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  1. Hi Rv, but to add NIS 2010/2011 updates many times a day, longest I've seen is 7 minutes. Nice because it only adds what is new, not the entire data base like MBAM is always 5.5MB, gotta be hard on dial up users. I'm seeing NIS 2010 going for $27, 3 user license. Free upgrade to 2011 proven 3 times for me, why pay extra for 2011 ? New feature pop up shows when there is high CPU usage when MBAM or Spy Doctor does their auto scans. 20 years now without a virus install, starting to feel cheated haha Marsh
  2. Hi Pete, yes have been using Apple vinegar for years, never thought about fermenting my own. Yep alive is always better. I need two quarts of diet koolaide a day to prevent dehydration, large bowels are bypassed with the bag, colon/large bowel is a drying agent for more solid stools as you know. Some vodka for pain control. Ouch the L-Carnitine put me into severe foot pain after 3 days, confirmed after quitting it and back to normal pain using the hydro becomes bearable. I will ask for stronger than Oxy next time. Jogging will never happen for me, so out with the futon and in with a stationary bike in the living room, guests can use a bar stool or sit on the floor haha Oh, a decent bag of cukes from the garden and will use apple vinegar, for refrig pickles, darn sugar needed, no way of getting around it. Superb year of white potato's for all winter. Is your wife getting the hbac-1 tests for the Glaciated Hemoglobin ? Unbelievable my last one was 6.1 But yesterday waking from a nap 22 blood sugar likely a record low for me without crawling to the refrigerator for sugar. Mental confusion in a big way. Lucky OL you have with your cooking skills, you make me hungry with OT posting what's for dinner, But I shall never return to G4... Marsh
  3. Hi Joe As a practicing diabetic for 20 years now, shooting some heavy dosages of insulin up to 5 times a day. Simply put is a calorie in and a calorie out, my case I lose at 2,200 and gain at 2,700. Learned quickly, what goes in my mouth. to balance this Teeter Totter with calories consumed and burned. Exercise is the key factor that changes the center point. Thankfully we will see the sugar soda removed from the schools, such a waste when a can is equal to 2oz of cow (beef). Drink a diet soda and later might have that steak. Ovoid the butter and go with Smart Balance spread, you'll never notice a difference. Drop the salt and use potassium (Morton Nu salt). 2% milk is a fallacy, skim milk is more important. My 2 month coma lost 52#, 180 to 128#, to gain the weight back was struggle that took 9 months of high protein foods. Wasn't allowed salads or vegetables being too filling, they wanted the high protein foods like hard boiled eggs snacks 2x a day, 3 meals, a snack cart to choose more.
  4. Should I bite, what is the purpose of the question even ? Beyond the powers of ten or Boolean, etc Ok my favorite number remains 6 Are you talking the whole number ? As in when receiving change from OTC as Walmart $10.01 lacking a worthless penny and get back change of 99 cents.
  5. Hi Joe, been a long time, hope you and yours are well... Marsh
  6. Here's a 2nd for that, my current cat has one of those auto rake to combs to the disposal box. No mess and no odor sitting 8 feet away. Sorry Pete, I'm a cat, tho 30 years ago had a golden lab walking around the 40 acres, it was do it here on the border or save it for another day haha Biggest problem with that dog was eating the just ripened tomatoes. Ouch, my picture shows BuckWheat died 2 years ago, had his own cat door to come and go. Still hurts. Long ago I managed for a company maintaining low income housing units in the state of Wisconsin, oh such devastation of lawns with that killer compound left behind. They paid me well enough to get these people to use pooper scoopers or else outside border, not the lawn, otherwise find your own way home...
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    The government needs to realize hatching from eggs became too time consuming to save us in time. Other methods will happen in the future !
