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    movies computer and my fiance

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    AMD 5400 x2 2.8 ghz 2 gigs ram vista 250 gig harddrive Compaq old intel celron 2.66 ghz 1 gig ram 6600 graphics xp intel petium dual core 1.73 ghz 2 gig ram vista hp dv6000 1.8 amd x2 tritron 1 gig ram vista
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  1. trip1red

    Clampi Virus Spreading Across U.s. & U.k. Pcs

    my email passwords sorry im having troble typeing i was born without arms
  2. i tested panda cloud it is good light on memory
  3. trip1red

    Dcom Exploit

    try dr webcureit http://www.freedrweb.com/cureit/
  4. trip1red

    Blue Screen

    for troubleshooting blue screens http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=1647
  5. trip1red

    Problems With Avg

    http://download.avg.com/filedir/util/avg_a.../avgremover.exe then install latest version
  6. trip1red

    Creating A Recovery Partition

    norton ghost is good try that
  7. trip1red

    Switching Processor?

    heres a guide http://www.desktop-computer-guide.net/install-cpu.html
  8. trip1red

    Vista Hangs On Splash Screen

    try starup repaiur maybe your system files are drivers are messed up or hardware issue
  9. trip1red

    (update) Upgrading Laptop's Hard Drive

    western digital is a good brand 320 gigs or better
  10. trip1red

    Anti Virus

    avast free and malwarebytes or spywaredoctor with av
  11. trip1red

    Clampi Virus Spreading Across U.s. & U.k. Pcs

    changed my passwords
  12. trip1red

    Problems With Dual Monitors

    try updating the drivers in display propeties they have a switch
  13. man malware has new ones 3000 more treats everyday
  14. trip1red

    Can't Access Anything

    check the connections and reboot