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  1. my email passwords sorry im having troble typeing i was born without arms
  2. try dr webcureit
  3. for troubleshooting blue screens
  4. then install latest version
  5. heres a guide
  6. try starup repaiur maybe your system files are drivers are messed up or hardware issue
  7. avast free and malwarebytes or spywaredoctor with av
  8. try updating the drivers in display propeties they have a switch
  9. man malware has new ones 3000 more treats everyday
  10. i herd there working on the problem
  11. depends on you if your motherbored can support then i would recommend seeing on the maufactur webpage see if it can support dual core if it can
  12. yes try running avira free antivirus and malwarebytes antimalware
  13. try goto run type msconfig and disable all but antivirus you can goto boot tab avanced and number of processors u have and mke check the right ram u have
  14. try this ?