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  1. Marsh is in the dark also. Plus Marsh is feeling under the weather. I talked to him a couple of days ago. I've heard nothing as that is not my friend Gary. His friend John (don't know last name) lives in Ashland Wi. and was to visit me on the way up north. The road passes but 2 miles from me. His house problems only involved the landscaping and he was feeling great, looking forward to stay here 1st. Fly here and then take my car to Johns house, 2 hour drive. I see only a bleak outlook ! No other phone listings as he has married daughters. Not even Googles has seen him ! Marsh
  2. Hi Dave Northern Wisconsin, 10/12f above the normal. Such a constant level with little change. Today being the 1st time seeing the sun in 3 weeks may account for the un-changes. Only 6" for the snowmobilers, very strange. Marsh
  3. Hi I'm having more than my share of problems.... Reaching out and Touch Someone...... Bulled out with my Desktop and will someday fix the awesome Laptop and B back in Control..... rats....... Wish to say only that I care for U........ and will use the word -> Love U my Friends Marsh................. Say Hi to Dave and U know my friends, only my lack of control...............
  4. Hi my friends Don't get around much anywhere Old timers would remember how I await il_wiccans vacation To see me and will happen next week Ouch a party time that I wish you could share Far out as the telephone is much nicer than typing Hey Dave, left Marty a PM, read yours and managed to lose all 100 from G4 Rats........ Looking forward to a Canadian party in Edmonton Feb 2007 Take care my friends Marsh
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    About U?

    Wow and read every post, so nice an insite into lives Retired 57 y/o. 2 years ago from living electronics since 1956. Parents owned a coin machine business until my sell out in 1992. 1st arcade game was Pong, Atari was stupid to not patent and many other knockoffs were used. Quit the videos with the laser based Dragons Lair and others. Z8080 CPU was a big time break thru. 1968 grad with my AA Technicain degree, with a slide rule (before calculators) 1969 my Commercial radio telephone license (taken NYC) TV station required 1970 my Broadcast Engineer from CIE, that the GOV paid for in my spare time in Vietnam 1969 -31 Aug-12 June, Vietnam, working long haul microwave communications, using 50kw Klystrons and dishs about 35 feet. Also had a satellite uplink, downlinked to Clark in the Philippines, giving our soldiers a free call home, 5000 hours credited My life spent as a pioneer in C-Band satellite 1979 ($17,900 my 1st) for myself Help Charlie and Jim (DishNetwork) that still will not respect me with an E-Mail return, their 1st in 1981 for $25,000 and brag about 25 years....rats, who cares Ham radio, wrote trhe book with 900 meg amateur television transmission Retired after fighting many years for my Agent Orange 100% disability and reached my goal Please not bragging, but my wonderfull life to have held the 1st 555 timer, the start of ICs and have seen 50 years worth, the progression of electronics Far out, and Marsh is such a humble person that learns more than he has to offer Marsh
  6. Hi Honda_Boy and sorry for you and yours "He's just too weak and doesn't want to eat" What worked for my mom even on her death bed (67 y/o) was the Love of my Chinese cooking Can you find his favorite meal ??? Or the drink Ensure (sic?) ??? also helped The experience will only make you stonger in what life deals you Marsh
  7. To Jeff and all the members Sorry for not finding my way home, a long time ago Bob Dylan with Catch the Wind, said it well Marsh
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    Where 'o Where

    Welcome back Chappy!!!! It's really good to see you back Chappy.... You take care of yourself now and get better. Wife has been yellin at the TV again with those last couple of games if you got a chance to watch them. It's starting again.... Oh.... ... and as to hook up and go see my bags packed and ready to go.... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hi Dave Need a photographer, off to Google Edmonton, a groopie thing Marsh October 19 - 22, 2005 Very serious as Air Flight is not a problem !!!!!!! ( $646) round trip, of course Could arrive 1:06pn ca on the 19th depart 23 morning Only hotel to book, should you wish to share my company, a PM may be best, OK OK Va hospital unable to prevent more nerve damage and how place a price on that Let alone the company Marsh and very serious.....Heck with the remodel of home
  9. Hi MS04-023 Windows update ugg IE was issued "13 July 2004" Nothing to worry about unless you been sleeping Marsh
  10. Hi strangers Number 1789 Marsh
  11. Hi B Been a long time ago Too funny to respond further I hope all is well with you and yours Marsh
  12. Hi shadow and Happy Birthday Don't feel bad about missing a day Heck I thought I was 55 all year (10+months) until the rude ex-wife reminded Hurts hiding under the bed for a week Take care my friend Marsh