  8. Hi Don Great news, now get the snow shovel out for all the snow we sent you. Made my day...
  9. Hi Jeff and thank you for the e-mail, alerting me back to this thread. Sorry for the confusion, not your forum but G4 deleted my thread, NOT here OK ? I'm losing total respect for G4, their ability to modify posts to their liking. Been happening too many times. I now have screen shots proof the ability to do so (G4) , but has satisfied my hungry to know. Had nothing to do with your site, only my frustration showing with Malwarebytes, now has cleared up, full protection re-enabled. Just a glitch catching me in the wrong moment, again sorry. Marsh
  10. Hi Jeff May I register my disappointment with the paid version. I did that responding to Flash's reply on a G4 thread and my reply was deleted, checking an hour later what was a confirmed earlier posting and magically disappeared. I will no longer return to censorship. MBAM is way too aggressive blocking sites like Mr. Food or my local Tv station and so many more, it's not worth the 5-7 clicks to disable protection or r enable. What a waste for a lifetime license. My experience ! Marsh
  11. Hi Don, saddens me deeply to see your problems and has troubled me to tears, hard to admit being a male, but no one is near me to see me cry. I'll never forget your trying to reach me at the Milwaukee VA via the telephone. Now it's my turn to call you or you can use my phone card. Been too long since we last talked. My friend, you are in my thoughts 24/7 and all will be well for you and yours. Marsh
  12. Hi my old friend Years are escaping us all, but hopefully was a good one for you and yours and many more... Marsh
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    Hi Tom and welcome to the forum. I'm fascinated in meeting someone from Germany, a part of this small world that I have little touch with. With the WWW it's all available now, what a world we live in. Please check back in as I will more often. ------------------ Off topic, excuse me please, Hi Sultan, I owe you the e-mail reply via gmail, my nurse Kelli comes tomorrow (Wednesday) to hopefully help me. Been a long struggle my friend... Marsh
  14. Dis-A-Greed Hi Sultan Why even stop by escapes me !
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    For what is worth, paid version of MBAM has been blocking me and now get -> Database Error: Access denied for user 'andfay_andfay'@'%' to database 'andfay_andfay' File: /home/www/ Line: 1278Database Error: Access denied for user 'andfay_andfay'@'%' to database 'andfay_andfay' File: /home/www/ Line: 1216 Marsh Hi Marty
  16. My searches were also futile. We talked on a daily bases and then the phone went unanswered for 2 weeks before being disconnected. Don knows that deep voice of his and a train always in the background. Gary was going to visit me, missed meeting him, Just a few days away from his trip. He has a friend in Ashland (John), but not the last name. I did finally start the bonfire in his honor and it was huge. Even roasted Marsh mellows haha On G4 it was out of respect when I would ahahah I wasn't aware he had a son ?, only 4 married daughters. Sadly missed.
  17. Hi Bearskin Appears to me "Size: 23.9 MB License: Freeware Platform: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista" Nothing to lose by trying Avira Antivirus. Marsh
  18. Speaking as a retired Dish Network dealer, my dealer hot line was as smooth as any business could possible be. Continues as a resident user, never on hold, English speaking reps that I have the highest respect for. Zero doubt. We converted many Direct Tv customers that never went back. My experience. The HD transfer is next to impossible as Dish planned, only makes sense to mass produce movies, industry wouldn't like that. Dish does offer for a one time charge of $39 ? to use the USB port for an an external HD for additional storage. BUT requires the receiver to play back the external HD. Btw only Dish has the download ability to change the receiver software for upgrades. Remember back when TVIO tried a copyright infringement, so Dish just changed the PVR functions to their advantage and blow TIVO off haha Marsh
  19. I've used the ATT netcard when in the hospital in Milwaukee, in Wisconsin the only other city with G3 coverage available is Madison. For the rest of Wisconsin you are looking at dialup speed when in range of a cellular tower. Check your own area. I was getting such varied speeds, usually around 500k down and an incredible 500k plus upload. Disappointed drop offs and I was stationary in bed. Very frustrating trying to post and lose it all before sending. All for the lovely price of $60 monthly and a 2 year commitment is insanity. I'm sure Verizon works the same way. I canceled within the 30 day satisfaction period, a very wise choice ! Marsh
  20. I bought a Netbook Acer Aspire over the shelf, and then needed the ATT Aircard for a ripoff price of $109 from ATT. Sticks out like a USB stick was troublesome with a 10.1" lappy. As weak as I was, easy lift with one hand was nice compared to a heavy 17" er. Didn't know that ATT sells the Netbook for $199 with the card built in. 2 year commitment at $60 monthly. Be careful with G3 coverage or you will be on dialup speed. In Wisconsin only Madison and Milwaukee have G3 speed. Maybe 600k and it varied, dropped off often. When in the hospital in Milwaukee 9th floor, shouldn't have that bad service, lying in the bed. Your coverage will vary.
