomes first page on Google Hi Mac if you don't mind,, makes it easier for me to remember spelling And yes as per PM I do have great respect and trust from you Now if I can only remember who was born 1905 Take care all and enjoy life Hi 9827Packrat Cool CB radio,, did cost me $20.00 in 1970 for the licence Consider if you wish Ham radio The test has become so easy that 9 y/0 ...s ...pass No need to learn Morse code>>>A telegraph code in which letters and numbers are represented by strings of dots and dashes (short and long signals)<<<Word Web and freeware Full privileges 50 Meg and up no limit....1,500 watts Below 50 Meg known as shortwave requires only 5 words per minute test Morse code Sorry a long post but only scores 1 post I have a problem with message counts,, like suppyall bragging for more numbers Thank God no stars anymore Marsh
  6. Oh well Guess I always tell the truth looking back now Repeating myself again Sorry Marsh
  7. Hi B Rats.....had typed a response to another E-mail coming thru,, not a problem Hit a wrong button My mail is very boring to non boring 1 piece of spam about 2 years ago Using no filters Lucky me.......nope I think but not sure Marsh
  8. Hi olmec36 Trying some what to turn this E-Mail notification off Thats ok not your fault>>>olmec36 has just posted a reply to a topic that you have subscribed to titled "How Did You Get Your Name?".<<< My E-Mail is so boring that even a spam could enlighten my day Sad that only 1 piece of spam in more than 2 years ( porno ) ......rats I use no filters but know how to play the game now For the ones that know For the ones that don't know....matters not Yahoo is back Anyway welcome to the boards Marsh ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OK do believe I got it now
  9. Hi il_wiccan,, Nerelda and...... macmarauder,, will PM you in the next few days about your blog Yahoo,, punker_4_real,, someone and many more handles is back If that be what I'm missing again I won't call him until he starts miss-behaving again Marsh
  10. Hi robroy Received an E-Mail saying a response to a message from you-replied to thread No problem,, I need to un-tick a box somewhere as it's happens a lot Jethro Tull one of my most favorites-- Aqualung Won a contest writer of his songs,, Ian Anderson Rob-Roy is also a drink,, believe scotch and vermouth...not sure anymore Marsh
  11. Hi il_wiccan Finally got you,, SIR Will need to check that one out Sure hope it's not like all the others,, kicking me out to the homeless streets The ET society was my last Marsh
  12. Hi B and Nerelda Sticky thread has zero to no chance to make a difference "Read before posting" and the other stickies at TTV-G4.....too funny Just keep your anti-virus up to date and run your spyware detectors When I'm in doubt I switch over to IE (uggg) in order to run Bugnosis Throw another 2 in only then will I feel safe BTW,, B has no web bugs and never has....thanks B Marsh
  13. Hi il_wiccan Maybe you could fess up with your reason or did you forget ahahah I have the il figured out but wiccan Guess ladies wish to keep some things private Take care sweetie ahahah Marsh
  14. Hi B >>>Yes, everyone gets a warning bar. But only admins and mods and yourself can see it no one else can see your warning bar. It is at zero right now and it will stay at zero unless there is a reason to change it. That goes for everyone. No need to worry over the warning bar.<<< Thanks for the explaination Now I know it's safe to come out from hiding under the bed Marsh
  15. Thanks handplane Her site is looking good Maybe Amy has her E-Mail It will be hard to find B's site unless the the other boards become aware So many others went missing even with the old TTV boards Marsh
  16. Hi Nerelda and B Nice idea worth a try anyway Read before posting as in TTV-G4 and CFH with a red flashing sign oh well....Help etc You all need to help bringing up B's site from page 5 and beyond as I have only 14 posts before the 1000 level and wish not to reach Marsh
  17. Hi JSKY As a Vietnam vet 1969-1971 I and the DAV and VFW have no respect for Kerry Scary thought that he is the best the democrats could find Vietnam record of 4 months accepting purple hearts for a Band Aid cut Is a discredit to my two friends with the Congressional Medal of Honor and many earned silver stars and purple hearts Committed perjury or is a war criminal.......that be a or the other Marsh
  18. marsh,, 1st name _0x,, zero x's remain as in wives,, fiancee and ladies Boring but able to use handle everywhere Marsh
  19. Hi il_wiccan I'm the 1st to undooley (Tom) catch a warn with 5 pinks Doesn't sound or look good Off to find where my friend Suppy hangs out Marsh
  20. Hi il_wiccan and Marty something...ahahah Geezzz not even sure to whom I be responding to The cats in the cradle Ah... reverse order saved my sanity,, I think Marsh ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warning with 5 pinks ????? Good Grief
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    Cfh Canada

    Hi 24 August 04 is 106 Meg,, 51 minutes I'm using Direcway satellite Question with the other broadbands am I in the slow speed lane ??? Marsh
  22. Mr Twain You may need to clarify your statement >>> Was that when he though he was a she?<<< though = thought ??? Marsh
  23. Hi B I knew you would and worth the wait Big companies couldn't do what you have done.....Beautifull Marsh