  13. Hi Dick and yours Referred from thesidekickcat On my DW-6000 connects to a Linksys wireless router costs about $40 bucks Gives me 4 outputs hard wire eithernet or firefire if you wish Running on my laptop now but did have my give away desktop at the the same time I'm too stupid to figure out your screen All I did was plug them in and all worked perfect Remember a router is the best firewall as my Norton firewall never pops up anymore with attacks or false readings Hope I helped and believe you still have my E-Mail addy or should be in public profile Not on any boards much anymore Hi thesidekickcat Yes it hurts and nothing can be done for my cat,, other than love him,,thanks for asking Marsh ------------------------------------------------------------------ And Dick if distance is an issue,, a Wi-Fi card for 2nd compt. is low cost also My range exceeds 300 feet,, forgot the k's
  14. Hi Marty If >>just reinstalled CCleaner << is the same as crap cleaner promoted by supyall OK OK Marsh
  15. Hi Jaspossum No I won't yell at you What's best is a long debatable question I picked up but one Klez 3-4 years ago running Mcafee Used AVG,, Avast,, Norton,, but will not blame Mcafee for 1 mistake When my Norton expires,, I will go with Avast freeware Marsh
  16. Hi suwannee24 I went with Direcway only because of having no other option Well other than selling my home and move 10 miles to get DSL Only 6 miles to catch cable interent Never happen would I give up my country life I bought DirecWay for $600 plus tax program I Pay $63 with tax per month and worth it ,, never again would I go back to dial-up Hard to miss something that I never had before I'm a certified for StarBand installer and my partner ,, no way is this grief worth it Things may have changed the past 5 years I believe StarBand is still using Telsar 7 on the KU side and .....enough said,,and please don't let anyone to be influenced with my "opinion only" It's called rain fade as with DBS as in DishNetwork and Direct TV and DirecWay around 15 Gig freq. but the lost signal due to heavy rain has lasted 12 minutes max with my experience thru 7 years with DBS Been retired for 1 year now 55y/0 and have nothing to gain,,business wise Only my experience to help when....been there--done that OK OK Marsh
  17. Hi mikex Jv16 does backup all removals and users can't get into much troubles if any Nice program but shareware Marsh
  18. Hi all and thanks very much for your all your efforts Sorry CurlingSteve not the small maybe 150K download or less So simple for others to enjoy as I did I'm so mad at myself for not doing a print out as I almost always will when downloading any program I feel so bad not sharing it prior to losing everything on the laptop,,except for my photos backed up Even my cat might be able to run this simple program and you all are still heros Marsh
  19. Hi maxdog4 I can give you my past experience and do believe it's a joke and will not speak for others Will leave some entries "in" but can't say until I can find and look thru my paper notes JV-16 only the paid version remains will find many,,but need my notes first as I"m getting to tired now OK And check back tomorrow ,, but it"s already here,, dam time zones OK Marsh Goodnight
  20. Hi Earnoldo Welcome to you over here,, been along time ago Thanks to you teaching me CFH to write that script,, years ago Hope you are feeling good or great Been soooo long to catch up with you,, for the thanks and your wisdom Everyone is like a breath of fresh here I ask you my friend to please return The boards needs your wisdom OK Marsh
  21. Hi thanks for the reponse I know how to do that A small program that made it so simple,, added send to to the right click Example,, could hover upon anything and tick sent to,, my choice where Perhaps I wished for other people a very simple way to transfer files Hey I know it be a very research to find what,, if explained correctly and has been hard for me to explain Thanks again but it will be a very tuff score Marsh
  22. Hi missy51633 Remember when I and joker tried so hard to link SpyBot S+D for you I'm very proud how you picked up this computer world Take care my friend ? Marsh and don't care what it cost ( money ) wise to help pay B-s site to remain No ads or web Marsh ---------------------------------------- Rats.... forgot to say hi Nerelda and have you got your boyfriend over yet Very much a top shelf man Well I got sultan my friend over,,where in the "world" is sultan now Believe me it could be in any country in the world Great luck but not the correct word,, your computer major going into senior year Hope you don't mind letting members know your knowledge-wisdom and did not lose trust with the PM Hey lady,, yes go for the stars OK and I know you will Marsh
  23. Hi B I'm more than willing to donate money to what ever is required My friend,, it has to cost you the all mighty buck besides all the time you have provided What a beautifull site to our friends and you did it....thank you again Please feel free to PM me how I can money wise help OK OK Marsh ------------------------------------ Rats forgot to say hi rv,, been a long time,, you Canadian,,Cool and hoping Tyme is OK