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  1. I don't know if you gave the 7000 away, but i sure could use it. I have been having problems with my system and been thinking of up dating it to but if there is not much difference i'll stay with the 7000 when i get it working. I thought it was my location so i moved the outside dish now i can't get it pointed right so now i think it could be the 7000 because the program in it doesn't seem to be working to give me settings. This is why i could use your 7000 to help solve some of these problems. I live just north of green bay and I'd be happy to pay for the mailing if you still have it. Let me know one way or the other. thanks again george............ PS Since we both are in wi what are your settings on the dish..Azm? Vert? and skew? And did you have to up date your dish when you went to the 7000s?
  2. Hi Since I updated to the 7000*S*, giving me 1.5 meg But I see little difference with the 7000 of 1 meg. Please, someone that will use them selfs and not sell on E-Bay. [email protected] Marsh Approved by Besttechie
  3. Hi Pat I somewhat know you better than others, except for some Sultan, Sethook, don't wish to miss many others... Hi bar5 been a long time ago represents the pure class, thanks my friends and need to come here more often. Hi Marty, I have Penny Talk and to call you is less than a penny, crazy the Philippines was 20 cents. Hey Marty is Edmonton world diabetes conference still in for February ? Chappy, RV, and a few others said to meet. Take care my friends, will make myself show up more. Marsh
  4. Thanks my friends Just another brick in the wall (Pink Floyd) , next year will be the scary 60 one. Philippines girl broke up after she moved to Saudi Arabia, wasn't going to follow her Tho Sultan could have helped me there haha Joined 4 days ago and total insanity with 65-80 women hit on me, ouch. Insanity, but have one that is a true match 143 miles away..... Sorry, I do need to check in more often, you ppl have always been pure class. Marsh
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    Drunken State

    Good eyes Liz,, she was looking for some used paper wipe. Never sit without the tissue in sight haha Not praying to the porcelan God. Remember "Ralph' ? EDIT - Image Removed (Marsh, I edited your quote tags to get them to display correctly for you Chappy)
  6. Please post in the Malware Removal - HijackThis Logs, thread. Most likely Smit.
  7. My friend Gary 1 year approaches, halloween to be with me, rats... No chance to say good bye. Exhausted all my searches with Illinois obits, I just need to blow the candles out ! As you would have wished for me to carry on and will continue hahahahaha My lost friend.
  8. A great score for an X fiance' at WalMart $699, unreal the price, a Compaq 2818 a 14" very lite weight and a sweetheart, wishing it were mine. Past 2 years using a heavy desktop replacement (called) 17" Toshiba P25-s507 So impressed with the Compaq, look at the specs on Google. Brillant screen, comes with 1 gig of memory, DVD dual layer burner and WiFi works perfect. More fun than the cat on my laptop. A quick war drive, the battery after 4 hours was reading 35% left, so only a guess, perhaps good for 6 hours with its mobile M 1.8 CPU. AMD X64 Actually out performs this $2,200 Toshiba lappy. Such a deal and remember WalMarts return policy, dynomite haha Was thinking about ebay used, no thanks, a full warranty is highly recommended, think about it, a DVD replacement cost me $150 shipped, a refurb keyboard $55. Replaced the power jack myself, a major teardown even for me, guess a tech shop would charge beyond $125, so think clearly about the warranty, oh when buying it, an extended 3 year service plan offered at $68, ah 3 years, no worries mate. Marsh
  9. Yahoo IM will store your contacts on your computer, so a reinstall will return the same list. What you didn't drift towards the name BuckWheat or Juvy or some more haha Dam cat playing on the lappy, hey he does real well with IBMs voice to text, really meow Take care, having fun here.
  10. I wonder how good it works if you don't have an ATI video card? Ouch, that's a replacement remote control for an existing ATI card, My desktop has the ATI DV-7500, a $200 card about 4 + years ago. No way is that what you are looking for, besides it is more about control the comptuter than what you are looking for. Marsh
  11. Set your goals to actually see the signal, my right hand has been the Hitachi quad trace V-1050 oscilloscope, would be total lost with seeing the wave forms in real time. Quality soldering ability a must, have done super with a butane probably a current Radio Shack Changeable tips depending on the project, powerfull enough for 12 guage wire and lite for small components of a circuit board. 1st entered the market about 1985 The wrist strap grounding has been carried away too far, depending on your atmosphere, heck haven't found a static charge even from my cat BuckWheat. If you be working under conditions of static, then common sense to touch the chassies, to avoid the floating ground....Ouch trying to keep simple. The multi meter comes next, the prices are so low now, a must have. How could you venture anywhere without. So there a brief glimpse into 50 years worth of repair haha Many more test equipment, that someday depending on your goals, talk later about freq. counters, etc, should you wish haha Marsh
  12. Needing help to look into....Your help bumping Pentax Optio MX4 Digital Camera (Pentax MX4) [Pentax Optio MX4 Digital Camera (Pentax Optio MX4)] $339.99
  13. Ouch Cool_Dragon Anyone in the future that needs the teardown manuals for Toshiba or Dells, I have the best links with photos to guide the procedure, not that much talent, to enter a lappy, but respect to follow directions. The problem is dust on the inside of the heat sink, fins are clogged and you really need to clean from the inside out.
