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  1. or if you know the file name go to start then run>type 'cmd' click enter then type dir /s *.exe the code I just pasted finds all .exe files so replace the .exe with the file name thanks
  2. if you know what file/s you want to delete you could do that automatically using batch files by opening notepad and typing deltree or Del and after that the name such as C:/programfiles then save as fsg.bat watever title you want to add then save as type all files and then save then reboot in safe mode and excute it
  3. Hey wats up great list! One thing I would like to add is saftey on instant messenging, while accepting files over msn I f the person says ''acept this pic'' and is the file has a .zip ending to it do not accept as many of you know .zip is zipfile ending and is ment for making a massive file size smaller for downloading or saving storage space but a picture is most of the time under 1mb so why would you need to compress it and Recently some people thought that they could send me a shutdown virus but they called it shutdown_virus.exe it was preety stupid so do not accept .exe files unless you really know the person. And the last thing that I can think of right now is batch files there file ending is .bat do not accept these are like .exe in a small way because they excute code and if your computer gets a virus you can repair it using command prompt and when you make a batch file they are excuted in command prompt and they can delete or rename multiple file so yeah thanks for reading
  4. well this my deskto like a month ago now it is full of stuff
  5. Hey jeff Thought your video on the jailbreak for ipod touch was great, jailbreaked it straight away had some small glitches but followed your directions and flattened them out great forums thanks