  21. Thanks for all your concerns, it has meant a lot to me and the cat. Tho the cat is still mad for going away. Blacked out into a coma May 4th in my easy chair. Had a scheduled UPS delivery for the following morning, my door is always unlocked so UPS opens the door to leave the package inside. Guess he saw me slumped over and called the ambulance. What can Brown do for you ? Ileostomy losing half my colon due to gangrene, so I'm left temporarily (hoping) with the bag. 15 days later was transferred to the VA hospital in Milwaukee. Ambulance bill was $3,660. Marshfield hospital gave up on me after developing ARDS, (Google says only a 60% survival rate). At this time I beat death twice. Woke up from the coma 2 & 1/2 months later, July 17th, on a ventilator and life support. Dreamless sleep so I really didn't miss summer and 4 months of my life. Muscles begin to go to waste when not being used. Real struggle to build back even the swallowing muscles, took a long time without water. Making progress being able to stand (assisted with a safety belt) for 15 seconds, then as days went by made it 55 seconds, etc. What a fantastic PT (physical therapy) department knowing how to push me to the max. They knew how to make every muscle sore haha I will guess way beyond a million dollar investment in me, so I need to make proud all the doctors, nurses, therapists, shrinks, cooks, etc. Saying goodbyes to the critical care nurses was a real treat, seeing their looks of happiness and surprise. I was given little chance. So I now have a long life ahead of me because it can't happen again haha Long road ahead of me, but having you great friends really helps. Gotta stop by more often with all this free time. I'm not much into chit chat, but things do change. Marsh
  22. Hi, I've saying for a year, AdAware is a has been, hard for me to understand why it's used at all. Back in the old days when only SpyBot was around, had some value ? Now with Spyware Doctors free starter edition and my paid version for real time protection, Spy Sweeper. My scans may show 2 or 4 simple tracking cookies. Your choice why free is free ?.
  23. Hi all my friends Darn I've been a Broadcast Engineer since 1969 and never felt or acted that way. None of my friends have either, maybe ?
  24. I don't know if you gave the 7000 away, but i sure could use it. I have been having problems with my system and been thinking of up dating it to but if there is not much difference i'll stay with the 7000 when i get it working. I thought it was my location so i moved the outside dish now i can't get it pointed right so now i think it could be the 7000 because the program in it doesn't seem to be working to give me settings. This is why i could use your 7000 to help solve some of these problems. I live just north of green bay and I'd be happy to pay for the mailing if you still have it. Let me know one way or the other. thanks again george............ PS Since we both are in wi what are your settings on the dish..Azm? Vert? and skew? And did you have to up date your dish when you went to the 7000s? Sorry I don't even know how to reply, member 25, goes into hiding... Hi george, you have me abit confused, what's your current modem 6000 or the 7000 I'm giving away. Trouble shooting and swapping modems will not help you, needs telephone support to authorize and not recommended by anyone. Major project. Ouch, you made a serious mistake trying to tune the dish to your assigned satellite slot. You wouldn't have a prayer without top instrumentation to assist, none. Hughes has many satellites in the geo syn orbit (22,355 miles up), FCC assigns 2 degree spacing. Purchase price for a slot is basically priceless, slots have a long waiting list. I had no chance to even tune mine on the correct satellite at 117 degrees, being off and contacting an adjacent was futile. Finger pressure is how accurate one needs to be. Had to call Hughes for a service call and was a very wise decision. Please understand I retired 6 years ago at age 54, Broadcast Engineer 1969 and a pioneer in 1984 with the big dish. Dealer/installer for Dish Network, I know and understand you have no chance, call for a service call.