  14. Hi Marty my friend You peeped in when typing out a long post. Change the subject, we all were young and foolish in the past haha So think positive, the young will grow up with some guidance, didn't we all need some help along the way. Just great to be back here, such a warm feeling with these quality people. Edit: good grief I was talkative, ouch.....
  15. Ah, a chat tread, so a glimpse into my life if you wish haha, messy desktop Sultan. Tonite a poster needed to convert PSD to Jpeg and you linker weren't there haha So Irfan was in order....Intertesting desktop, but messy, so I shall show you mine, No clue where the wallpaper came from, but it is stretched because the lappy is a 17" wide screen, a Toshiba P25-s507, 2 years old now but a sweetheart. Edit: ouch sorry IMG works here, but haven't seen then, so the link...My desktop, updateable haha Profile at G4 will explain best my past life haha The new future to move to Davao, Philippines soon as a bunch of affairs are taken care. A question asked, of course my family here, what's the difference if i'm in Northern Wisconsin, or the Philippines, matters not haha, only the atmosphere changes and life style. For a better understanding, to live like a millionaire in the Phils for less than $1,000 a month. A hidden secret the beauty of the Philippines that few know about. Juvy has her BA, working on the masters in marketing, working full time 13 years now with Sonia Trading International, head of the marketing team. Ouch her check is $300 a month. Understand what the VA 100% service connected Agent Orange, simple to check the public record, so it's $2,500 tax free my check guaranted for life and Juvy as a wife, will receive after my death, so she will be covered. So Marsh is quite happy, and yes BuckWheat gets a vista, wouldn't leave without him. Back to his normal self. Full VA health care in Manila. Darn took me almost 59 years to find her. Oh, a physiologist found the Phils 25 years ago just finished building his dream home on 3 acres water frontage, 3 bedroom 2 bath beauty for $7,995 (not a typo) home insurance ie $16 a year. Car insurance is $14 a year. Darn but DSL is $50 a month. Please don't tell the secret haha Party time for anyone to come visit us haha Marsh
  16. Oh, darn Calling ID always says this, just crazy why Jeff gets this rating, should correct the company, bad mistake with Calling ID -> The site you accessed is CallingID verification tests have found the following: Site owner hides its identity The site ownership has been identified. The site is not on a scamming or phishing blacklist. This site currently being accessed has a CallingID risk assessment of High Risk. Before you proceed please visually verify this is the site you want to visit and give information with caution as hackers often use this connectivity type. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- contains access to one or more other site pages based on where you place the cursor or enter data on the page. CallingID will alert you and highlight the target site with the CallingID Risk Assessment.
  17. -> though haven't quite figured the meaning of it yet unless Assume suppy, then I was getting real serious to finally get him banned. My fricken mistake, not remembering my new name...rats Now that I got in, changed back to normal, well whatever is normal for Marsh haha So sorry for that, but think about a young man of 16 y/o, being picked on for all this time. How would you feel ? Of course I would strike back, good grief the hurt he must feel. I'm certainly am going to make amends via e-mail with Nick, he really can come around, with a little help from friends, oh which he has none at G4, well he has me now. Fighting fire with fire is a bad thing, he made me a better person. Thanks Nick (supyall), I truely mean it. Thanks for letting me get this out of my "system" haha Planning to stick around. Marsh
  18. Ah, tricky way to announe an AdAware update, that Calendar Of Events doesn't know about. Now I'm having a great day, just need to come out more and chat, a weakness of mine. Build that post count haha Marsh....And my Juvy
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    Ecoli Spinach

    No problems mate Unless the cat did the duty in the garden, comes in real fresh haha
  20. Happy birthday Mike Please forgive me to say hello Sultan and Pat will understand I got banned, but took supy with me haha Marsh
  21. Thanks Marty Will take your advice my friend, tho I need to stay active with the tech questions haha I think the Philippines are closer to you. Oh the lady to become my wife in Manila, tickeled pink haha A dream come true. Marsh
  22. Sorry for the mistake, ah had changed my name to suppy, the answer. Back in and Miss Fae via PM said to thank Mike for a 2 week ban for suppyall. Now i'm extremely hurt I did that and would like Mike to let him return. Unbelievable, but he is willing to behave. Thru some e-mails with Nick, understand his situation now. Remember a cornered animal will strike back. All the abuse he has taken, no wonder, told Nick he was a stronger person than I am. Found a new friend and ppl cut him some slack, all will be ok in the future. Oh Mike how sorry I am, please delete a thread at the Arena, next time I shall turn the computer off and walk away. Thanks Sultan for calming me down, off to town to get myself a rabies shot haha Marsh
  23. Hi Tyme Followed you here U know, but need to say. Hi Marty my friend. No.......have heard nothing from il_wiccan. After his board disappearance, the telephone went unanswered for several weeks. We had talked about everyday on the tele. until................ Then has been disconnected since a few months ago. No Way would (****) il_wiccan leave me hanging! I blew out the candles, if know what I mean. Take care. Marsh