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    Word Association Thread Part Ii

  2. Chachazz

    Just Signed Up

    Hi John W E L C O M E!
  3. Chachazz

    Happy Birthday To Who?

    oh so I'm not late..whew ; wouldn't want to miss this birthday girl's day Wishing you a Wonderful Birthday Kat - enjoy, be happy, celebrate ....and eat lots of cake and icecream or Champagne & Caviar mmmmmm....
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    Happy Birthday Jdm

    Happy Birthday jdm Have a wonderful time !
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    Word Association Thread Part Ii

  6. Chachazz

    Word Association Thread Part Ii

    Berliner Emile Berliner invented the microphone that became part of the first Bell telephones, and his disk gramophone was the first record player to use disks.
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    No problems here...
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    Besttechie Icon For Shortcut Link

    I noticed that right away the other day; it's crisp and clear in my Firefox address bar and I like it.
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    Of all the screen capture applications, this is the snappiest tool for fast captures - http://www.wisepixel.com/
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    File Attachment?

    Thank you B ...test
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    Windows Firewall -xp Sp2

    The Cable Guy - February 2004 Manually Configuring Windows Firewall in Windows XP Service Pack 2 Updated: September 17, 2004 Very handy and informative especially for those who have not yet taken the plunge to SP2( like yours truly):
  12. Chachazz

    Mx Christmas Theme 2004

    ChristmasTheme 2004 A Christmas desktop theme with new wallpaper, animated cursors, new icons, new sounds, and a 3D screensaver. System Requirements *Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP Windows XP CPU >1.2 GHz, DirectX 9.0c compatible VGA card http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&DisplayLang=en
  13. @Aaron Hulett Aaron Hulett, currently with Mischel Internet Security/Trojan Hunter and formerly with Lavasoft, has opened up a new and unique board/forums....ManageYourPC.com Please drop in and say hello............. http://forums.manageyourpc.com/index.php?
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    Happy Birthday Bozodog

    A Very, Very Special Happy Birthday bozodog Tomorrow? Close enough
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    Hi, Another New Guy Here

    Welcome from Canada Kip
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    Happy Birthday!

    Rock & Chappy - Happy Birthday - may you enjoy your special day - warm wishes...
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    Hello Everyone....just A Newbie Here...

    Yes this sure is a friendly place - so many warm welcomes. Thanks again to all of you;
  18. Hi one and all.... Just signed up this a.m. and want ot say "hi" ....oh ya I see some familiar folks here and I hope to get to know more of you in time. I cover Security Updates, Program updates/changes, some News, current events and items of general interest on a few of the Security Boards/Forums. Need any help here - am glad to contribute what I can. Thanks for letting me join in..... Warm regards, Chachazzz (now I'll get my profile set up)
  19. Chachazz

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Gimpi;
  20. Chachazz

    Hello Everyone....just A Newbie Here...

    Thanks some more ya'all..... Kat ...mikex ......flash4 ........marko.... ..............nerelda ...................tg1911 ..............................robroy drinks on the new guy........ x 40 or more....
  21. Chachazz

    Hello Everyone....just A Newbie Here...

    Thank you very much for such a friendly and inviting Welcome hitest echobay thesidekickcat tictoc5150 rv56 tenmm Snaxe bar5-barb and of course a very special person, dog-lover extrordinaire and great photographer bozodog I think I will like it here alot __________________ Chachazz